Hills dog food container review

February 3, 2023
Dog Food Container
Hills dog food container review
Hills dog food container review

Hills dog food – a recipe for a better life from an American manufacturer

More than half a century ago, the outstanding American company Hills began to produce feed for pets under the name of the same name, which today are among the most popular feed around the world. Best storage containers are a premium class and is incredible popular not only among experienced dog handlers and veterinarians, but also among new dog owners.

Review of food

In the increase in the popularity of this brand, one factor played a decisive role – the manufacturer, first of all, focused on creating nutrition for dogs of different ages. For each category, certain balanced diets were developed containing precisely those vitamins and trace elements in which the pet needs the current stage of development.

Hills food for dogs

The modern Hills feed line is represented by diets for puppies, for adult pets from 1 year to 5 years and for aging dogs older than 5 and 7 years. Among the variety of best storage containers, a therapeutic series is distinguished for therapeutic and preventive purposes in the presence of diseases, as well as nutrition for pregnant dogs.

Hills best storage containers undergo mandatory clinical studies that allow you to be sure of the safety and impeccability of the quality characteristics of the feed. The entire line has certificates of compliance with international quality standards. Currently, the Hills brand is distributed in almost 100 countries of the world, and the Netherlands are considered the official manufacturing country.

Hills food composition for dogs

In the composition of the feed, in the first place there is a high-quality ingredient in the form of meat flour of chicken, turkey or lamb. Another good source of animal protein in the pets diet is fish flour.

Important. It should be noted that on the dog food storage container, the manufacturer indicates the component as “chicken flour”, and not “chicken meat”. This indicates the presence of not only meat from meat in the stern, but also from ground Bones and leather.

The feed contains corn – a cheap grain filler and part-time source of amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates. Another carbohydrate best storage container is wheat, which, along with corn, is positioned as a best storage container that causes allergies. The recipe also has rice, corn gluten, supplying the body with a vegetable protein, and a pulp of sugar beets, contributing to good digestion and normalizing the animal's chair.

Hills feed composition for dogs.

In addition, the composition includes ingredients such as animals and fish fats, digest (a best storage container obtained as a result of hydrolysis of animal tissues, teeth, hair, hooves, feathers, horns, etc.), vegetable oil, whole egg in dry form and linenSeed for cleansing the body.

All Hills feed contain healthy fatty acids that support the skin and pets hair in excellent condition. The recipe correctly balanced the proportions of phosphorus and calcium for the healthy development of Bones and teeth. The optimal level of protein supports the muscles of the animal in the necessary form, and the high content of Taurin normalizes the metabolism.

Than this food is better than others

Hills food for dogs

Hills has a large line of feed.

One of the advantages of the Hills dog feed in comparison with other premium brands is the extensive line of therapeutic nutrition. It includes feed for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the genitourinary and cardiovascular systems, and is also aimed at eliminating the problems of the digestive tract, skin and oral cavity. The assortment of veterinary diets is represented by 15 options, which is neither in the stern of probability, nor in American nutrition grew a dog.

Another significant plus of Hills feed is the complete absence of artificial antioxidants, preservatives, harmful flavors and dyes. For example, Royal Kanin’s food contains a conservative of potassium for health, a sorbate of potassium, an incomprehensible antioxidant is erected in the feed recipe without clarification, in the diets of the probability – antioxidants E320 and E321, and in the feed of the purino of the Uan and about the plan contains a dubious taste-aromatic additive.

Despite the absence of a meat best storage container in the specifics of the specifics, it is still advanced in most Hills feed in first place. For example, in the stern of Dog Chau there is practically no meat and meat offal is not indicated, moreover, cereal crops are in the first place in the recipe.

Hills dog feed line

The assortment line of feed is represented by four specially designed series: Science Plan for daily feeding a pet, Prescription Diet medical nutrition, Nature´sbest diets with special needs and perfectly balanced Ideal Balance feed.

Hills Science Plan

This is nutrition for daily feeding of dogs containing about 50 nutrients and developed taking into account the stage and lifestyle of the pet, its breed and individual characteristics. The shape and size of the feed granules are created for each age category and the size of the animal.

Hills Science Plan

Hills Science Plan

The Hills Science Plan series includes the following feeds:

  • Canine Adult Advanced Fitness – feed for adult pets of all kinds of breeds, designed to stimulate healthy digestion and development of muscles;
  • Canine Adult Advanced Fitness Large Breed is a good nutrition for large adult dogs to preserve muscle mass and strong joints.
  • Canine Adult Advanced Fitness Mini is a formulated diet for the healthy functioning of vital organs in adult pets of small breeds from 2 to 15 kg.
  • Canine Adult Light is a balanced feed for adult dogs in order to maintain optimal weight.
  • Canine Adult Perfect Weight is a daily low fat menu to achieve optimal weight and longevity. There are options for pets of small breeds and medium.
  • Canine Adult Performance is a food designed for high-energy needs of active, hunting and service dogs.
  • Canine Adult Sensitive Skin is a diet developed for pets with dry, reddened and peeling skin.
  • Canine Adult Sensitive Stomach is a food with a rich fiber for fast and light digestion.
  • Canine Adult Small & Miniature is a menu created to maintain the oral cavity, skin and digestion systems in a healthy stateitable for small and miniature dog breeds.
  • Canine Adult Small & Miniature Light Original is a balanced diet designed for pets of small and miniature rocks to support normal weight and health of the oral cavity.
  • Canine Mature Adult 5+ Active Longevity ™ Large Breed is a formulated diet for large dogs older than 5 years, the purpose of which is to maintain abuse, muscle mass and the health of internal organs.
  • Canine Mature Adult 7+ Active Longevity is a food for light digestion and joint fortress in elderly pets older than 7 years. There are options for all breeds, for medium and small.
  • Puppy Healthy Development is a daily diet for healthy skeletal development in puppies. There are options for large dogs, medium and small.
  • Puppy Small & Miniature is a food designed to strengthen the immune system, the full development of the brain, muscle and bone systems of puppies of small and miniature breeds.

Hills Prescription Diet

Specially designed therapeutic diet food containing carefully selected components to get rid of various canine pathologies: diseases of the genitourinary, digestive and cardiovascular systems, as well as skin lesions and obesity.

Hills Presscription Diet

Hills Prescription Diet line.

This series includes the following options:

  • Multicare Caninec/d is a food that helps reduce the risk of recurrence of kidney stdog food containers in dogs;
  • Canined / d – a diet for the health of a pet in the presence of skin rashes, vomiting and diarrhea, as a result of allergies;
  • Caninet / d – nutrition that supports oral hygiene;
  • Canineu/d is a health food for dogs with problems with urotiliasis;
  • Caninew / d – a diet for maintaining optimal weight;
  • Caninez / d – menu for dogs prone to allergies;
  • Derm Defense Canine – food designed to reduce allergic manifestations to environmental elements;
  • Canineh/d – me for dogs with heart problems;
  • I/d Canine Low Fat is a low-fat diet for correcting digestive tract problems;
  • I/d Canine Stress Mini – food for small breeds experiencing digestive disorders as a result of experienced stress;
  • Caninej / d – nutrition that helps maintain healthy joints, Bones and cartilage;
  • K/d Canine Original – diet for dogs with kidney disease;
  • L / d Canine – food for pets with liver pathologies;
  • Metabolic + Mobility Canine Original – nutrition for weight loss and improved mobility;
  • Metabolic Canine Original – menu for getting rid of extra pounds;

Important. To feed your pet with therapeutic diets, you should always consult with a veterinarian.

Hills dog food container review among new dog owners

Hills dog food container review

Hills Nature's Best

A special series of feeds containing the best natural ingredients: natural high-quality raw materials, supplemented with a balanced vitamin and mineral complex. The best storage containers are designed view page to strengthen the pet's immunity and activate all body systems.

Hills NatureĀ“s Best

Hills Nature's Best line

The Hills Nature´sBest series includes:

  • Canine Adult Large Breed / Giant – food designed for large and giant breeds over 1 year to satisfy their food needs;
  • Canine Adult Mini/Medium is a natural diet for adult pets older than 1 year, ranked for small and medium breeds.

The Problematic History of Hill’s Science Diet (Pet Nutrition)

Hills Ideal Balance

Hills Ideal Balance

Hills Ideal Balance line.

This series includes only one best storage container – Canine Adult No Grain. This is a beer feed for daily feeding, developed taking into account the needs of adult pets from 1 year to 7 years. Squirrels, fats, fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals are ideally balanced in the stern. The main component is a fresh chicken.

Reviews of dog breeders about feed

Anna. My hunting dog of the Jack-Rassel-Terrier breed has been eating only Hills feed for more than two years. Since it has small sizes, I buy her Science Plan Advanced Fitness Mini diet is the most suitable option for my active little dog. Like the composition of the feed: there are necessary vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. My pet is healthy and is the owner of a brilliant wool. In order for the fact that the food was not tired of the dog, I periodically change tastes: lamb, fish, chicken. I recommend this food.

Grace. We have American Akita – a very beautiful and devoted dog. Because of our excessive love and constant desire to feed something tasty, our girl was very crowded and began to weigh twice as much. The veterinarian advised to feed the dog with Hills or Royal Canin and strictly not to leave the norms of feeding. Since the piano was a pet at the eating without much enthusiasm, they decided to switch to Hills. The second option came to the liking, and after a certain time, weight came back to normal (they became less than 20 kg, and were more than 30). Hills food really works against obesity, so I safely recommend it.

Reviews of veterinarians about dogs Hills

Reviews of veterinarians about dogs Hills

Dog owners and veterinarians confirm that Hills Hills Form.

Roger, veterinarian, 55 years old. Hills food food was created from natural ingredients through modern technologies and taking into account the individual characteristics of dogs of all breeds and ages. The diet not only contains a complete set of necessary minerals and vitamins, but also has a pleasant taste that all pets will like. A special plus is the presence of an extensive nutritional line for therapy and prevention of many diseases. In general, Hills food is a good option for daily feeding a pet for every taste.

Anna, veterinarian, 34 years old. I have a dog feed Hills raises many questions, like most premium feed. Flour of a bird or animal is taken as a basis for feed, but what is the formulation of “flour” is unknown. It may not be meat at all, but dubious out best storage containers of animal origin. Corn and wheat in the composition are controversial best storage containers. On the one hand, these are good sources of carbohydrates, on the other, very allergenic components. An indisputable advantage of Hills feed is its wide line, including a large number of medical feed of good quality. For me, Hills food is an ambiguous best storage container.

Conclusions about food

Hills premium food is a compromise in the ratio of price and quality. Its composition is much better than a cheap power of the economy class, but still does not reach the usefulness of holistics. Flour of poultry or animals prevails in the composition of the feed, which does not guarantee the absence of dubious offal in the recipe. Hills food is ideal for those dog breeders who cannot spend money on expensive food, but do not want to poison their pet with cheap low-quality feeds.

The cost of Hills food depends on the variant of the diet and the volume of packaging: the average price per 1. 5 kg is from 635 to 1040, and for a large 12-kilogram packaging-from 4300 to 5750.


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