High quality food for large breed puppies review

February 8, 2023
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High quality food for large breed puppies review

If you have got yourself a large breed puppy, then now, as a caring owner, you must think over the diet of a four-legged friend. With the right portions and, most importantly, feeding with quality products of natural origin, your dog will live as long as possible.

Acana Adult Large

Features of choosing food for a large dog

The size of an animal often dictates the rules for caring for it. Feeding dogs of small and large breeds differs in many ways. This means that giant breed puppy food is not suitable for a small pet, and vice versa.

In large dogs, problems such as metabolic disorders, joint diseases, arthritis, and obesity are quite often observed. This means that it is necessary to give dry dog food to a pet according to a certain schedule in clearly defined quantities.


Veterinarians do not advise feeding a dog dry dog food immediately before or after a walk with physical activity. In large breeds, volvulus occurs, which can be avoided if the intervals between feedings and walks are at least an hour. Well, in order to reduce the load on the joints, it is very important to monitor the weight of the animal. It is known that large dogs at the withers can reach 60 cm, and their weight is at least 25 kg. So that extra pounds do not load the skeleton, the composition of dry dog food must be perfectly balanced.

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For normal growth and development, a large breed puppy needs up to 30% animal fat in the food content, or up to 370-450 calories per day. Feed your dog a fixed amount to avoid overeating. Special dry dog food for babies of large species is characterized by an increased size. This means that your pet will chew longer, and, therefore, will be satiated faster.

When feeding dry dog food, it is also important to remember that there should always be clean water next to the food. To prevent diseases of the cervical vertebrae, use special coasters for bowls.

Feed your pet once or twice a day. Take into account the age of the dog when preparing the diet, because older animals move less and can eat more often, but little by little. Choose the serving size on an individual basis, taking into account the values indicated on the back of the food package. Choose only super-premium and Holistic dog food, but not economy-type products widely advertised by manufacturers. So you will spend more money, but reduce the risk of developing diseases in your dog.

Review of the best food manufacturers for large pets

It is known that people save the least on children and beloved pets. That is why the market for modern dry dog food is overcrowded. But not every manufacturer is ready to offer super premium food. Some brands are very well established as quality food for large breed dogs, taking into account all their features. Consider the more popular ones in our ranking of premium and holistic food.

Acana Puppy Large Breed

Canadian-made dry dog food consists exclusively of ingredients of natural origin. The pellets of this food contain 55% Cobb chicken meat, farm eggs and flounder caught in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. An optimal selection of healthy vegetables and fruits (25% of the total composition) from the British Columbia Valley, as well as steamed low glycemic oats (20%) complete the balance of this nutrition, ideal for every large breed puppy, even with digestive problems.


All feed ingredients are supplied fresh, not frozen. One cup of this Holistic dog food contains 420 calories, which is the daily ration for a dog whose adult weight is from 25 kgper premium food made from natural ingredients is ideal for feeding puppies of large breeds up to a year old.

Acana Adult Large Breed

This dry dog food is suitable for large adult dogs over one year of age. Like the previous type of food, this product for the most part consists of natural meat of Cobba chickens grown in Canada. In this case, fish from the wild waters of the Pacific Ocean is used as a source of amino acids. Algae and plants included in the diet improve metabolism and remove toxins from your pet’s body. A set of fruits and vegetables, as well as oats provide an inexhaustible source of energy and prevent pet obesity.


Dry dog food Acana Adult Large inreed is intended for adult large dogs weighing more than 25 kg. It is produced at the factory in Albert, the only one on the whole planet. Fresh and high-quality ingredients are supplied here, from which dogs are used immediately, which is exported to different countries.

Almo Nature Holistic Adult Dog Large

Dry power of the superpremium of the class is produced by the Italian brand Almo Nature and is intended for large types of dogs. Feed is close to the class of holistics due to the high content of products of natural origin. Meat (with the addition of offal) or fish represents the main part of the composition (about 53%).

The line of products of dry feed includes three types of food in the assortment:


Also, the power to feed large dogs includes:

  • Rosemary extract;
  • Green tea;
  • Alfalfa;
  • Cereals (rice, barley and oats);
  • Plant protein;
  • Vegetables.

The balance of beneficial substances allows you to maintain an attractive appearance, healthy joints and good digestion for a long time. The food is suitable for dogs with a sensitive surface of the stomach and pets suffering from allergies.

Belcando Junior Maxi

The German food Belcando Junior Maxi is intended for young dogs of those breeds that differ in an average, large and giant sizeitable for feeding pets, starting from the fourth month of their life. This dry dog food belongs to the superpremium class, contains about 21% of meat products, as well as vegetable and animal fat, cereal crops, powder eggs, herring flour and additives.

High quality food for large breed puppies review monitor         the weight of the

Does puppy food have to much calcium for large breeds?


This food is absorbed quite well, positively affects the joints and bones, strengthens the immunity and ensures the prevention of many diseases characteristic of large dogs.

✅Top 5 Best Large Breed Puppy Food in 2022

Hill`s Canine Adult Advanced Fitness

Hill`s Canine dry dog food is produced in the Netherlands and the United States, designed to power dogs of medium and large size. This nutrition is designed specifically to maintain the muscles and the skeleton of the animal in good condition.

To do this, the manufacturer includes:

  • Lamb or chicken;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Proteins;
  • Fat amino acids.

Acana Adult Large

The peculiarity of this food is the size of the granules, which is suitable for those animals that do not like to mess around with large pieces of food. Therefore, it is preferable to use food when feeding dogs weighing up to 25 kg. Hill’s Canine Adult Advanced Fitness is premium quality and is suitable for dogs from the onset of puberty to the age of seven years.

Royal Canin Maxi Adult 26

The Royal Canin brand of dry dog food is very popular among owners of various pets, including dogs of large breeds, whose weight exceeds 26 kg, and the age ranges from 15 months to 5 years. It is for such animals that this line of feed is intended, which can be attributed to the premium class.


The product line includes chicken, turkey and beef foods. Also included in the diet are vitamin and mineral supplements, cereals, liver, iodized salt, ingredients of plant origin. The amount of food included in the daily diet may vary depending on the age, activity and size of the dog.

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