How to choose a suitable treat for puppies during training

March 29, 2023
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How to choose a suitable treat for puppies during training

The treats for dogs are a kind of encouragement, a sign of approval and gratitude, for some estates, even a symbol of the owner’s love for them. They are ideal for training the animal in order to consolidate a particular command or for masking a medicine that is so easy to not give.

Skipping your pet with the delicious ones, look, do not spoil it and do not cross your appetite, giving goodies between the basic meals. They are perfect for those who want to please the pet, but know about the harm to the health of ordinary sweets and “our” sweets. But where to find really healthy, but delicious treats for dogs?

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That they do not give the dog when training: prohibitions

How to choose a suitable treat for puppies during training

Not all goodies sold in pet stores are suitable as encouragement. When buying, always pay attention to the composition: there should not be many preservatives, fat or sugarch additives will not affect the health of the pet. For example, fat treats are not suitable for breeds prone to obesity: bulldogs, big, dachshunds, retrievers, pugs and just fat dogsgar will make your dog excessively active, even alarming. Plus, the oral cavity suffers from sweets – you will have to brush your teeth more often.

Also, prohibiting additives in the form of caffeine and other stimulating substances. Our four-legged friends react very violently to pathogens. In addition to the fact that they become hyperactive, their heart rhythm is disturbed and excessive thirst appears. In elderly dogs and puppies, cramps, tremor and active urination may occur.

It is important to know! Human chocolate for dogs under a strict ban! It combines the pernicious effect of sugar and caffeine (blackstock). If you want to pamper a pet, buy him in a pet store a special chocolate for dogs.

How to give dog treats correctly

It is important not only you give a pet, but how you do it.

  1. First of all, remember that the size of the treat is important. It should not be larger than your fingernail (but on which finger depends on the size of your dog). Too large pieces will quickly saturate the mustache, and, having eaten, he will not want to train anymore, and his appetite will be hopelessly ruined.
  2. Put the treats in a storage container where the dog's curious nose won't get in while you're distracted. But before training, be sure to show that you have plenty of treats. Give one piece a bite so the dog will taste it and want more. Only after that the animal will follow the commands to deserve another treat.
  3. Give encouragement for each correctly performed action. The execution of the command cannot be left without praise.
  4. Treats for a dog should be healthy: excessively high-calorie, fatty or with the addition of foods prohibited for dogs (chocolate, sugar, pork, onions, garlic, and others) are not allowed.
  5. If you choose to give your puppy a training treat, start with small portions to make sure the puppy doesn't develop an allergy.

Now about the technique of giving delicious treats. After all, an animal may not intentionally bite you when it is happy to grab a treat (especially puppies, whose emotions are overflowing).

  • From an open hand. Put a treat in your palm. Not on the fingers, not between them, but on the palm itself. But still, some dogs manage to inadvertently bite their master with this method.
  • In a raised hand. This method is best used for adults and well-mannered animals that can gently take a treat from their owner's hand. Don't raise your hand too high. It is enough to such a height that the dog rises on its hind legs, slightly pushing off the ground with its front legs.
  • For "professional" dogs with iron endurance, there is such a way of encouraging how to put a treat for training on the nose or directly in the mouth. At this point, the animal should sit or Stand (not be in motion).

How to choose a treat

Be that as it may, and each animal has its own tastes, so let's talk about how to choose the best treats for your dog. Let's talk about what you should pay attention to when choosing, and also indicate the main src="https://pets2. Me/media/res/1/2/8/0/1/12801. Ozgy4c.Jpg" width="981" height="531"[/img]

Primary requirements

We list the main requirements for feeding, which is used to encourage or improve a pet:

  1. The dog should like the food. Many store-bought feeds have a disgusting smell, which is why buyers bypass them, but it is important to understand that you are buying food not for yourself, but for an animal, and if it has such a smell, then dogs like it.
  2. The treat should not harm the dog. Even if your pet "does not have a soul" in smoked sausages, or in crackers for beer, which he stole from you, this does not mean that such products can be used to encourage.
  3. Feeding should have nothing to do with everyday food. Above, we talked about the fact that ordinary food has a minimum value, so it is not a top dressing.
  4. Purchased treats should not be cheap. Remember that this is a "premium" that is given out in small quantities – accordingly, it should be tasty. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, buy fewer products, but at the same time take the goods at least the average price segment.
  5. If the animal has health problems, then it is better to contact a veterinarian for help in choosing a food product.

Important! Ordinary chocolate is a dangerous food for dogs. When a significant dose is consumed, the animal begins to have convulsions, and the nervous system is also affected.

You can find pet products both in a pet store and in a regular supermarket, since there are a huge number of manufacturers on the market who promote their products.

It will be interesting to know where to start dog training, how to teach a puppy commands, and what is agility. Royal Canin. A giant in the pet nutrition industry that produces a wide variety of dog treats. Capacities are located in France and the USA. It is worth noting the low cost of products, as well as good quality.

"8 in1". A global manufacturer of various vitamin supplements and dog food. Manufacturing facilities are located in China, USA, and Germany. The brand offers a huge range of products that can satisfy all the needs of the animal.

"Titbit". A American brand that supplies the market with a large number of different types of delicacies. The price of the products is more than reasonable and there is also a good selection for those animals that want something special.

Green Qzin. The brand produces premium delicacies that are natural. The price of products is quite high, but no harmful components are used in the process of its production. Your dog gets tasty and healthy food made from natural meat.

Did you know? Your pet may smell like chips even Though the pet hasn't eaten them. This is due to the activity of certain bacteria that accumulate on the paws if hygiene rules are not followed.

How to make your own dog treats

There is nothing laborious in preparing treats for a dog with your own hands. The hardest part is finding the perfect product to promote.

Some mustaches are delighted with cheese, but you should not overfeed them, because it is fatty, can cause allergies or indigestion, and thirst increases after giving it.


Other animals love boiled chicken fillet or its offal (for example, ventricles or hearts). A huge plus is that these products are healthy, low-calorie. Of the inconveniences, perhaps it is worth noting that this delicacy crumbles and is too satisfying. Then it will be extremely difficult to feed the dog.

Sausage, sausages

Someone gladly rewards the dog with pieces of sausage or sausage. Yes, a rare dog will refuse such a treat, but this is not food for pets. These products contain spices, starch, flavors and various preservatives that will do nothing but harm. You can make chicken sausages with your own hands. To do this, twist the chicken breasts into minced meat in a meat grinder, you can finely chop raw carrots or other healthy (but allowed for dogs) vegetables there. Use cling film to form something like sausages (make sure to roll everything tightly so that the meat does not fall out during cooking). Then boil homemade healthy sausages in boiling water.


You can also make your own rye croutons. Dry in the oven without oil or in the open air, cutting the bread into small cubes.

Dry fruits and vegetables

Dried apples, carrots, for example. Remove pits from apples only. Also, do not forget about the size of one piece. Just do not overfeed your pet, otherwise you will beat off your appetite with such sweets.

Dried meat and offal

Dried tails, ears and vertebrae (beef is better, but sometimes pork can also be given). You can also dry pieces of meat, liver in the oven (pre-boil, cut into strips or cubes).


You can prepare such a treat for dogs with your own hands like cookies. Use minced meat, chicken egg and rye flour as ingredients. No spices should be added. Animals with appetite eat natural products. Form cookies and send it to the oven.


To begin with, we will deal with what dog delicacies are, and is there a difference between them. In principle, all goodies can be divided into two categories: the food that the pet eats instantly, and "long-playing".


"Fast food. It is represented by a small piece of something tasty. This piece should be very small so that the animal does not waste time chewing it. This version of “top dressing” is used during various training, when the animal needs to be encouraged, but it is necessary to do this often, so if you give something large, the animal, respectively, will spend a lot of time on chewing, and it is unlikely to want to with a full stomachContinue to engagech food includes small pieces of cheese, boiled chicken, sausages, as well as ready-made dry "delicious" that are sold in the store.

Dog care is very important, so take care of how to cut your claws correctly, make a pattern for a jumpsuit, choose a toy, a haircut, collar, furminator, and find out what trimming and grooming are. "Long-playing" food. The name corresponds to what we offer a pet. This food should not only improve the mood of the dog, but also take it for a while. All kinds of bones (including pressed stores), cartilage, pork ears, etc. Are the role of such food. That is, before us, food that the dog cannot swallow at one moment, even if he really wants to.

How to choose a suitable treat for puppies during training should not chew

How to choose a suitable treat for puppies during training


At the same time, it should be understood that the above products are not ideal, so you should choose a treat that your dog loves. Many animals love vegetables and fruits, so the same cheese can be replaced, for example, a piece of cucumber or tomato. At the same time, it is worth remembering that top dressing should be devoid of spices, salt, flavorings and flavor enhancers, otherwise your animal will become a regular visitor to the veterinarian. Important! Dogs cannot be given small bones as a treat.

Quality criteria for dog treats

The best treats for training dogs should fulfill a number of requirements and satisfy the needs of both the pet and its owners:

  1. The treat should be tasty and like a pet. Let it be a special type of snack that will be well encouraged by the dog.
  2. Food should not stain hands and clothes, crumble and lose their shape, especially on condition that training is carried out outside the house.
  3. It is advisable to purchase goodies useful. Encourages in the form of chocolate, chips or ice cream is unlikely to provide health for a pet.
  4. The treats for maintaining interest in training should not be in the daily diet. Dogs are trained much better for treating, which can only be obtained by correct execution of the command.
  5. Encourages should be issued in equal portions in all classes.
  6. A piece of goodies should not chew for a long time, but the option with quick swallowing will be bad. In the first case, the dog will be distracted and dispersed, in the second – it simply will not feel the weight of the award.

The delicious ones are always given from the palm of your hand, so the owner’s access to food should become easy and fast. The dog should not see when conducting training how the owners get a treat.

Than homemade yummy and treats for dogs are healthy

It is no secret that what is prepared with your own hands is more useful than what you buy in the store. The same applies to food for dogs. It is not possible to check what is part of special sticks and bones for dogs, it is not possible, it remains only to believe the word to the manufacturer. But I also do not want to risk the health of the pet either. Therefore, it will be much more convenient and correct to cook delicious for a pet yourself. In this case, you will definitely know:

  • From which you prepared them.
  • What quality products were used in the preparation process.
  • How high-quality processing was.
  • Whether the expiration date has come out of your yummy.

How to choose a treat correctly

When buying goodies for puppies and adult dogs, you need to focus on the three main components of the ideal delicacy: usefulness, taste and ease of carrying and use.

It is advisable to give food preferences without salt, dyes, flavors and flavor enhancers. It is important to choose yummy that the dog will especially like and will stimulate it to engage. An exemplary option would be to prepare or purchase natural treats for training dogs.

It is important to understand that goodies become an additional meal for the puppy, and the health of the pet directly depends on their quality. For dogs with allergies, it is worth choosing hypoallergenic meat varieties – rabbit, turkey, lamb, duck.

Before starting training, you need to check the dog’s response to good. The effectiveness of training depends on the reward. To do this, let the dog smell a small piece of delicacy, clamp it in a fist and smoothly drive it from side to side. The dog must actively monitor the movement, and reaching for trying to begged a piece or open a cloth with a nose and paw.

If the dog does not respond to any of the proposed delicacies, it is often distracted, this may indicate a weak food reflex. In this case, you should try to use other types of rewards.

Persistence, attention, regularity and sufficient time for training will certainly lead the dog and the owner to the desired goal – to educate a smart, calm, attentive favorite.

Dog training treat

The extensive assortment of the finished delicacy allows you to choose the most suitable option in each casech food can be wet or dry. The produced ready-made feed for encouragement differ not only in value and shape, but also by their own composition, so you need to approach the choice very responsibly.

Important! Some manufacturers are cunning that their products are not only tasty, but also very useful. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the composition that there are no sugar, taste amplifiers, preservatives or dyes.

Best Dog Training TREATS: What To PACK For Your FIRST (or any) Puppy Training CLASS

It is especially important to choose this option for encouragement for puppies or pets having any pathologies:


  • Squekens of light dried veins that imitate the appearance of the bone are well suited;
  • It is undesirable to use goodies, the basis of which is represented by ground bones;
  • Feed, in the form of rolls, galetus and other dog cookies, biscuits, should be purchased exclusively in special stores;
  • In a limited amount, crackers, slices of dried apples and carrots should be fed;
  • According to some dog handlers, it is optimal to encourage dried beef or pork ears.

It should be noted that any delicacy that is used in the process of training is always part of the daily diet, so its calorie content and quantity must be taken into account when calculating the daily feed of the pet.


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