High point dog food review. The best therapeutic foods for dogs

November 23, 2022
High point dog food review. The best therapeutic foods for dogs is necessarily prescribed

high point dog food review. the best therapeutic foods for dogs

Dry food forms the basis of dog nutrition. Many breeders prefer them because of their convenience, balance. But there are therapeutic dog foods designed for animals with different medical conditions.

Its release is engaged only in large companies that have the financial, technical ability to develop complex formulations. The product should be selected by a veterinarian, based on medical and physical indicators.

General characteristics

Every animal needs care and affection, but when a pet suffers from a chronic illness or allergy owners have to carefully monitor its nutrition. Properly compile a diet for each day, not to miss important points is difficult and time consuming. Special dietary or therapeutic dog food can help make the task easier.

Each different kind is different in its composition. It includes substances aimed at combating a particular problem. Biologically active supplements, vitamins, trace elements are necessarily added to strengthen the immune system, improve the work of the internal organs of the dog.

Taken together, all components fight the underlying disease, prevent age-related disorders, and maintain normal weight indicators. The range is huge and divided into many categories: for large breeds and small, for adult pets, puppies, by type of pathology, etc.

Veterinary food is recommended for healthy dogs during pregnancy, during periods of avitaminosis, after severe illness, surgery. They make up for the deficiency of useful substances, strengthen the dog's immunity. Also, the doctor may recommend a dietary food for an animal prone to gaining excess weight.

Varieties of therapeutic foods

You should not choose a diet for a sick dog on your own. If there are health problems, you should definitely consult a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis.

Self-treatment and the use of therapeutic foods without indications can lead to a worsening of health and the development of complications. The dynamics of the condition are regularly monitored by the doctor.

For the digestive tract

Therapeutic foods in this category solve the problem of food processing in dogs with sensitive gastrointestinal tract, as well as those suffering from pancreatitis, gastritis, allergic reactions.

Improper nutrition, regular ingestion of a poisonous product leads to inflammation, colic, bloating, nausea, vomiting. A diet with a moderate amount of protein and low fat content is ideal.

This balance can be found in the following foods:

  1. Royal Canine Gastro Intestinal. It is divided into 2 types: Low Fat and Standard Diet. The first package is low in fat, which reduces the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. The second option contains highly digestible proteins and prebiotics to prevent digestive disorders. The cost of a small pack is 1,700
  2. Hills Prescription Diet Canine d/d Duck and Rice. Prescribed for dogs with food allergies and dermatological conditions. For a variety of presented 2 flavors. Benefits: eliminates symptoms, removes toxins due to the content of natural fatty acids. For 2 kg of therapeutic food you have to pay 1500 Also in the range is a diet marked i/d to help the weakened body.
  3. Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal. It is prescribed by veterinarians for dogs who have had gastrointestinal surgery, as well as in the period of inflammation and when the digestion and absorption of nutrients from food is impaired. It contains prebiotics to normalize microflora in the intestines, restoring peristalsis. Recommended for acute pancreatitis and pancreatic low activity. Price for 2 kg – 1400
  4. Advance Hypoallergenic. Appointed for dogs in case of gastritis, allergy, enteropathy, etc. Facilitates the process of digestion, promotes better absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Due to the new coating formula, the therapeutic food improves the appetite of the animal. The price for a small package is 2 thousand.
  5. Happy Dog Intestinal. The main purpose of the product is to compensate for insufficient digestive function, reducing the burden on the gastrointestinal organs. Not recommended for dogs during pregnancy and young individuals. Therapeutic food from the German manufacturer costs 1000 per 1 kg.
  6. Purina Pro Plan EN. Has a well-balanced composition that protects the dog's stomach from the formation of ulcers and other problems. Prebiotics, which normalize the microflora, are responsible for its well-being. This therapeutic food refers to the super-premium class, the price of it is 1200 for 1.5 kg.

In renal failure

The diagnosis is more often given to dogs at an age or after poisoning. This disease manifests itself in the impairment of the function of the organ and the loss of 70% of the tissues. To preserve the life, health of the animal requires a special diet.

The following therapeutic products will help to observe it:

  1. Hill's Prescription Diet k/d. This is a food designed to support kidney function. It helps establish metabolic processes in joints, promotes steady building of muscles. Cost for 1.5 kg – 1400
  2. Farmina Vet Life Hepatic. The manufacturer has added a large amount of protein, easily digestible carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids that help the dog's kidneys work properly. Veterinary food removes toxins, protects, improves well-being, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. For a 2 kg pack, you will have to pay 1300
  3. Happy Dog Renal. The product focuses on reducing the amount of sodium, phosphorus and protein in the dog's body. Stabilizes and improves appetite. Reduces the load on the kidneys. The price of 1 kg is about 800
  4. Advance Renal Failure. This therapeutic food is prescribed for dogs who need to eat a lot of protein and phosphates. Slows down and fully compensates for renal failure, helps maintain a neutral urine PH. Recommended for hypertension and initial stages of heart disease. Cost – 1400 for a package of 3 kg.
  5. Royal Canin Renal RF14. Maintains the health of the dog, has a therapeutic effect in diseases of the kidneys. The food contains a minimum amount of phosphorus. It is taken under the supervision of a doctor. A 2 kg bag costs 1700

For cardiovascular diseases

For a dog suffering from cardiac abnormalities, it is important to provide the right food. Pathologies come in different stages, so only a doctor can determine what therapeutic food is appropriate at this time. Before prescribing, a test is done to check the sodium content in the body.

There are only 2 therapeutic dry dog foods on the market that are recommended by doctors:

  1. Farmina Vet Life Cardiac. A product for following a diet for heart failures. The composition has a thoughtful ratio of potassium and sodium to help the myocardium to properly perform contractile activity. L-carnitine supplement has a positive effect on lipid metabolism. The price for a 2 kg bag is 1,300
  2. Royal Canin Cardiac EC. It is prescribed at the first signs of a disease and helps proper functioning in the most severe cases. Reduces fluid retention by controlling sodium levels. Reduces the strain on the heart. With congenital abnormalities, therapeutic food can be prescribed to the dog for life. The price of the package of 2 kg – 1900

In case of diabetes.

The disease is incurable. With the help of veterinary food you can control the glucose level and give the dog a happy and long life. The main task of the owner is to ensure that glucose enters the bloodstream slowly and evenly. This means foods with a minimum amount of protein and sugar are required.

This balance is fully respected by the following manufacturers:

  1. Farmina Vet Life Diabetic. It is designed for the diet of adult dogs diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Acts as an adjunct to insulin therapy and promotes weight loss. It provides gradual increase of glucose level due to the optimal combination of carbohydrates. Price for 2 kg – 1300
  2. Advance Diabetes Colitis. Solves problems with diarrhea, colitis, constipation and diabetes. Food adjusts the work of the gastrointestinal tract. A 3 kg bag costs 1000
  3. Royal Canin Special Low Carbohydrate. It contains fiber, which helps to control glucose levels. The minimal amount of carbohydrates prevents the index from rising high immediately after a meal. Comes in canned form. The price per can is 250

When urolithiasis

Metabolic disorders lead to the formation of stones in the urinary tract – concrements or uroliths. As a result, the dog has difficulty defecating, whining and crying. Owners may see blood after trying to go to the toilet.

To alleviate the condition and prevent recurrences, the doctor may prescribe the following types of therapeutic foods:

  1. Advance Urinary. Indication is urinary tract disorders caused by the formation of struvite stones. Contains a reduced amount of substances that aggravate the problem. Price for 3 kg – 1000
  2. Happy Dog Struvit. Prevents and dissolves struvite stones. Significantly reduces the acidity of the urine and flushes the pathways. Price of 1 kg is 900
  3. Hill's Urinary Care. It is a dietary food for dogs of super-premium class. Designed to control and prevent urolithiasis. Balanced mineral form protects against kidney stones and other organs of the excretory system. Proper levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium support important functions. Therapeutic food weighing 2 kg costs 1700
  4. Pro Plan UR Urinary dry. Suitable for dietary nutrition for dogs of all ages. Regular use contributes to the dissolution of struvites, leads to normal urine values. Prevents the growth of pathogens. Price for 3 kg of food 2500
  5. Royal Canin Urinary S/O. This product has a well-chosen formula to dissolve and prevent stones. The therapeutic food provides regular flushing of your dog's bladder. Creates a hostile environment for the growth of bacteria that provoke inflammation. The cost of a 2 kg pack is 1600

In case of joint diseases

As dogs age, they develop disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Veterinary dietary foods help to preserve mobility and protect from complications. They contain important components for joints, cartilage, bones, and more.

  1. Royal Canin Mobility C2P+. This product is filled with special substances to improve your pet's mobility. It helps to quickly return to a normal way of life, eliminates pain syndrome, and accelerates recovery from surgery and trauma. The price of a package of 2 kg – 1700
  2. Pro Plan JM. The composition is designed specifically to maintain the health of dogs with painful joints. The therapeutic food stops the destruction of connective tissue, contributes to the increase in muscle mass. A 3 kg bag costs 2400
  3. Advance Articular Care. The manufacturer has taken care of dogs with mobility problems and helped to reduce pain and improve quality of life. Regular use of the therapeutic food reduces the risk of fractures and a number of diseases. The cost of 3 kg is 1400

The range of manufacturers also includes foods to combat obesity, to maintain the health of dogs who have undergone castration or spaying, as well as to eliminate skin diseases. The prescribing is carried out by a doctor.


To maintain and preserve the health of your dog, the therapeutic foods contain only healthy ingredients. High-protein and high-fat foods are completely avoided. The premium category includes special ingredients to help control metabolism.

The composition is carefully checked for balance. Hypoallergenic therapeutic foods can be made from brewer's yeast, oat groats, fruits, dietary fish species.

The approximate composition of most dog foods is:

  • Carbohydrates derived from cereals;
  • Protein from meat of duck, rabbit, lamb, fish;
  • Fats from healthy oils.

Egg powder or fruit pulp may also be listed on the package. All these components have a beneficial effect on digestion, can quickly cope with allergies, gastrointestinal and urological diseases.

The composition of therapeutic foods is not limited to this list. It may contain nutrients based on the dog's breed, age, problem, etc.

Daily allowance

The goal of all manufacturers of therapeutic foods is to eliminate the disease or give support to the animal's body to prevent a relapse. You can use these products only in the period of exacerbation.

There are preventive varieties that are suitable for the constant diet of the dog. On the packages, the consumption rate is necessarily prescribed. The daily dose is calculated individually, taking into account the age, weight of the sick pet.

  • Do not miss the time of feeding the dog, do not violate the plan;
  • monitor the reaction to the food;
  • Do not increase the portion if the previous one was missed.

When food is contraindicated

Buy therapeutic foods according to your veterinarian's recommendations. A super-premium product can be found in specialized stores, clinics. Before buying carefully check the information.

The composition of the food should not contain ingredients that cause allergies in the dog.

  • pregnancy;
  • under 6 months of age;
  • Lactation.

Medium, large and small breeds of dogs are not immune to body failures. Timely, proper therapy will help keep them alive and improve quality when the disease progresses to a chronic form. Therapeutic foods provide the right levels of important substances and promote rapid recovery.

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