How many liters of storage container for 30 lb dog food

March 23, 2023
Dog Food Container
How many liters of storage container for 30 lb dog food

Dog food norm

In order for the dog to be fed correctly, it is necessary to comply with the norm. Overfeeding can cause obesity in the animal, and in the future it can provoke serious complications with the health of the dog.

For this reason, it is imperative to know the required feeding rate, the size of the portions of food and the number of feedings during the day.

Norms of feeding dogs

If you decide to get a dog for the first time, then you should study the norms and order of feeding these animals. Feeding must be balanced, and its norms must comply with certain rules.

It is simply impossible to derive the necessary norms for feeding dogs that will be suitable for all animals. Even if dogs have the same breed and body size, they still may not always require the same amount of food.

Note! Each animal has individual characteristics of the organism, their metabolism can be very different. For this reason, if they are given the same amount of feed mixtures, then one may experience weight gain, while the other may always be in perfect shape.

The daily amount of dry dog food depends on various factors. When compiling a diet, it is imperative to take into account the habitat and degree of physical activity of the animal. If the animal is kept on the street and runs in the fresh air all day long, and sits in a booth at night, then the norm of dog food should be half as much as the norm for pets that live in an apartment.

In order for the feeding rate to be correct, it is worth paying attention to several important nuances:

  • Under no circumstances should you overfeed your dog. Regardless of whether the owner feeds his pet – dry food or natural food, the amount of food should be moderate. Overfeeding often leads to animal obesity, which leads to a range of health problems;
  • It is necessary to take into account the mobility of the pet, its lifestyle. For example, an active Yorkie puppy and animals of other breeds should not be fed too much per day;
  • On average, the daily allowance for adult dogs should be no more than 1 kilogram;
  • The amount of feed consumed usually depends on the size and weight of the animal. For example, large animals may well eat up to 1 kg of food per day, but small dog food containers, such as a Yorkshire terrier, can eat half as much;
  • The amount of dry feed mix also depends on the feed class. Many types of feed (Akana, Proplan, Royal Canin, Now Fresh, Grandorf and others) can be economy, premium, holistic. Accordingly, the higher the class, the higher the nutritional value of the feed mixture;
  • When feeding, special attention should be paid to the physical activity and size of the tailed friend. A dog with active physical activity and with an average body weight will be able to master one to one and a half liters of a complete feed mixture at a time. But for a large watchdog, which is grown on bran and potatoes, even one bucket at a time will not be enough.

It is worth noting! The dog may experience hunger at any rate of feeding. This may be due to insufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

If the dog behaves actively, looks cheerful and cheerful, has healthy skin, a beautiful, shiny coat, and body weight at the same time stays at the same level for a long time, then the feed rate is chosen correctly.

Multiplicity of feeding

The amount of food consumed, and the number of its receptions depends on the age of the animal. For a puppy, the frequency of feeding should be frequent. This is due to the fact that small pets have high mobility, they spend a lot of energy, and to replenish it they need a large amount of nutrients, which come with food.

Simplehuman 30 Liter, 32 lb // 14. 5 kg Large Pet Food Storage Container, Brushed revieww

In order for the feeding of dogs to be correct, it is worth studying the table below, which indicates the frequency of feeding depending on the age of the animal.

Dog age

Number of feedings

1 to 2 months

Feed up to 5-6 times a day

2 to 3 months

Feed 4-5 times a day

4-6 months

Feed no more than 3-4 times a day

6 months to 1 year

How many liters of storage container for 30 lb dog food Akana, Proplan, Royal Canin

How many liters of storage container for 30 lb dog food

No more than 3 meals per day

Dogs over 1 year old

Adult animals eat twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Serving size

If your pet eats dry food, then there are usually no problems with determining the daily portion size. Many manufacturers of dog food mixtures already indicate the required rate on the packaging on the packaging – it is indicated in the form of a plate in which the feeding rate is indicated opposite the weight.

To determine the amount of dry feed, the owner needs to know the weight of the animal. Then the indicated amount is required to be divided by the number of feedings per day. The result is a single portion.

If the dog eats only natural food, then the calculation is performed in a completely different way. The daily norm with natural feeding should be about 2-4 % of the total mass of the pet. For example, if the dog weighs 8 kilograms, then on the day it should eat an average of 160-320 grams of food.

However, numbers can depend on many factors – on the physical activity of the animal, on lifestyle, on living conditions. In addition, the volume of portions of prepared dishes can affect the volume of portions, for example, porridge with vegetables will be much lower than meat in calories.

If the dog eats natural food, then its diet should include the following types of food:

  • Meat. The indicator of this component should be 30-50 % of the total consumed volume of food;
  • Cereals-25-35 %;
  • Dairy best storage containers-20-30 %;
  • Vegetables-15-20 %;
  • Fish;
  • Fruit.

Daily dry food norm

In order to correctly calculate the volume of food for dogs of small breeds and a representative of a larger physique, it is worth considering a special table. It is usually indicated on dog food storage containers with food. However, sometimes it may be absent.

Weight, kg)

Increased physical activity from 1 hour or more per day

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