Small breed Chewy grain free dog feeding

August 19, 2021
How to buy Chewy grain free dog food

Over the millennia spent next to humans, dogs have changed beyond recognition, the most striking example of which are the smallest representatives of the numerous dog tribe. And yet, no matter how small, defenseless and fragile the pet is, in many ways it is much closer to wolves than we are used to thinking.

It’s no secret that since the time that dogs began to live next to humans, their digestive system has changed somewhat, in particular, an enzyme has appeared in it that promotes the absorption of carbohydrates. However, in general, the gastrointestinal tract of the animal has remained the same, which means that, like thousands of years ago, the basis of nutrition for any, the smallest and most delicate dog, should be proteins of animal origin as purchase Chewy grain free dog food.

Small breed Chewy grain free dog feeding: things to keep in mind

type of feeding and Chewy brand

If you are a happy owner of a Chinese Crested, Pomeranian or Toy Terrier, you should always remember that the health and happy life of your pet depends entirely on you, namely on a carefully selected diet.

Contrary to the stereotype, Chewy grain free feeding dogs of small breeds correctly, like the Great Dane, should be the same the difference is only in the amount of food. The main requirement is the sufficiency of nutrients entering the animal’s body.

An adult dog should receive food twice a day, regardless of its size. An exception may be cases of pet illness, pregnancy or feeding of offspring. The daily feed portion is roughly halved and dispensed at the same time, for example in the morning and evening after a walk. The dog should have access to clean drinking water at all times, regardless of the type of feeding and Chewy brand chosen.

How to feed small dogs of Chewy grain free feed

The debate about the choice of the type of food continues. Someone considers the most correct feeding with natural food many use dry industrial food or canned food.

  • By and large, all points of view have a right to exist, however, creating a complete diet based on conventional food especially Orijen for older dogs is quite difficult: it requires special knowledge, the acquisition of which will take a significant amount of time, as, in fact, cooking.
  • Canned Chewy food and dry grain free food are not fundamentally different in their nutritional value. When choosing between these types of feeding, financial opportunities come to the fore (Chewy canned food in general will cost more) and the wishes of the owner, as well as the food preferences of the animal itself.

The main point that you should pay attention to when choosing a commercial feed is its quality. As a rule, cheap feed contains a large amount of grain and, although at first glance, they are balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as in calories, they do not provide the animal with the main one – animal proteins.

Information on the composition of grain free Chewy dry food or canned food is always available on the packaging, only you need to look not at the guaranteed analysis, but at the list of ingredients – if the basis of the diet (the first five components) is cereals, it is better to refuse it altogether.

Grain free Feeding rates

When thinking about how to properly grain free feed a small dog – Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Yorkie, Toy Terrier, you need to take into account the differences in their metabolism and constitution. After all, different “crumbs” have their own characteristics. For example, pugs and griffons are prone to gaining excess weight, and toy terriers almost always have a lean constitution and moderate appetite.

The guidelines placed on the packaging by the manufacturer serve as a guideline for best feeding norms when choosing industrial grain-free feed. However, each dog is an individual, including in its energy needs. In addition, it is very important to take into account the level of physical activity: if the dog walks a lot or is engaged in some kind of cynological sports, then its rate can be increased or switched to a higher-calorie food.

If the animal spends most of the time lying on the sofa, or, as is sometimes the case with miniature dogs, does not go outside at all, using the tray, then it is necessary to reduce the rate. The same must be done if the dog has been neutered.

Healthy small dog ​​- lean dog

The main indicator that you are feeding your dog properly is its appearance. Overweight and obesity can have dire consequences for a dog, and it is not for nothing that veterinarians say: a healthy dog ​​is a lean dog.

  1. Of course, the breed cannot be discounted, and the already mentioned pugs with griffons will never look slim by virtue of the constitution, but they should not overeat either. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the pet’s ears, the appearance of its coat (it should be shiny, without traces of dandruff), as well as the general well-being and activity of the small breeds.
  2. What you shouldn’t do is treat your pet with food from the table. First, most of the foods that people consume are high in salt. The composition of the delicacies includes spices that are absolutely not useful for dogs. In addition, when giving a treat, you will have to calculate proteins and carbohydrates have got into the pet’s body every time.

If you really want to pamper your pet with delicious, offer him a piece of chicken fillet, low-fat cottage cheese or a piece of cucumber, carrot, apple. At the same time, if you treated your pet, do not forget to reduce the rate of dry food.

Summing up, we can say: when organizing the correct feeding of small breed dogs, choose high-quality food with a high content of animal protein, observe the feeding regime and carefully monitor the pet’s well-being.


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