How to make a container for feeding dogs

January 31, 2023
Dog Food Container
How to make a container for feeding dogs

A do-it-yourself stand and a feeder for a dog. Dog feeding how to make dog feeding rack

A pair of bowls for feeding on the floor is not always convenient as a cleaning solution. In addition, it is not recommended with an animal of any breeds with a head inclined – this can spoil the posture. It is much more convenient to use a feeder on the stand, and you can make it with your own hands.

Tools and materials

In order to make yourself a little time and some tools will need:

  • Furniture shield (about 40 cm per 60 cm, about 2 cm thick);
  • Bowls (better made of stainless steel) (2 pcs.);
  • Putty for wood;
  • Pva glue;
  • Paint of a suitable color;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Drill;
  • Drill on wood (D-3,d-8,d-30 mm);
  • Screwdriver;
  • Countersink;
  • Wood screws (11 pcs.);
  • Ruler, compass, pencil;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Putty knife;
  • Brush.

Step-by-step instruction

To make a feeder with a stand with your own hands, use step-by-step instructions:

  1. Draw on a furniture shield or board the contours of the future stand with holes of diameters, different diameter of the bowls. You can use the attached scheme.

2. Wipe the shield using a jigsaw or saw to a part of 20 × 19 cm (2 pcs.),

35. 8 × 11 cm, 35. 8 × 17. 5 cm according to the scheme

3. The holes for the screws are drilled with a drill with a diameter of 3 mm (D-3). We drill the holes inside the circles with a drilld-8-they will need to be more convenient to cut circles with a jigsaw.d-30 use to create holes for the side handles.

4. We cut circles in the lid of the future stand and holes for the handles, twist the corners on the side details.

5. Now you need to fabise a stand well and cover the holes for screws with zenker. At first, PVA glue is applied to the places of compounds of parts, and then all the details are tightened together with screws.

6. Hats of screws and cracks are wiped with putty on wood and again processed with sandpaper after drying.

7. Now the stand can be painted in any color with paint from a balloon spray or acrylic paint.

By the way, you can decorate the stand by making a beautiful decoupage or drawing made by yourself.

Many people at a certain moment decide to have a dog at home. However, it must be understood that when a “lump of happiness” appears in your home, then these are not only joy, but also certain responsibilities, as well as responsibility for a small pet.

A person who contains a pet must constantly take care of his four-legged friend so that there are no problems with his health and he feels great. And for this you need to know about the rules for caring for the dog and fulfill them. In addition, in the process of maintaining the animal, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the home “pet”, as well as his desires.

For everyone, it is obvious that regular feeding the dog is a prerequisite for the health of the pet. If the pet regularly receives food, then this does not mean that it will be full of strength and develop well. The diet of a pet should be selected in such a way that useful substances and trace elements are present in it in sufficient quantities.

The feeding process is fundamental, without which normal animal care is simply impossible. It does not matter much that your pet eats. It is extremely important that every day in the bowl of your pet to be high-quality food. Then the animal will demonstrate good physical activity. When a person starts a dog, many pay attention to food, while forgetting about dishes for a pet.

And this moment is no less important, because if the bowl is selected correctly, then this provides convenience for the pet and allows the owner not to face additional problems. It should be said that each bowl has its own purpose, so with all seriousness it is necessary to approach the task of purchasing dishes for a pet.

Many novice dog breeders may seem quite simple to the process of choosing a bowl for a pet. However, this is not the case. There is a certain set of requirements that should satisfy dishes for the pet. You need to find out about them before you go to the pet store for dishes for your pets.

Determination of optimal size

When choosing a place, it is necessary to pay special attention not only to what size it has, but also to its depth. A meaningless occupation is to use saucers for feeding animals. Even if your decorative breed pet should not purchase such feeding containers.

The dishes that you buy to feed your animal should be suitable for the dog in height and size. In addition, it is necessary to focus on the shape of the muzzle. In the process of feed consumption, a pet may show sloppiness. This also needs to be taken into account when choosing a bowl.

If you know that your pet without unnecessary accuracy makes a meal, then in this case, thinking about which bowl to purchase, you should make a choice in favor of dishes that has high sides.

In this case, you do not have to constantly remove pieces of food, which during the meal will scatter your dog next to the cup. However, if you contain an animal of small breed, then from a too deep bowl it will simply not be able to get food out of the bowl. This moment must also be taken into account.

If dry food is a predominant component in the diet of a pet, then you should not use as dishes for feeding the saucer. When the food constantly crumbles, it makes the animal nervous, and also causes many problems to the owner himself. If a cup of small depths, then it can only be used if you feed the animal with cereals and canned goods.

When making a bowl of a bowl for your pet, it is necessary to purchase several containers at once. It is necessary to check which of the containers you like your pet more. Then the chosen by your dog must be left and further used to feed it.

When choosing a bowl for a pet, it is also necessary to take into account the material from which the bowl is made.

Many attract plastic bowls. Beginning dog breeders see their main advantage in low cost. Also, their plus is that they have lightweight. Another dignity is mobility. However, plastic dishes and certain disadvantages are available. It is inherent in shortness for her.

Another minus is that such dishes breaks quite quickly. Since the start of operation, it takes a short time and it becomes unusable Separate models are offered on the market, from which a chemical smell comes. Naturally, the acquisition of such containers should be abandoned.

In pet stores, you can also find dishes for dogs made of ceramics. She is characterized by high strengthch bowls are reliable containers for feeding the animal. You can warm up food for your pet directly in them. Most bowls are stable for damage.

In addition, in the process of using such bowls, it is not difficult to wash from the remnants of food. However, if you decide to purchase containers from ceramics, you should understand that bowls from this material are not cheap pleasure.

Among the bowls for domestic animals, metal is distinguished by reliability. However, a roar may be accompanied by the process of eating a pet from such dishes. Especially a loud noise will stand if your pet has large size and has a playful character.

Currently, the most common dishes are bowls that have the form of trapezoid. From below, such dishes are expanding. When just such a container is used to feed the animal, then during a meal, food or other food from the animal’s bowl will not be sprinkled. And if the dishes are used for water, then the spraying of water will be excluded.

Varieties of accessories for feeding

There are currently several types of dogs for dogs:

A single element; double accessory; impotion; road bowl; automatic feeder; A single double accessory.

The most popular at present among dog breeders are single containers. There are no problems with washing such dishes, while in terms of cost they are more than affordable. Therefore, every dog breeder can allow such dishes for its pet. Another advantage of such accessories is that they are easy to use. In addition, in the process of feeding, they provide convenience for a pet.

Compared to the previous variety of dishes for dogs, double bowls are less popular. However, they are quite convenient for feeding the animalch dishes allows you to reduce your costs, since you do not have to wash two accessories. When you finish feeding the pet, you will have to wash only one accessory, and not two as in the case of other types of feeding containers.

However, such dishes provide less comfort for the pet. When feeding him in such dishes, situations will arise when food from one part of the bowl will fall into another. Usually in the second section is water. As a result of getting part of the feed or other food into the water, its taste will change, and not for the betterch dishes are the best option only in cases where the owner has two dogs in his home.

For messy pets

If your dog is sloppy or you have a large breed pet at home, then a non-spill utensil is a good optionch a container is able to hold water even if you accidentally touch it. Water is supplied from a large compartment using a special membrane.

It can also be used if your animal has long ears or a beard. The advantage of such dishes is that they can be used on the road.

A special design is typical for a travel bowl. By its appearance, it represents a bottle that has a device through which a dog can drink water. During long trips, this capacity will come in handy. You can also use it at exhibitions or for long walks.

Automatic pet feeding option

If the owner is too busy and does not have time to feed his pet, then in this case an automatic feeder can be used. The peculiarity of this accessory is that food and water are placed in separate compartments. Of these, they will be fed into the feeding containers. In addition, the advantage of an automatic feeder is that you can determine the place of feeding, as well as its quantity.

There is an automatic feeder, which is equipped with a heating system. For puppies, such dishes will be very useful. Thanks to the automatic feeder, even when the owner is busy, the pet will not starve, and he will not have to eat cold food in the absence of the owner. She will always be warmed up and he will be quite pleased to eat.

In addition, automatic bowls are equipped with a voice notification system, and in addition they are equipped with various other features.

Using bowl coasters

The dog should lean towards the bowl while feeding. Therefore, special supplies must be used. Using them, you can ensure the stability of the dishes and the optimal position for the animal. Thanks to them, you can change the height of the dishes in the process of growing up a pet.

The convenience of bowls on a tripod is that the dishes can be used to feed several dogs at once, even if the dogs are of different ages. If you keep a small dog, then in this case you can do without a stand.

It is enough to buy a low design, which is made of metal. Popular among dog breeders are now coasters that have a mount that allows you to fix the bowl on the wall.

Through the use of special rubberized mats, it is possible to provide comfort for a pet when eating. Being on such a rug, the bowl will not slip much. In addition, thanks to this accessory, the process of cleaning up pieces of food scattered after a meal is noticeably simplified. Alternatively, you can use a tray or set up a stand.

The bowl can be easily pulled out of the stand and washed if necessary. You won’t have a big problem with this.

Dishes for your best friend. Which bowl is right for your dog?

Self-creation of the feeder

You can make a feeder for your pet with your own hands. If you have such a desire, then you need to make a bracket using welded elements for this. This will allow you to position it at a height that is comfortable for your pet.

Some dog breeders make a bowl stand using wood as the main material. However, it will be quite difficult to provide waterproofing in this case. If this is not done, then the design will not last long, because if the dog often spills water, then the stand will rot rather quickly and will require an early replacement.

You can use chipboard to create a delivery. However, you need to be aware that the screws in this material do not hold well. In addition, a stand made of this material may become unusable due to the water that the pet will splash. Also, the owner of a pet can make a large chest of drawers designed for his dog. You can store bowls and food in it, as well as store toys and other accessories that your pet uses.

Feeding is the basis for the care of a pet. The owner has responsibility for the choice of objects that make the feeding process comfortable. In our article we will talk about how to choose a container for dog feed and a stand.

Functions and types

It is no secret that a large dog food storage container with dog food is cheaper than small packaging. And here we are hoping to save we buy a large dog food storage container with food, and then, in order to save it, we tie it with a rope, lay out smaller dog food storage containers in dog food storage containers and come up with various tricks.

It is inconvenient to pour food from the bag from the bag, and then all sorts of tanks, jars, and measured cups are used. Some use various boxes in which things, tools were stored. As a result, food at best loses its attractive smell, and at worst – all its useful qualities. The leature of the dog food storage container leads to the fact that the diet is drying out.

The question arises: is it worth buying an expensive diet so that due to the fact that the conditions for its storage are not met, to lose all the beneficial qualities of the feed.

Solves all these problems a container for storing foodch a container can be purchased in a pet store. Companies that produce professional feed of super-premium and premium class often offer containers as a promotional best storage container or are attached as a gift when buying a certain amount of food.

What are the advantages of such a container? Firstly, it is made of high-quality food plastic. Secondly, it has excellent tightness, so the food retains all its taste and beneficial properties. Containers have a beautiful design, so they do not need to look for a secluded place, they will perfectly complement the interior. A convenient small hole will make the exact norm of feed without scattering.

By putting a pretty and convenient container for feeding in a suitcase, you can safely go on a trip with a pet.

The containers are characterized by forms, volume and special devices.

Elite containers have a volume of 4. 5 liters and 10 liters. They have a sealed cover, dosing valve, carrying handle. Production material – plastic. There are also ceramic containers.

How to choose the right

To choose the right container, pay attention to the volume. If you have a dog’s dog, for example, you will need a larger volume; If the dog is small in size, your container will also be small. You should also pay attention to the fact that the cover is closed hermetically. Otherwise, food can lose all its beneficial qualities. If the food container is made of plastic, then it should be food and high quality.

It is important that a dispenser is provided in the container. In this case, you will not consume excess food and do not overfeed the dog. Now you can look at the quality of manufacture and choose the right design.

Video “Adjustable stand for feeding a dog with your own hands”

In this video, a specialist will show how to independently make an adjustable stand for feeding a dog.

Why use stands

The main varieties

In order for the dog it is convenient to eat food, and so that it does not turn the bowls, a stand for dogs of dogs is usedch a very necessary thing should be stable. There are many varieties.

A single stand is usually made of wood, metal or plastic. The device is inexpensive. It is very simple to care for such a stand – you need to wash only one bowl. The disadvantage of such a device is that the stand is not universal for different types of dogs.

The stand is dual for feeding dogs holds two bowls. Usually they are wooden, metal or plastic.

Irumorine is made of plastic. It is used to preserve food in a bowl.

Road stand for dog feed – a thing in the trip is simply necessary. She is light, comfortable. For a stand made of plastic or silicone, you will not have to pay a lot of money. This option facilitates the feeding of the dog when it participates in the exhibition or at the show.

Auto feeding allows the animal to have constant access to food and water. It can have mechanical and voice control. It has a built-in automatic drinker, providing a pet with constant access to fresh water, which is very important, especially when feeding dry food.

The feeder on a tripod allows you to maintain cleanliness at the site of meals. The tripod gives it strength and immobility, the ability to regulate in connection with the growth of the pet. The rack made of metal will last a long time.

The mount on the mount allows you to maintain food, is durable and durable.

When choosing a stand, you should first decide on its appearance. If a puppy has recently appeared in your house, then it is better to stop the choice on the adjustable design. The dog will grow, and you will have the opportunity to adjust the stand so that during food the bowl is located at the level of the withers.

For dog breeds with long ears, impotion is best suited. Using this design will not allow the PSU to turn a bowl and stain its earsch a bowl will come in handy if you have a puppy, since the baby is still poorly oriented and may well overturn the contents of the bowl to the floor.

How to do it with your own hands

Sometimes the owner wants to please the dog and make a stand with his own hands. There are many manufacturing options, you just have to turn on the imagination. If you have a welding machine, then you can use a bracket and welded elements to perform a feeder, and instead of a bowl, adapt a bucket.

It is not difficult to make a tree stand for a bowl with your own hands. But it will be more difficult to waterproof. A stylish option to make a stump of stump. The interior can also decorate the double stand made of logs. The simplest stand is made of a wooden box. Here you can not worry about waterproofing, since changing the stand is easy.

You can perform a stand from chipboard. Also, the owner can make a stand-ceremony. This is a very convenient device. You can add toys, food and other dog accessories there. The main advantage of the structure is a drawer. A stand is made of boards and old pallets. The size is determined depending on how much free area is available.

Boards are chopped on the principle of the box. The end panel that will be advanced is provided with a bottom, and everything is placed on roller mechanisms. Using a jigsaw at the final stage, holes for bowls are made.

If it was decided to have a dog in the house, you need to understand that this is a great responsibility for her health. You need to constantly take care of your pet, observing all the rules and recommendations. It will be necessary to take into account the individual features of the dog and his desires.

Feeding is a fundamental process that includes animal care. And it is important not only what the pet eats, but also from which he does it. Therefore, you should find out which bowls for dogs should be used.

It is important to choose the right bowl

At first glance, the issue of purchasing a container for feeding is simple. But this is far from true. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the requirements that such accessories must fully meet.

Determination of optimal size

The size of the bowl for dogs is important, its depth. It makes no sense to feed your pet from a saucer, even if the dog is not large. In addition to the fact that the container should correspond to the growth and size of the mouth, consider the shape of the muzzle. The pet is able to show its slovenliness. This must also be taken into account.

For sloppy dogs, you should choose an accessory with high sides. In such a situation, the owner will not be faced with the need to clean up scattered pieces of food around the item. However, small breeds of dogs do not like to get food from great depths. This also needs to be taken into account.

If your pet’s diet is based mainly on dry food, you should not use saucers from the bowl position. Scattering, the food begins to unnerve the pet and the owner. Shallow cups are suitable if the diet includes cereals with canned food. When choosing bowls for dogs, you will need to purchase several options, checking which one the animal likes best.

Types of bowls

It is also necessary to take into account the material from which the cup for your pet is made:

  1. Plastic bowls are able to attract relatively low cost, lightness and mobility. They are fragile, quickly break down and become unusable. There are also models that have a chemical smell.
  2. Ceramic bowls for dogs are highly durable and reliable. Pet food can be heated directly in them. Most models are damage resistant. In addition, such accessories are much easier to wash. They are not cheap.
  3. Metal bowls. The most durable items. However, the process of eating food will be accompanied by a crash. Especially if the pet is large and playful.

The most common accessories, the shape of which is a trapezoid. A similar accessory expands at the bottom. From such an object, food will not spill out, and water will not splash out.

Varieties of accessories for feeding

How to make a container for feeding dogs width of the

How to make a container for feeding dogs

There are several types of bowls:

  1. Single element.
  2. Double accessory.
  3. Non-spill.
  4. Travel bowl.
  5. Automatic feeder.

Single and double accessory

The most popular are single containers. Their photos can be seen in the review. They wash quite easily and are inexpensivech accessories are easy to use and convenient in the process of feeding.

Double bowls are not so popular. But they are acceptable. Instead of washing two accessories, you can wash only one. However, they are less comfortable for pets. Food from one department will constantly fall into another, in which water is usually located. Accordingly, its taste will deteriorate. The optimal option is only in those situations when two dogs live at home.

For sloppy dogs

Irvision is a good option if the dog is characterized by large sizes or sloppiness. A non-duplicate bowl is capable of holding water even if it is offended. Water supply occurs using a special membrane from a large compartment.

Irumorine is also suitable if the dog has long ears or beard. The advantages of the design include the possibility of use on the road.

For traveling

The road bowl has a special design. It is a bottle with a device through which you can drink waterch a container is convenient during long walks, travel and at exhibitions.

Automatic feeding version

If the owner is busy, he needs an automatic feeder. What is it? The automatic bowl differs in that food with water is placed in separate compartments. Of these, it will be supplied to the feeding container. In addition, the automatic feeder is good in that the owner will be able to choose the time to serve food and its number.

There is also such an automatic feeder that has a heating systemch a bowl is perfect for puppies. An automatic feeder will not let them starve and eat cold food when the owner is not at home. There is also an automatic bowl equipped with a voice notification system and other different capabilities.

There is even an interactive bowl. You will learn about her by watching a video.

Using stands

The convenience of eating can be provided using special rubberle rugs. The cup will not slide too much on them. In addition, the task of cleaning scattered pieces of food will also be simplified. Instead of a carpet, you can use a tray or stand.

A bowl for dogs from the stand can be easily pulled out and washed. There will be no problems in this.

Self-creation of the feeder

You can create a feeder with your own hands. If there is a similar desire, you can make a bracket using welded elements. Due to this, it will be possible to arrange bowls at a convenient height for a pet.

Some love to make stands for a bowl, using wood as the main material. However, in this situation it will be very difficult to conduct waterproofing. And without it, the design will be damaged if the dog regularly spills water.

For stands, you can use chipboard. However, the screws are poorly kept in this material. In addition, the stand can be spoiled due to water. You can also immediately make a large chest of drawers for your pet, which will have bowls and food, as well as toys with other dogs of the dog.

Photo gallery

Video “Selection of an accessory”

This video will talk about how to choose a cup for your pet.

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Each, “self-respecting dog” living in the house has their own personal dishes for food and drink. Often, she stands right on the floor. The owner of such a dog, for sure, thought about how to make a stand for bowls for dogs with his own hands. With the help of such step-by-step instructions, you can easily implement your “idea”.

Dog bowl

Light metal bowls are very convenient in everyday life. They do not beat, it is convenient to wash them and, in the end, – they will not be bite dogs for fun. But there is still a small drawback in metal bowls. In the process of absorption of delicious dinner by our pets, bowls with a metal characteristic of metal begin to move along the tile floor, and those in which water is poured are often inverted.

Of course, there is a way out of the situation. They just need to be fixed �� For this you need to purchase a special tripod with a height regulator. This can be bought in a pet store or ordered on the Internet.

But, I suggest you look at the “problem” on the other hand and not limit yourself to just a stand under a bowl, but make a whole stationary table for a dog with your own hands. This is not at all difficult, believe me!

Do-it-yourself dog bowl stands (master class with photos)

We will collect the elements necessary for crafts together. By making a stand for bowls with your own hands, you can choose the quantity and appearance of the material at your discretion, but, in general, we will need:

  • Wooden belt (the length and width of the board depends on the size and number of bowls that you want to fix)
  • Wood processing tool (for internal work)
  • Bowls
  • Legs for “table-stand”, several cloves of “screws” for their fastening
  • Tool: drill, jigsaw and screwdriver or screwdriver

We arrange all the necessary details on our board

We make markings to cut the holes necessary for the bowls (in our case there will be three)

Step fourth

In each marked circle, using a drill, we make holes.

In the finished holes we insert a web of the jigsaw and cut out the circles of the desired diameter (slightly less than the indicated marking so that the edges of the bowls do not fail)

We should get such a blank

We process our workpiece with a protective tool for wood. This will not only protect the wood from moisture, but also facilitate the care of the best storage container.

The seventh step

We fix the legs with “screws” and screwdrivers or a screwdriver

We insert bowls into place and Pleasant appetite! Without noise and spilled water ��

At the exit, such tables are different for everyone. The variety of materials and components give each best storage container their own unique look, and your design fantasy, which will play during the manufacture, will make it unique. As a result, a “simple” stand for dog bowls made by yourself will become a unique decoration of the home interior.

For your favorite pet, you can do a lot, while preserving the family budget intact.

With our own hands, we have inspired us to create a stand for bowls for dogs (master class with a photo) in the source of Cutens. Com

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