How to rate the best dog food brands on Chewy?

August 16, 2022
Chewy Dog Food
How to rate the best dog food brands on Chewy

How to evaluate the quality of dry dog food Chewy brands?

Of course, high-quality Chewy dog food made from fresh natural products cannot be sold cheaply. Otherwise, the manufacturer would work at a loss. However, do not think that a high price tag will insure you against low quality dry food. Pricing is influenced by many factors, including brand visibility, advertising costs, and consumer demand for products. Therefore, “expensive” is not the same as “quality”. See our ranking of the best Chewy dog food brands.

The main criteria for assessing dry food brands on Chewy

composition dry dog food brands on chewy

When choosing a ready-made diet for a dog, you should not rely on the price and brightness of the package, but primarily on its composition of dry dog food brands on Chewy. Even if there is no time to thoroughly study the usefulness and harmfulness of each ingredient, you can always conduct an express assessment of the feed according to the following criteria.

Amount of meat

Looking at the cute Yorkies and Spitz, it’s hard to imagine that they are related to the “bloodthirsty” wolf. But no matter how cute domestic dogs may seem to us, they remain predators, which determines their nutritional needs. In their natural habitat, wolves feed mainly on the meat and entrails of animals and birds, while plant foods (berries, wild fruits) are rarely and moderately eaten.

Domestication changed the appearance of dogs, but not their anatomy and physiology. Therefore, the basis of their diet should be meat and only meat. To find out how much is in the Chewy dog food, look at the ingredients list. Some Chewy brands indicate the percentage of all main ingredients, which is very convenient for the consumer.

main meat ingredients of the best brands

If there is no such information, be guided by the position of the meat components in the list. Industry standards prescribe to list the components of the diet in descending order of mass fraction. That is, if 55% of corn was put in the feed, it would no longer be possible to put the “rabbit meat” ingredient in the first place.

Ideally, if the meat ingredients are not one, but three to five, and they all are at the top of the list. This not only indicates that there is enough meat in the feed, but also provides the animal with the entire spectrum of essential amino acids.

Dog food from top brands have clear and concise ingredient names

The composition of a quality dry dog food on Chewy should not look like this: “Meat and offal, cereals, a mixture of vegetable and animal fats.” Let’s explain why:

  • meat is still in the first place here, but it is completely incomprehensible from which animal it was obtained;
  • what is hidden under the words “by-products” the buyer does not know. It can be both valuable animal entrails (liver, heart, lungs) and low-nutrient parts of the carcass (feathers, horns and hooves);
  • wheat and other grains often cause intolerance in dogs, so it is extremely important for the owner to know which grain component was added to the food;
  • the exact designation of fat sources, as well as their ratio, is also important, because only fats of animal origin are valuable for a dog.

General formulation of quality dog food from best brands

It is very easy to mask behind them the low quality of ingredients and the instability of the composition of raw materials: today, chicken derivatives will be added to the feed, tomorrow pork, and the day after tomorrow both. When a dog has sensitive digestion, such an unpredictable composition can lead to unpleasant consequences.

A healthy dog should not be offered a mix of unknown ingredients. Agree that the dog food brand, who used fresh products in the manufacture of feed, is unlikely to hide this. Therefore, ceteris paribus, choose dog food from brands where the names of the ingredients are indicated as detailed and specific as possible. For example, “dehydrated lamb meat” or “fresh turkey”. The same goes for fats and vegetable ingredients. You have the right to know what you feed your pet, especially if you paid a decent amount for the product. View an example of a detailed description of the best brands of dog food:

detailed description of the best brands of dog food

Which Sources of fats contain top Chewy brands?

Fat is an important source of energy for carnivores, just as carbohydrates are for herbivores. Without it, the normal assimilation of a number of vitamins, the production of sex hormones is impossible. It gives the dog’s body fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, the lack of which immediately negatively affects the health of the heart, skin and coat. Therefore, no one questions the need for fat feed.

It is quite normal if the dog receives about 40% of daily calories from it (1 gram of fat immediately gives 9 kcal, and carbohydrates and protein – 4 kcal each).

Sources of fats in best dry food on Chewy

Carbohydrates are present in all brands. The only question is their quantity and quality:

  1. Grains are not well tolerated by predators, so it is best to opt for grain-free diets.
  2. Herbal ingredients should be in the middle or at the end of the composition list.

grain free diet from Chewy brands

The second point is worth dwelling on separately, because there are tricks that manufacturers use to improve the impression of the product. For example, several grain components are introduced into the composition without indicating their percentage. Separately, their share will be small, so they will be on the list of ingredients after meat, but in fact, carbohydrates will prevail in the feed, which will eventually affect the health of the animal, increase the risk of obesity and related diseases.

Vitamins and minerals

From childhood, we are used to hearing that vitamins are useful and everyone needs them. However, the presence of a vitamin-mineral premix in the composition does not indicate the quality of dry dog food. Often such additives are just designed to compensate for the poor composition of the product. In fact, it is much easier and more natural to get the necessary nutrients from dog food, rather than synthesized complexes. You will not find a long list of vitamins, minerals and other additives in Chewy feed brands such as Akana and Origen foods:

  • most of the nutrients dogs get from meat
  • poultry
  • offal and cartilage of animals
  • fresh vegetables
  • fruits and berries

By checking any dry dog food of Chewy brands for compliance with the criteria that we have described, you will be able to evaluate its quality in order to make a decision to buy or refuse it.

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