How to Start a Dog Training School Business from Scratch

February 15, 2023
Dog Training
How to Start a Dog Training School Business from Scratch

�� Business Idea: Dog training school

Dog training is a sought-after business in any city. Large breeds of dogs require special attention and education: the owners breed such dogs to protect the territory, country houses and summer cottages. Small breed dogs also need training, from simple sit-down commands to how to behave in crowded places.

Minimum investment, a professional command of trainers and love for your business will bring good profits and provide you with a constant flow of customers.

Costs and profits

Opening a dog training school will require about $250,000. Profit is affected by the seasonality of the business: from spring to autumn there are more customers than in the winter months. It is important to launch a business before the start of the season: you will have time to recruit customers and recoup your investment faster. Under such conditions, the business will pay off in 4 months with an average monthly profit of 70, 000.

Initial costs:

Expenses Cost, $
Paperwork 70
Inventory 3500
Advertising 350
Total 3920

Permits and documents

To open a small dog training school, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. For this you need:

  • Application for state registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur (form No. ла21001)
  • Copy of the passport of a citizen of the USA
  • Receipt of payment of state duty

Proper business management will require the execution of some more documents:

  • An agreement with a payment system or a bank (an alternative is to start a cash register)
  • Employment contracts with trainers
  • Service agreements with clients.

To conduct dog training training, each trainer must have a diploma or certificate confirming their qualifications.

Room selection

At first, spend training outside the city or in remote areas of the park. If the park is within the city limits, obtain permission from the district administration to hold these events.

Conduct on-site training at the client's premises. The cost of classes will be higher, but you will spend more time.

Detailed list of equipment and consumables

How to Start a Dog Training School Business from Scratch Initial costs

how to start a dog training school business from scratch

Expenses Cost, $
Training ladder (3 pcs.) 650
The barrier is united (10 pcs.) 1100
Triple barrier (5 pcs.) 700
The slide is inclined 270
Balance 100
Labyrinth 250
Boom 330
Training sleeves (for 1 set) 30
Kusalki (for 1 pc.) 8
Protective suit 250
Leaders, slopes 130
Bag for treats 14
Total 3832

How to choose a supplier

Order equipment for training in small firms. Part of the inventory can be done independently or ordered in construction companies, for example, stairs and wooden barriers. So save money on finished equipment, which in specialized stores is more expensive. Do not save on the quality of equipment: you must remember the safety of animals and staff.

When choosing a supplier, pay attention to the following points:

  • The quality of the materials from which the equipment is made
  • Necessary licenses and certificates
  • Reliability of the supplier: Read reviews before buying.

The selection of staff

The coach may have one specialization or a complex at once: a dog handler, an instructor, a trainer and a handler. The dog-instructor teaches, educates, forms the right habits in dogs, helps to choose the right nutrition and care for the pet. The genus trainer specializes in the protective and guard service. Hendler prepares dogs for exhibitions, trains the skills of being in the public.

It is important that employees love animals, treat them with patience and understanding

The wages of a coach with one specialization will cost $450, and with a comprehensive – from $800 and higher.

For accounting, take the accountant on outsource terms. The salary of such an employee will cost on average $80.

How to advertise a business

The following promotion channels are suitable for this business:

  • Announcement of services. Create an informative selling ad and place on special sites
  • Finders and leaflets. Distribute advertising materials in pet stores, attach ads in gardening to boards, tell them about your advantages
  • Groups and announcements on social networks
  • Discounts for a trial lesson.

We showed that our business is not so difficult if you understand the nuances. Decide on the types of training, select a command of professionals and start your business!

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