Holistic food for dogs is the best choice for your pet

June 29, 2021
holistic dog food brands and ingredients

For pets, it is best to choose special foods over natural foods. Specialists have developed a number of special meals. One of the best foods is holistic for dogs. They are the foundation of your pet’s health.

General characteristics of holistic feed

Dog food researchers have found that holistic are the most beneficial foods. Their quality is often superior to that of human semi-finished products. The meat component varies in different brands from 50 to 80%.

Many have heard the word “holistic”, but not everyone understands its meaning. Some people perceive him as a firm. Holistic – is aimed at the system as a whole, and not at its individual parts. There is a holistic direction in medicine, which is described as the science of a healthy mind, body, mind, and the healing of the body as a whole.

These holistic dog food recipes are designed based on the behavior of the dog. They are predators by birth. That is, their diet should be based on meat. But also, with a lack of trace elements and vitamins, they consume pasture – some herbs, berries. The manufacturers have balanced the ingredients in such a way that they meet all the requirements of the animal.

There are three main conclusions about such feeds:

  1. It’s natural.
  2. This is a balanced and correct diet.
  3. Holistic is great.

Although it is rather difficult to purchase such food in ordinary stores.

Comparing with other feeds of a more budgetary class, the main difference can be identified: it does not have a bright flavor, which is usually added to cheap pet food to attract their attention and more appetite. The higher cost should also be noted. But at the same time, to meet the needs of the pet, a more minimal portion is needed than for feed in the lower price category.

Dog feeds differ in gradation:

  1. Economy class.
  2. Premium class.
  3. Super premium class.

At the same time, the holistic cannot be attributed to any of these categories. He seems to be above all of them. The labeling “premium” and “super premium” on the packaging does not guarantee that the feed will be holistic. But the holistics themselves can be subdivided in a similar way.

The composition of the feed is described in detail on the package. Abbreviations such as “20 vitamins”, “10 minerals” and so on are not allowed. And besides the fact that they must be painted, naturalness is necessary. This is the main criterion for holisticians.

This type of feed is called “new generation nutrition”. It has several advantages:

  1. Natural composition. These products are suitable for both humans and animals. In addition, they are balanced in such a way that the pet will not have digestive and other health problems. The main thing that manufacturers focus on is Human Grade, which means that the products used meet human indicators in quality.
  2. Feature of the recipe. Manufacturers producing such feeds consider animals from different categories. These are age, gender, weight, breed, lifestyle, and more. They contain animal protein, which they keep at 70%, 30% of which is healthy protein. Due to the balance, the animal completely digests the feed, without excess residue, saturating it and helping to build only muscle mass.
  3. Variety of diet. With the help of holistics, an animal can create not only a complete, but also a varied diet. And if you had to do it yourself, it would take a lot of time to prepare each dish separately. Holistic dog food ingredients contain different types of meat (beef, turkey, duck, chicken, turkey, etc.), as well as different types of fish: salmon, cod.
  4. Vitamin component, which also has a natural base. They contribute to the normal development and appearance of the animal.
  5. Lack of artificial additives. For longer storage, natural additives are used.
  6. High digestibility by the pet’s body.
  7. A wide choice. Available in different forms – wet and dry. Some manufacturers also offer pelleted feed.

best holistic dog food is so balanced that no additions are required

The composition of the best holistic dog food is so balanced that no additions are required

Dry food composition

The composition of the holistic dog food is so balanced that no additions are required. It includes all the necessary best foods, vitamins, trace elements that contribute to the normal digestion and vital functions of the pet.

Each manufacturer describes in sufficient detail the composition of its product, which allows consumers to familiarize themselves with it on the website of the online store. If the composition contains a protein of plant origin, it is most often brown rice, lentils or peas. In the form of a vitamin supplement, berries, fruits, vegetables are used, which are rich in fiber and normalize the functioning of digestion. The feed also contains semi-saturated fatty acids.

The premium class often includes:

  • dehydrated lamb;
  • fresh lamb meat;
  • oats;
  • apples;
  • legumes (peas);
  • vegetable crops (potatoes, carrots);
  • medicinal and vitamin herbs (mint, fennel, chicory).

Although different manufacturers may differ.

Ratios of components in dry feed of the Holistic type


Component Minimum percentage









Unlike many other feeds, holistic dog food review contains no offal, bone grinding, deboning meat.

Grain-free feed is also available. They are intended for allergy sufferers. In some of them, they are replaced by cereals with a low glycemic level. They are recommended for patients with a tendency to obesity and diabetes.

choosing holistic food for large, medium and small dogs

Dogs are large, medium and small, so when choosing holistic dog food, you need to take into account the size of the pet.

General recommendations for choosing holistic

The choice of holistic is based on several animal criteria:

  • the size of the dog;
  • breed;
  • age;
  • physiology;
  • transferred and chronic diseases.

Thus, first of all, you need to decide on the size of the pet. Dogs are large, medium and small. In this case, the feed does not change its nutritional and quality composition, but its composition takes place in a different way.

The breed is also of great importance, as there are differences in the needs of a long-haired dog and a smooth-haired one. It also takes into account the physiological characteristics of the breed: shortened esohagus, reduced liver size, etc.

As we age, the needs for certain vitamins, minerals, nutrients and their quantity also change. These criteria depend on the need for consumed and expended energy, biological processes involved in the body. You should pay close attention to the age indication on the food packaging.

The physiological processes that occur in the pet’s body are also important. Depending on the stage of sexual status, estrus, pregnancy, childbirth, castration / sterilization is a factor that is considered when choosing a feed. Purchasing them at the appropriate time will help the dog overcome possible health problems and move this stage with milder symptoms.

Regardless of breed characteristics, puppies need proper nutrition, but holistics can be used starting from 1 month.

Rating of the most popular holistic feeds

For the most popular foods, consider the age category of the dog – puppies, adult and senior dogs.


Regardless of breed characteristics, puppies need good nutrition. Holistic can be used starting from 1 month. At first, the feed pieces are soaked in water or specialized milk. The most popular are:

  1. Asana Puppy & Junior – meets the natural needs. It is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. High glycemic grains are absent. Manufacturer Canada.
  2. Orijen Puppy – grain-free food. 80% meat, the rest – fruits and vegetables. Manufacturer Canada.
  3. Almo Nature Medium Puppy is a balanced super premium class food. Designed for allergy sufferers. Consists of 50-60% meat and its derivatives. Also included are cereals (14%), vegetables, minerals and vitamins.
  4. Applaws Small & Medium Breed Puppy is a grain-free food. It contains more than 70% meat product, vegetable component – potatoes, beets, green peas and others.
  5. Eukanuba Puppy Toy Breed – designed for small breed puppies. Specially formulated for pets with small livers.
  6. Naturаl Holistik Fresh Puppy Large Breed Recipe Grain Free – for large breed puppies. Contains only fresh meat. There is no grain component.
  7. Naturаl Sеnsetivity + Shine – contains a single meat protein. There are no offal, dyes, growth hormones, wheat, soy, corn.

Adult dogs

For adult dogs, eating dry or wet holistic dog food is the best option. But for adherents of supplementary feeding of pets with regular food, the wet option will be more suitable, since various cereals or vegetable components can be added to it.

  1. Barking Heads
  2. Belkando
  3. Hills Ideal Balance
  4. Eukanuba
  5. Almo Nature
  6. Bozita Super Premium

For older dogs

For older dogs, food is available in both dry and wet form. They have a balanced composition, corresponding to the biological activity of the pet.

  1. Acana Heritage 60/40 Adult Senior Dog – for dogs over seven years old;
  2. GO Natural Нlistiс Fit + Free Grаin Frе Allifer Stаgеs – grain-free;
  3. Orijen Adult Dog Freeze-dried – freeze-dried;
  4. Barking Heads – for dogs over seven years old;
  5. Barking Heads Golden Years – for dogs over seven years old;
  6. Applaws – Grain Free for Senior Dogs.
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