Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Puppies Large Breeds 30-lb Bag

February 6, 2023
Large Breeds
Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food Puppies Large Breeds 30-lb Bag

Feed Hills Review

Hill's premium food is a popular brand among dog owners. Animals are happy to eat dry and wet diets, and the owners like the variety of everyday and medical lines.

Hills is often preferred because of the big name and reputation of the brand (Hill's Pet Nutrition). It has been on the market of zoological goods since 1939 (in USA – since 1995). The products are manufactured by an American brand at its own factories in the USA, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. And its representative offices are in 86 countries. Rations are created and tested by over 200 veterinarians, technicians and nutritionists. But is Hill's really that good?

In the review: we will consider the types of Hills daily and veterinary lines, we will analyze in detail the composition of the food, the pros and cons. At the end of the article you will find customer reviews, a list of analogues with prices and find out my opinion about these diets.

Hill's Food Review

Hill's manufactures 60 types of wet and dry dog food. It is impossible to describe everything in detail in one article. Therefore, we will briefly indicate the varieties, and in detail we will analyze one, the most popular type.

Types and types of feed

In USA, they sell 3 lines of Hills: Science Plan, Prescription Diet and VetEssentials. The first two are freely sold in pet stores and veterinary clinics. The latter can be bought only on order from a veterinarian: after examination and as prescribed by a doctor.

Science plan


Science Plan – everyday ruler. There is a menu for pets of all ages, sizes, with different lifestyles and needs. Almost every type of diet has 2-3 flavors, so you can choose the dry that your dog likes best.

A 1. 5 kg best dog food storage container bestdogfood.expert from the Science Plan series costs an average of 900-1000.

The Science Plan line is represented by 22 types of dry dog food, which are divided into 2 types of diet: universal and for special needs. The first include diets:

  • For puppies of small, medium and large breeds with chicken;
  • For puppies of medium breeds with lamb and rice;
  • For adult dogs of large, medium and small breeds with chicken or lamb and rice;
  • For adult dogs of medium breeds with tuna and rice;
  • For older dogs of medium size with lamb and rice;
  • For small and medium older breeds with chicken.

Rations for pets with special needs are presented:

  1. Performance: for adults active, hunting or workers.
  2. Senior Vitaly: maintaining health in animals older than 7 years – for large breeds, as well as small and medium.
  3. Sensitive Stomach & Skin: For adult pets of medium or small breeds with digestive problems or skin diseases.
  4. Perfect Weight: for adult dogs of medium-weighted weights.
  5. Small & Miniature Light: for adults small and miniature dogs prone to obesity.

Also in the Science Plan line 3 types of canned food (paste) with chicken: for puppies, adults and elderly dogs.

Presscription Diet


The Prescription Diet series is therapeutic feeds designed for dogs with diseases. They cannot be given without a doctor’s prescription, although they are freely sold in pet stores and veterinary pharmacies – an average of 2, 000 per packing for 2 kg.

The Presscription Diet 20 line of drying varieties:

  • Diabetes Care for dogs with diabetes and overweight;
  • Metabolic: for pets with obesity, includes 2 species – for small dogs and all breeds;
  • Metabolic + Mobility to improve mobility and weight loss;
  • J/D to normalize mobility, removal of joint pain;
  • U/D for the regulation of health in animals with urolithiasis;
  • C/D with stuvite urolithiasis;
  • K/D+MOBILITY canine for kidney diseases;
  • K/D with renal failure;
  • L/d with pathologies of the liver;
  • Z/D – Hills hypoallergenic, improves skin condition and digestive tract;
  • D/d for allergies that cause skin diseases and gastrointestinal disorders;
  • Z/d mini with food allergies in small dogs;
  • Derm Defense for allergies to environmental components;
  • Gastrointestinal Biome to improve digestion and intestinal work;
  • I/D Low FAT in digestive disorders caused by excess fat in the diet;
  • I/D Stress Mini for sores of small breeds with gastrointestinal tract disorders provoked by stress;
  • I/D for violations of the digestive tract during recovery;
  • T/D to reduce the formation of dental plaque and improve the condition of the gums.

Also in the Prescription Diet 11 varieties of canned foods: with diabetes, allergies, liver diseases and urinary system, for weight loss, etc.



The Vetessentials line includes feed for the prevention of diseases in pets. Each variety contains ingredients that strengthen the health of the pet in several directions:

  • Increase immunity;
  • Support the work of the heart and other internal organs;
  • Normalize the functions of the brain and eyes;
  • Provide normal digestion and prevention of urinary tract pathologies;
  • Improve the condition of the teeth, gums, skin and wool;
  • Strengthen joints, bones and muscles;
  • Adjust weight.

The Vetessentials series is represented by 5 diets:

  1. For puppies.
  2. For adults.
  3. Grain-free.
  4. For the health of teeth and gums.
  5. For castrated pets.

Vetessentials – preventive feed. They will not replace the treatment menu of the PRESCRIPTION DIET line. In addition, in the CIS countries they are rare: usually brought to order.

The composition of the food

Hills dog food review

To have an idea of Hills feed, we will analyze the most popular diet: Hill’s Science Plan for adult dogs of medium breeds with chicken.

He has good nutritional value – 372 kcal per 100 g. The composition of the composition was taken from the official bestdogfood.Expert of Hill’s:

Before considering the composition of the food, we explain by what principle the ingredients are listed. International accepted standard – indicate the components from more to smaller. That is, the percentage of the product, which is indicated by the first, is the highest, and the latter is the lowest. Therefore, the basis of any finished menu is the first 6 items.

Hill’s Science Plan for adult dogs of medium breeds with chicken is:

  1. Corn. Popular cheap filler. Manufacturers with this grain make up for the lack of animal protein. But the fact is that corn protein, gluten, is not fully absorbed by predators. In addition, there are many carbohydrates in this product that lead to obesity, diabetes and inflammation.
  2. Wheat. Another common component that is used to reduce the cost of drying. It also contains plant protein (gluten) and a lot of carbohydrates. With regular use, cereal causes health problems.
  3. Chicken and turkey flour. It is a dried and crushed parts of bird carcasses. A good source of animal protein, which is perfectly absorbed by predators. But, given that the product is indicated in the 3rd place, its mass fraction is low. In addition, the manufacturer does not mean what raw materials it used: it remains to guess if it was meat or low-grade components – offal, leather, bones, pr.
  4. Animal fat. Obtained from the tissues of animals and birds. It gives the granules a pleasant taste and smell, promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. But the ingredient has been declared unsuitable for human consumption. In addition, high-quality fat is expensive. And, given that the manufacturer did not indicate what raw material the component was obtained from, these could be carcasses of sick animals. Plus, it is often preserved with dangerous chemical compounds.
  5. Protein hydrolyzate. Obtained from animal or vegetable proteins by enzyme treatment, subsequent evaporation and drying. It is used in ready-made diets due to its high digestibility and palatability. But the ingredient is considered low-grade: the manufacturer did not indicate what raw materials the product was obtained from and how high quality it is.
  6. Corn gluten flour. Vegetable protein that is obtained after the production of corn starch by grinding. As already pointed out, gluten often causes allergies. In addition, separating the essentially identical components "Corn" and "Corn Gluten Meal" is a marketing ploy called "split names". So the manufacturer deliberately underestimates the percentage of herbal ingredients.

In addition to the 6 main components, the drying in question contains:

  1. Vegetable oil. Source of fatty acids, but since the source of raw materials is not indicated, it is impossible to determine the quality of the product.
  2. Minerals. Complex mineral supplement, introduced into any feed. Essential for the proper functioning of the body. There is no detailed breakdown as part of, but the manufacturer provides data in a separate table – we will give it at the end of the list.
  3. Dry pulp of sugar beet. Natural prebiotic and source of fiber, supports normal intestinal microflora. But, given that the ingredient is listed in the penultimate place after the minerals, the volume of which is measured in grams, its content is extremely low and does not affect the health of animals.
  4. Flax seed. Source of Omega-3, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. However, the digestibility of vegetable fatty acids in animals is a controversial point: it is better when dogs get them from fish oil. The ingredient is listed at the end, so its content is extremely low and cannot be expected to benefit the pet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hills – ambiguous diets. They have both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Lack of chemical preservatives, dyes and flavors;
  • An abundance of species for the various needs of animals;
  • A wide range of veterinary diets;
  • Good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • High nutritional value;
  • Prevalence;
  • Relatively low price.
  • There are more vegetable components in drying than animals, which is unacceptable in the diet of dogs;
  • Allergenic products are used: wheat, corn and corn gluten flour;
  • The percentage of ingredients is not indicated;
  • Sources of raw materials are not indicated – whole grain or fodder wheat, poultry fillets or whole carcasses, etc. ;
  • No quality animal products: fresh meat, fish oil, etc. ;
  • Name split.

Daily rate

Hill's Pet Nutrition makes the following nutritional recommendations.

Keep in mind that these are average values. Stick to them, but focus on the condition of the pet: the norms can be increased or decreased by 10-20 grams. How much a dog needs depends on lifestyle, maintenance, individual needs and metabolism.


Feedback from the veterinarian

Hills dry and wet dog food cannot be judged unambiguously. Their daily diets do not meet the standards of dog nutrition due to the abundance of wheat and corn. Even if the dog is not allergic to gluten, vegetable protein is poorly absorbed by animals, gives a false sense of satiety, leads to obesity and diabetes.

But the veterinary line at Hill's is excellent. It helps to cope with diseases, prevent relapses and normalize the condition of the pet. If it was prescribed by a veterinarian – feel free to take it.

Customer Reviews

Valentine: “All my life I feed the dog Hills. I did not find any shortcomings: the pet is cheerful, the skin is clean, the coat is shiny, the chair is always decorated.

Inna: “Allergy in an animal is another punishment. Previously, my husky was in kind, until dandruff appeared and wool began to crumble. In search of the perfect treatment and food, we changed 3 clinics and countless brands until we tried Hills. The composition of z/d is low in protein, but the soba eats it with pleasure, quickly fills up, does not lose weight. And most importantly – clean skin and a thick fur coat!

Laura: "I didn't like the Hills. I bought it because of the assortment, nutritional value, lack of flavors and flavor enhancers. But then she refused: meager composition, no fresh or raw meat components, the ingredients are described in general terms, without a percentage, and some are not indicated at all.


I do not recommend feeding the Hills Science Plan dog. The basis of nutrition of predators is meat, not plant components. And there are plenty of the latter in drying, besides allergenic: wheat and corn. Even if now the animal is in good health, nutritional allergies may appear after 3-5 years, when toxins accumulate in the liver. And certainly such diets will provoke inflammation, obesity or diabetes in the future.

Another thing is the Prescription Diet line. Rations of this series help to stabilize the condition of the animal. Use them until the dog gets better. And then – switch to better brands: with a high proportion of meat, without wheat and corn.

Below is a list of feeds similar in class, price and composition.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food Puppies Large Breeds 30-lb Bag skin condition and

Hill’s science diet dry dog food puppies large breeds 30-lb bag

Name The better Price per kg
Royal Canin A variety of everyday and veterinary species. There are diets for specific breeds. They also contain wheat and corn, but in smaller quantities. Daily rations – 400-600, veterinary diets – 800-1000.
Pro plan Higher meat content, fewer plant components, although wheat and corn are still used. Good veterinary line. 450-550 r.
Eukanuba As part of at least 25% of meat, there are useful additives – fish oil, glucosamine, cartilage hydrolyzate. 600 r.
Bosch Meat content – 20-35%. Includes beneficial additives: colostrum, mussel extract, herbal extracts, etc. No wheat. 500 r.
Biomill Swiss There is no wheat and corn, the content of meat products is 20-25%. 500 r.
Pro Balance Better composition: includes more meat ingredients, no allergenic wheat and corn. It is produced in the USA, so there are no import margins, and the cost is cheaper than that of similar feeds. 200 r.
Fitmin A variety of lines: from grain-free to containing small amounts of wheat and corn. Each species contains many meat components: 50-70%. 300-550

If you are thinking about what to replace Hills with, choose Eukanuba or Bosch: their composition is similar, but the latter two feeds have a higher meat content. And if you want to exclude wheat and corn from your pet’s diet, take Pro Balance, Biomill Swiss or Fitmin grain-free types: their quality is an order of magnitude higher than Hill’s.

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