Great selection container for dog food

March 20, 2023
Dog Food Container
Great selection container for dog food

Top of the best food for dogs of small breeds, medium and large

Dry vs. Wet Dog Food Ranking 2022: Inexpensive, Premium, Holistic

The correct balanced diet is the basis of the health of the pet. If you have started a dog, you immediately need to decide on the type of diet for every day. Today, most owners choose ready-made industrial feeds containing all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. This is very convenient, excludes the need to separately cook food for the animal.

But for such a food to be really useful for the dog, it is worth carefully familiarizing yourself with the best storage container range and choose a quality composition, focusing on some parameters.

In the article, we will give a review of dog feed, which is better to choose for feeding small, medium, large breeds – the opinions of veterinarians, the quality rating of 2022 wet food – premium, super, holistic, the best dry food for dogs, top hypoallergenic, budgetary feeds fordogs with a good composition.

What food is better to feed the dog: the advice of veterinarians at the choice

Manufacturers offer two types of food for dogs large, medium and small breeds – dry and wet. The first are granular compositions from meat and other ingredients, which depends on the quality of the chosen best storage container.

Wet feed consist of pieces of meat in its own juice or represented in the form of paste. Often they have a jelly-like consistency. Sold in canned form in jars and in foil packaging (spider).

However, the type of feed is not the only parameter for choosing a useful best storage container for a dog. Veterinarians advise taking into account other important criteria.


Not many people know that feed for different breeds of dogs have distinctive properties, which is associated with the characteristics of the body, exposure to certain diseases, and the size of a pet. For example, for large dogs, dry feeds with large fractions are created, for medium and small breeds – in a reduced form.

Feed also differs in calorie content and composition of ingredients. Small breeds have a very fast metabolism, there is a high need for high-calorie food. But due to the tendency to obesity, veterinarians recommend feeding small dogs from an early age with special dietary foods.

Another feature of small breeds is sensitive digestion, a tendency to gastrointestinal disorders and relatively weak teeth. The best choice for feeding these animals would be dietary grade foods with probiotics. If it is a dry best storage container, it should consist of small granules.

Large dogs require large amounts of calcium for proper bone development. The feed should have a high energy density and contain predominantly saturated fats of animal origin.

Medium and large breeds are prone to joint disease. To keep them mobile and healthy, you should feed your pet a high-quality diet that includes fiber and glucosamine. And the presence of prebiotics in the finished best storage container will help maintain the level of intestinal bacteria for normal digestion.

To simplify the choice of the buyer, manufacturers indicate on the packaging information for which specific breeds the best storage container is intended for – large, medium or small. This is the first thing to pay attention to.

Pet age

The second important parameter is the age of the dog.

There are special foods for puppies that contain all the necessary vitamin and mineral complexes for healthy growth and development. Taking into account the needs of a growing organism, a high-calorie feed of 22. 5% is needed, a source of protein.

As the pet grows older, you should switch to a different diet. Large dogs require fewer calories – 18%. They are no longer suitable for baby food, which can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Labeling of dog food by age categories:

  • Starter – for the first two months of life;
  • Junior – for puppies aged 2-10 months;
  • Adult – for adult dogs from 1 year to 8 years;
  • Senior – for older pets over 6-8 years old.

Weight, health status

When choosing food, also consider the weight of the pet. In this case, you can focus on the breed. But if the dog is gaining extra pounds and has a tendency to obesity, you should transfer it to a low-calorie diet.

Among the important options for choosing are the features of the state of health. If the animal has any diseases, it needs special medical nutrition.

Categories of therapeutic feed:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • In case of gastrointestinal diseases – improves the digestion process, is easily absorbed, reduces the load on the organs;
  • With renal failure – contains a reduced amount of sodium, in a large amount of proteins and phosphates, such a best storage container supports the work of the kidneys;
  • With cardiovascular diseases-a well-thought out ratio of potassium and sodium reduces the load on the heart;
  • With diabetes, a minimum amount of protein and sugar, the optimal combination of carbohydrates;
  • With urolithiasis – a balanced mineral formula, reduces the acidity of urine, promotes the dissolution of stdog food containers;
  • In articular diseases – contains important components to restore joints, prevents the destruction of connective tissues.

Each therapeutic food for dogs has a certain purpose, which is indicated on the packaging.

Composition and class of feed

Veterinarians recommend choosing high-quality balanced compounds with the optimal combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for feeding pets.

What should be part of good food:

  • The main part is occupied by natural meat;
  • In a small amount, offal may be present, but there should not be Bones and claws;
  • Cereals – priority is priority to unpeeled rice and barley, in cheaper feeds contain soy, wheat and corn;
  • Sources of fiber, fruits and vegetables.

The content of chondroitin, iron sulfate, beta-cartoon and natural eggs is also allowed.

If additional ingredients prevail in the composition, there are dyes, preservatives, flavors and other chemical elements, then this storage container has inadequate quality. Feeding with such food can lead to different problems with the health of the pet.

And the last important criterion for choosing is the class of fodder mixture.

There are four of them:

  • Economy-budget feeds made of meat waste and bone flour are not recommended for everyday feeding due to low food value and dubious composition of ingredients;
  • Premium class-such feeds already contain more meat and fewer cereals, but do not always have a sufficient amount of vitamin-mineral complexes to maintain excellent health of the dog;
  • Superpremium – natural meat food, can be supplemented with offal in small quantities, a balanced composition recommended for feeding pets;
  • Holistic – the highest quality compositions from natural meat ingredients, are most balanced, contain the optimal balance of vitamins and minerals.

Rating of wet food for dogs of small and medium rocks

Dogs are very fond of wet food. They are well absorbed by the body. Contain pieces of meat, a large amount of protein. Manufacturers offer a large assortment of humid feeds with the addition of chicken, rabbit, beef, turkey, etc.

The best wet food:

  • Clan – the feed recipe was created taking into account the physiological needs of the dog;
  • 1st Choice – a balanced, functional nutrition;
  • Prime – vitamins and minerals as part of food;
  • Inaba – all vitamins and nutrients are preserved in the stern;
  • Profitable – a balanced diet with a vitamin-mineral complex in the composition;
  • Hills Ideal Balance – hypoallergenic, does not cause obesity;
  • Cesar – normalizes the digestive tract;
  • Eukanuba – stabilizes blood sugar, suitable for dogs prone to allergies;
  • Bozita is a rich vitamin-mineral composition;
  • “Native feed” – the basis of the diet is beef, does not contain all and flavors;
  • “Four-legged gourmet Golden Line” is a hypoallergenic full-line food with probiotics.

Top dry food for dogs of large, medium, small rocks

Many choose dry foods with a balanced composition of ingredients for feeding a pet. They are conveniently used, they can be stored without a refrigerator. Manufacturers offer an excellent range of tastes in different price categories.

Premium class

The greatest demand is used by premium-cathegor fodder, characterized by the optimal ratio between price and quality.

The best premium food for dogs:

  • Clan Classic – CSISHY RAMS with veterinary equipment;
  • Brit Care/Brit Fresh-created from freshly degidified meat, contain a rich vitamin-mineral supplement;
  • Husse – special dietary food for inactive dogs prone to obesity;
  • Barking Heads – a useful treat for large and medium breeds;
  • Royal Canin – under this brand, a wide selection of dry food for dogs of different breeds, sizes, age, taking into account the physiological needs of the body, is available;
  • Ontario – based on chicken meat that makes up 32% of the diet.


Superpremium feed does not contain plant proteins. The main source of protein is natural meat components. Ideal for complete feeding.

The best dry dungeon food for dogs:

  • 1 ST Choice – does not contain soy, corn, GMOs, wheat, meat-bone flour;
  • Pronature Original – a balanced menu without harmful additives;
  • Woof – full and balanced food;
  • Acana – contains up to 90% of natural meat, presented in a wide line oriented to the needs of dogs of different breeds and age;
  • Applaws – up to 70% meat or fish;
  • Applaws – 75% of natural meat ingredients;
  • Blitz – up to 60% of high-quality meat raw materials, a beer composition, intended for dogs of small breeds;
  • Karmy – up to 45% natural meat.


Great selection container for dog food the pet with natural

Great selection container for dog food

The most qualitative and useful are recognized feeding. They have a very good composition and contain a large level of beneficial vitamins and mineral elements. Perfect for daily feeding.

The best holistics for puppies and adult dogs:

  • Pronature Holislic;
  • Now Fresh;
  • Grandorf; Go!
  • Natural Holistik;
  • Belcando;
  • Bozita;
  • Hills Ideal Balance;
  • Acana Puppy & Junior;
  • Orijen PUPPY;
  • Almo Nature Medium Puppy;
  • Brit Care Puppy Large Breed;
  • Eukanuba PUPPY TOY BREED;
  • Naturalsensitiviti+Shine.

The best hypoallergenic food for dogs

If the dog is prone to allergies, it needs special hypoallergenic nutrition. A veterinarian will help to choose the ideal composition, taking into account all the features of the body of the pet and the manifested symptoms of food allergies.

The best hypoallergenic foods:

  • Clan Classic Hypoallergenic;
  • 1st Choice Sensitive Skin & Coat Adult Lamb & Fish;
  • Husse Ocean Care Mini;
  • “Akana” (Holistic);
  • “Brit” (super-premium);
  • Eukanuba DERMATOSIS FP Response;
  • Husse digest;
  • “Grandorf”;
  • Go! Daily Defense Lamb Meal Recipe;
  • Hills Presscription Diet Canine Allergen-Free;
  • Monge Speciality Line Hypoallergenic.

Good inexpensive dog food: budget brands

It is not always possible to purchase expensive food for a pet. In such situations, budget feeds come to the rescue, among which there are also high-quality balanced compositions.

The best budget food for dogs:

  • Profitable
  • “Favorite is a professional”;
  • All Dogs;
  • “Our diet”;
  • Chappi “meat abundance”;
  • Darling;
  • Pedigree.

Veterinarians recommend using cheap brands for temporary feeding to prevent hypovitaminosis and other diseases of the body. If the budget does not allow regular, more expensive and healthy food for a dog, you should feed the pet with natural meat best storage containers that can compensate for the lack of protein and other useful components.

On the website of the online store “Le’Murrr” you can buy online high-quality food for dogs of different breeds and ages from the world’s best manufacturers. The assortment includes complete, therapeutic, preventive formulations, meals for every day, delicious delicacies and treats. Affordable prices for all best storage containers in the catalog.


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