Grandma Lucy Review of dog food review

December 20, 2022
Grandma Lucy Review of dog food review

grandma lucy review of dog food review

The best dry feed for dogs of small breeds

The popularity of small dogs is increasing every year, and with it the number of specialized feed for decorative rocks. Today, the assortment is huge: each company has diets for “minniks” of different ages, degree of activity, for pets with special needs: allergies, sensitive digestive system, sterilized, elderly, etc. Some manufacturers even produce rulers for specific rocks.

It’s difficult to get confused in this variety even experienced breeders. To facilitate the choice, I selected the 10 best feed for dogs of small breeds. In the description of each you will find a detailed analysis of the composition and its features, learn about the pros and cons. And you can choose the best finished diet for your miniature friend.

If there is no time to study the entire review in detail, go immediately to the results of the rating.

Prices and information about feed are relevant for September 2022 and are constantly updated.


Before moving on to the review, I will explain how I was a rating of dry feed for dogs of small breeds. Took into account:

  1. Compound The first 5 ingredients in the list paid close attention: it is they in percentage ratio that form the basis of feed. In confirmation of words in the descriptions, you will find screenshots from the official site of the manufacturer.
  2. Analyzes for specialized veterinary resources: “Feed the pet correctly”, “Companion”, Dog Food Rating, Otzyvkorm, etc.
  3. User reviews. It was the assessments of dog owners that determined the place of the diet in the ranking.

In the ranking, I analyzed the food that I know personally and appoint to my patients. I am sure of their quality and benefits for dogs. All of them belong to the Holistic or Super-Premium class, contain 50% or more meat ingredients, are made without artificial preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers. The premium and economy lines did not consider, because they constantly nutrition in small dogs causes health problems: allergies, food disorders, obesity, and pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.

1. Alleva Holistic Puppy Mini Chicken & Duck

Alleva Holistic Puppy Mini Chicken & Duck

The line of the French company Diusa Pet has an excellent “drying” for small breed puppies. It, due to high nutrition, digestibility and hypoallergenicity, is suitable for pregnant and lactating dogs.

ALLEVA HOLISTIC for kuts with chicken and duck is made from high-quality products grown in Northern Europe, Italy and France. Chips of the brand:

  • processing of raw materials with steam, which retains maximum nutrients;
  • Using a natural preservative: tocopherol or vitamin E;
  • Inclusion of a complex of phytonutrients: medicinal herbs and flowers, natural additives.

Alleva's recipe is excellent.

The first three places in the list are occupied by protein sources: fresh and dried chicken and duck meat. Their total amount in granules is 75%. Given that there are other similar components (liver, fish and chicken oil), the content of animal ingredients exceeds 80%.

As a source of carbohydrates, a battery (in our opinion-potatoes) and pea starch were used. They are not the best choice because of a high glycemic index. But the ingredients are often used in the manufacture of ready-made diets for dogs. In addition, there are few of them in Alleva. Sources of fiber are herbs and fibers of peas.

Alleva Puppy Mini, I often recommend puppies and juniors prone to problems with the musculoskeletal system: dachshunds, French bulldogs, etc. Due to the presence of cartilage and potassium, can be used as the prevention of pathologies of the skeletal and muscle system.

The owners note that even capricious dogs are happy to eat food. The granules are small and convenient for dwarf breeds. Also, food allergies are held on Allev, a chair is normalized, and the quality of the wool improves.

  • over 80% of meat components;
  • There are no cheap plant ingredients: corn, soy, wheat;
  • powerful phytocomplex and vitamin-mineral supplement;
  • Universality: Suitable for pregnant, nursing and growing dogs.
  • the presence of potato and pea starch;
  • Not all plant components indicate percentage.

2. Farmina Vet Life Neuthed 1–10 KG

Farmina Vet Life Neuthed 1–10 KG

Farmina Vet Life Neutered – Italian food for adult decorative castrated dogs. Prevents weight gain, helps to lose weight and prevents the development of urolithiasis.

Other features of the pharmacial granules:

  • urine acidity control due to calcium sulfate;
  • the presence of taurin to strengthen the heart and blood vessels;
  • L-carnitine helps to preserve muscle mass;
  • weight loss due to a small amount of fat and large fiber;
  • The inclusion of isoflavons reduces the effect of sex hormones on metabolism;
  • The low carbohydrate content is the prevention of diabetes.

The first place in the composition occupies dry chicken. So, it is the main share. But the exact percentage is not indicated. However, like other components.

Dry fish, chicken and fish oil, eggs also serve as sources of protein. And another component called "hydrolyzate of animal proteins. "It is well absorbed, but since it is impossible to establish from which raw materials the ingredient is obtained – it is controversial. Most likely, added to enhance taste and smell.

The main sources of fiber and carbohydrates: beets, oats, peas, flax. These are good, high-quality ingredients. But the presence of corn gluten is upset. It often causes allergies. However, eggs, chicken and fat can also provoke it.

I recommend Farmina Vet Life Neutered for elderly dogs and for pets, who, after castration, began to gain weight. The owners are satisfied: the dogs are happy to eat granules, lose weight, they have a chair and improves the condition of the wool. However, for dwarf breeds, the "crackers" are large, you have to break or soak.

  • meat ingredients at the basis;
  • Good nutrient additives: beer yeast, potassium, calcium, plantain and calendula extracts, glucosamine, chondroitin, oligosaccharides;
  • Suitable for the prevention of urolithiasis, pathologies of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, in the treatment of obesity.
  • The percentage of the components is not indicated;
  • there is corn;
  • controversial ingredient – hydrolyzate of proteins;
  • the presence of raw materials with a high glycemic index (beets, corn gluten, soy) is in doubt about the manufacturer’s statement, which the diet reduces the risk of diabetes;
  • Packaging without a zipper.

3. Acana Puppy Small Breed

Acana Puppy Small Breed

The feed of the Canadian company "Acana" is considered one of the best. They are made of animals grown on a free walk, freshly fish, high-quality vegetables and fruits. There are no products with a high glycemic index in diets: cereals, potatoes, tapioki. And the company storage container adheres to the principle of “Wholeprey” (“entirely”): not only meat is added to granules, but also cartilage and insides – that dogs eat in nature.

One of the feeds in the Acana line is for small breed puppies weighing up to 9 kg.

Acana Puppy Small Breed is based on chicken and turkey meat. Other animal products are eggs, fish, offal, chicken and herring fat. The volume of animal ingredients reaches 70%. The remaining 30% includes beneficial legumes, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Acana Puppy Small Breed has no artificial additives. The animal gets beneficial substances from natural components. So, glucosamine and chondroitin are in chicken cartilage, prebiotics in the root of Qicoria, etc.

A rich in meat products, lack of food with a high glycemic index, an abundance of useful natural additives make Acana Puppy Small Breed an excellent everyday diet. With constant use, it improves digestion, condition of the skin, wool, claws and teeth, stimulates growth.

However, some owners note that for their pets, Acana Puppy Small Breed turned out to be too fat and heavy for digestion. Plus, in the last year, poor-quality parties come across, which lead to a disorder of the stomach and intestines.

  • use plant and meat products grown in natural conditions;
  • Large volume of meat: 70%;
  • There are no plant products with a high glycemic index;
  • Convenient zip-lock and dense packaging;
  • The company does not purchase raw materials, but makes it itself, drying the ingredients for steam.
  • Some dogs do not absorb the diet;
  • In the last year, damaged parties are found;
  • If the dog has an allergy, it will be difficult to determine its source, because the granules include many varieties of poultry, fish, plus eggs are added.

4. Primordial Adult Dog Mini Holistic

Primordial Adult Dog Mini Holistic

Form "Primordial" – relatively new in the American market. Every month, Italian diets win more and more fans. All thanks to good eating, excellent health of animals and quality composition.

As you can see, the basis of Primordial Adult Dog Mini Holistic – trout and duck. Together with chicken, the volume of meat products reaches 70%. A significant part is also assigned to potatoes, peas and beans: the manufacturer does not indicate the exact number, but according to the calculations, the share of each occupies +/- 10%. The remaining components are represented by useful natural additives: beer yeast, algae, extracts of herbs and fruits.

Holistic food for dogs of small breeds Primordial is suitable for adult decorative dogs who do not need a special diet. I also recommend it for prevention:

  • joint diseases due to the presence of glucosamine and chondroitin;
  • Problems with digestion – containing useful for the gastrointestinal tract: rosemary, rosehip, dandelion, flax seed;
  • Allergies in animals with egg intolerance.

I am glad that yet no owner has complained about poor-quality or spoiled parties. The owners also indicate that the dogs eat willingly and, at the same time, eat less daily norm. This indicates high nutrition and use of natural products.

  • Large volume of animal products: 70%;
  • no grain crops;
  • excellent complex of natural additives;
  • There are no eggs that often cause allergies.
  • Due to the presence of chicken fat, it is not suitable for pets with allergies to chicken;
  • The percentage of potatoes, legumes and beets is not spelled out;
  • It is rarely sold in the regions.

5. Grandorf Adult Mini 4 Meat & Brown Rice Hypoallergenic

Grandorf Adult Mini 4 Meat & Brown Rice Hypoallergenic

Grandorf Adult Mini manufacturer positions as hypoallergenic. There are no products in the stern that often cause an acute reaction: chicken, wheat, corn, eggs, soy, dyes and flavors.

The basis is 4 types of meat: turkey, lamb, duck and rabbit. In addition, added turkey and salmon fats, krill. Given such a variety of animal ingredients, it is impossible to say that Grandorf is hypoallergenic. An animal may have an intolerance to a particular ingredient. In this case, monorations work better.

However, the owners of animals with allergies claim that the signs of the disease disappear on the Grandorf Adult Mini: itching, redness, brittleness and hair loss. Plus, digestion improves due to the presence of probiotics and the activity of pets increases.

  • used varieties of meat that rarely cause allergies;
  • brown rice added as fiber;
  • no allergenic components;
  • a powerful complex of useful additives: antioxidants, yeast, probiotics, glucosamine, chondroitin, etc. ;
  • the size of the granules is ideal for decorative dogs.
  • overcharge;
  • the percentage of components is not indicated;
  • not suitable as an exception diet.

6. Savarra Adult Dog Small Breed Duck & Rice

Savarra Adult Dog Small Breed Duck & Rice

Savarra for adult small dogs is a monoration based on duck and rice. Suitable for elimination diet, but beware: there is also turkey fat, salmon and eggs. According to the owners, some dogs had allergies.

If the pet tolerates eggs well, Savarra is a good choice. Duck is hypoallergenic, high in calories, well digestible, contains a large amount of omega-3, vitamins A, K, E and group B.

The manufacturer claims that the granules contain at least 71% animal ingredients. However, the percentage is indicated only for three components, and their sum is 42%. It remains to be hoped that other products (eggs, crayfish, dried cartilage and mussels) reach the remaining 29%.

Savarra Adult Dog Small Breed does not contain low-quality plant materials: wheat, soy, corn. But the picture is spoiled by the abundance of other grains: rice, flax, millet, peas.

  • duck-based monoration;
  • high calorie and nutritional value;
  • no allergenic products, except for eggs;
  • a large proportion of meat;
  • enriched with mussels, crustaceans and algae: sources of glucosamine and minerals.
  • the percentage of all components is not indicated;
  • risk of egg allergy;
  • abundance of grain crops;
  • overpriced: for this price there are feeds with a better composition.

7. Barking Heads "Doggylicious" Adult Small Breed Duck Hypoallergenic

Barking Heads

Manufacturer Barking Heads amusingly calls food for adult decorative dogs: "mallard for small paws. "An interesting name, coupled with an extraordinary "cartoon" packaging, attracts owners.

In addition to the name and packaging, Barking Heads "Doggylicious" also has an attractive composition.

The main ingredients are duck and trout (53% in total), which rarely cause intolerance. Therefore, "Doggylicious" is classified as a hypoallergenic food. But the abundance of potatoes and peas is confusing. In addition, the manufacturer resorts to split: under different names indicates the same raw material. So, there are “pea starch” and “peas”, “potatoes” and “sweet potatoes”.

Of the useful natural supplements in the diet, only seaweed. The rest of the vitamins and minerals are artificially added.

Despite the cons, Barking Heads is suitable for most animals. According to user reviews, the diet is hearty, with a pleasant taste and aroma, eliminates allergies and improves digestion. Only some pets refused to eat granules, and intolerance appeared even less often.

  • quality meat products: duck, trout;
  • high protein content;
  • granules 7-8 mm in size are convenient for miniature breeds;
  • no supply problems.
Grandma Lucy Review of dog food review Acana Puppy
  • an abundance of plant materials with a high glycemic index;
  • The percentage of plant components is not indicated;
  • split names;
  • Few healthy natural additives.

8. Piccolo Light / Senior Recipe

Piccolo Light / Senior Recipe

Piccolo specializes in feed for small breeds. One of the diets in its line is Light / Senior Recipe for elderly dogs and pets with overweight. In addition, the food contains chondroitin, methyl sulfonylmethane and glucosamine for animals with joint diseases.

The manufacturer indicates that at least 70% of the meat. This is confirmed by the screen.

By the sum of animal ingredients in Piccolo Light / Senior 74. 5% protein products. The basis is the meat of chicken and salmon, additional components are chicken broth and eggs.

The owners note that the pets are happy to crunch “crackers”, the appearance improves, allergic reactions are held: redness, peeling of the skin, lacrimation. However, due to the presence of chicken and eggs, I cannot recommend food as hypoallergenic.

Piccolo is a good option for old people and pesikov with obesity. It has only 15% fat: this amount helps to lose weight. But it is not suitable for diabetics due to the presence of potatoes.

Light / Senior has unpleasant surprise: split names. Batate and potatoes are separately indicated, although this is the same vegetable, albeit different varieties. Another minus is that the percentage of vegetables, fruits and plants is not indicated.

Piccolo has a lot of useful fruits and herbs. But their content is small, so they do not seriously affect health.

  • High meat content: 74. 5%;
  • no grain crops;
  • low percentage of fat;
  • Ideal for maintaining the health of elderly favorites.
  • split names;
  • Vegetables with a high glycemic index are included;
  • For dwarf breeds, granules are harsh;
  • overcharge;
  • Problems with deliveries in the last year.

9. Brit Care Adult Dog Mini Light & Sterilized

Brit Care Adult Dog Mini Light & Sterilized

The Vafo Praha family Czech company produces one of the best feeds for sterilized dogs and excess weights: Brit Care Adult Dog Mini Light & Sterilated. The recipe refers to a holistic class.

The composition of Brit Kea is not quite transparent. The percentage is prescribed only for three protein ingredients out of 6: it can be assumed that a total amount of at least 45%. Also, the volume of all plant products is not indicated.

  • high content of meat and fish;
  • Almost all products are hypoallergenic (not counting chicken fat);
  • no grain crops and potatoes;
  • Rich phytokoplex and vitamin-mineral supplement.
  • In some animals, food intolerance causes food: probably due to chicken fat;
  • Not every product has a percentage of percentage;
  • the presence of cheap and useless ballast filler: bamboo lignocellulose;
  • It is not clear what exactly the recipe is useful for sterils: most likely, it simply interferes with weight gain and is not suitable for the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

10. Abba Senior Dog Small Breed Turkey

Abba Senior Dog Small Breed Turkey

Abba feed for elderly dogs supports the health of pets and controls weight due to dietary components, low fat (11%) and high fiber (4. 5%). Detailed composition.

A raw and dried turkey (50%) is based on the basis. Also, 4% is in the hydrolyzate of protein and animal fat. Both components are controversial. The first, in fact, is a tasteful supplement. And the second does not know the exact origin.

Croats in Abba Senior Dog Small Breed are replaced by potatoes, peas and beets. The manufacturer does not specify their number. The remaining components are useful additives: vitamins and minerals (not indicated which ones), vegetables, fruits, herbs, prebiotics, chondroitin and glucosamine.

Despite the hypoallergenic composition, some dogs developed intolerance. Plus there were gastrointestinal disorders. But most user reviews talk about good well-being and high digestibility of the recipe.

  • Large volume of meat: 58%;
  • no allergenic products;
  • monorage, suitable for a diet of exception;
  • The abundance of healthy natural additives.
  • components of unclear origin: animal fat and hydrolyzate protein;
  • granules are large for dwarf breeds;
  • In some pets, allergies and digestive systems provokes allergies.

What is important when choosing dry food for small dogs

Choosing a diet for a miniature dog, rely on the following criteria:

  1. Compound. This is the first thing you should pay attention to. Carefully study the first 5 ingredients. Ideal, if the type of raw material (chicken, beef, pr.) Is indicated, its shape (dried or raw meat, fillet or carcass) and percentage ratio.
  2. The presence of plant components. It is permissible to use only high-quality: brown rice, potatoes, oats, barley. It is also desirable to use healthy herbs, vegetables, fruits, berries. Do not take food with corn, wheat, soy. These cheap ballast ingredients cause diseases that are already often found in small breeds: allergies, gastrointestinal tract disorders, obesity.
  3. Nutritional value and digestibility. The higher the better. Small dogs are mobile, consume a lot of energy, they have an accelerated volume of substances. And at the same time – a small stomach. So the “minics” should receive maximum calories from a small portion of drying.
  4. The size of the granules. Each manufacturer in the ruler for small dogs is different. And this is not surprising: even small breeds are distinguished by a variety of sizes: from dwarfs, weighing a couple of kilograms (Chihuahua, York, Toy-terrier), to just small dogs weighing 10-12 kg (Corgi, French bulldog).
  5. Useful additives. Ideally, if in dry stern there are pro- and prebiotics for the intestines, chondroitin and glucosamine for joints, fatty acids. You can not pay much attention to vitamins and minerals: they are cheap, so the full complex will be in any recipe.
  6. Price. Not always expensive food is the best. Sometimes the cost is strongly overstated by advertising costs. You can choose the optimal diet, which costs 1. 5–2 times cheaper than the crucified.

Also take into account the individual needs of the pet: age, the presence of diseases, tendency to allergies and others. Many manufacturers produce therapeutic rulers for small breeds that help to cope with pathologies or prevent them.

The results of the review

Small dogs are prone to digestive problems, allergies, obesity and, as a result, cardiovascular diseases. Quality feed play an important role in the prevention of these pathologies. It is better to immediately choose a good one from the class of holistics than to give tens of thousands of thousands for treatment in a few months or a couple of years. In addition, Miniki eat little, so feeding will not hit.

For daily nutrition of healthy animals, I recommend the following diets:

  • Alleva Holistic Puppy Mini Chicken & Duck;
  • Primordial Adult Dog Mini Holistic;
  • Grandorf Adult Mini 4 Meat & Brown Rice.

Of the dietary feeds are not bad:

  • Piccolo Light / Senior Recipe;
  • Brit Care Adult Dog Mini Light & Sterilized.

If the budget is limited, take a closer look at Farmina Vet Life Neutered and Abba Senior Dog Small Breed. They are not much inferior to expensive analogues, and cost 1. 5 times cheaper.

The main advice is which feed for dogs of small breeds is better – the condition of your pet. If the favorite eats granules with pleasure, feels great, active and does not “betray” allergies – stay on the chosen diet. The change of the proven brand to another, albeit better in composition, is not always a good solution. This should be done only by necessity or prescription of the veterinarian.

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