Hills venison and potato dog food review

January 10, 2023
Hills venison and potato dog food review

hills venison and potato dog food review

Can my dog eat sweet potatoes?

Who does not like potatoes? Whether they are fried, mashed potatoes or scallops – people and their dog companions love them. But although this starchy product is considered one of the best products for comfort, its healthier analogue – sweet potatoes – actually contains more nutrients.

But can dogs safely eat sweet potatoes? And can they bring our pets the same benefit for their health as people?

The benefits of sweet potatoes for health

Although your dog’s body will be best functioning with a diet, which consists mainly of animal proteins, carbohydrates are still often used in moderation.

Sweet potatoes contain many useful vitamins and minerals, and, as a result, it becomes an increasingly common ingredient in many home and available delicacies and dog food.

They are especially rich in vitamins A, B6 and C, as well as several other nutrients, including magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron.

This sweet orange starch can sometimes be offered as a treat and can even benefit your pet.

Vitamin C can contribute to the functioning of white blood cells and even strengthen the dog’s immune system, while potassium can improve the function of the blood vessels of the dog, increase muscle development and replace lost electrolytes.

Sweet potatoes were also associated with improving vision and even with antioxidants fighting cancer, and it has natural ant i-inflammatory properties, which means that it can be useful for dogs with food allergies.

Sweet potatoes can also help reduce blood pressure and dog food storage container, being an excellent source of dietary fiber, improve digestion.

Possible health problems

Can a dog eat sweet potatoes

However, this definitely does not mean that the dog should eat sweet potatoes every day. In the end, it is a carbohydrate, which with excessive use can lead to health problems, from pancreatitis and ending with diabetes.

The Problematic History of Hill’s Science Diet (Pet Nutrition)

Try not to offer any potatoes to dogs with existing diseases such as obesity or diabetes, since potatoes can cause blood sugar and lead to weight increase.

According to experts, although white and sweet potatoes are not toxic for our dogs, they cannot always be the best choice as a regular part of their diet.

This state of the heart muscle causes a decrease in the pumping function of the heart, as well as an increase in the size of the heart, which can lead to congestive heart failure or even sudden heart death.

Although this is usually considered a genetic disease, diets with a high content of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, can play a role, especially for breeds that usually do not suffer.

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How to feed the dog with sweet potatoes

Your dog is likely to eat sweet potatoes regardless of how it is ready, but you must remember several key points. Potatoes should be baked or boiled without any additional seasonings, including oil, oil or salt, since they can cause health problems in dogs.

Both dogs and people have a digestive system that breaks down potatoes and puts it in the form of fat if calories are not burned right away, so you can take your dog for a super-long walk or have fun in the backyard. They had a snack on the day with sweet potatoes.

Always avoid raw sweet potatoes

Raw sweet potatoes should always be avoided. Potatoes, along with tomatoes, belongs to the family of petty vegetables. They contain a compound called Solanin, which may be toxic for some dogs. Preparation of potatoes will help to significantly reduce the level of solanine.

Some symptoms of Solanin poisoning (which may occur if your dog accidentally ate a significant number of skins, stems or leaves of sweet potatoes) is a stomach disorder, clouding of vision and a decrease in heart rate – all this requires immediate veterinary assistance.

The peel, stems and leaves of potatoes are prohibited, especially if you take into account that they can lead to intestinal obstruction or suffocation, since dogs may not be able to digest them correctly.

Always feed sweet potatoes in moderate quantities

Of course, each dog will differently tolerate individual types of food, so you must first offer only a small amount of sweet potatoes so that you can monitor your dog for any reactions, such as symptoms of stomach disorders.

It is also recommended to consult a veterinarian before entering new products into your dog’s diet, especially if it has problems with the gastrointestinal tract or allergies.

However, it is gratifying that sweet potatoes, as you know, helps with any problems with digestion in puppies and reduces liquid stool.

Hills venison and potato dog food review Preparation of potatoes will help
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