Frozen ducks for dog training

March 27, 2023
Dog Training
Frozen ducks for dog training

All dogs are more or less love foods. For a tidbit, they are ready to go to the ends of the world. Therefore, goodies are a powerful reward.

  • During training;
  • To encourage the necessary behavior;
  • If you need to give a PSU medicine;
  • After veterinary procedures as comfort.

Dog snacks are divided into 2 groups – home and industrial manufacturing.

In the article we’ll talk about natural (home) goodies: what products will benefit, and not harm, which of the delicious ones can be given to the dogs and how to cook them on their own.

Ready-made treats

The assortment of ready-made goodies is not inferior to ordinary dry feeds, but often surpasses them. Many of them are developed taking into account the living of an animal in a large megalopolis: unfavorable ecology, a “inferior” lifestyle in the city.

When assessing the food, it is better to pay attention to the components that are part of it: the ingredients that are indicated in the list are the first in large quantities.


Drops are suitable as purchased yummy (from the English drop – drop). These are ready-made treats in the form of small pieces of a drop-shaped shape with different tastes. The pet store has a wide variety: with the taste of turkey, beef, chicken, salmon. The composition includes sugar, milk, butter, cocoa powder, hard cheese. The color changes from light yellow to brown, depending on the content of additional ingredient-cheese or chocolate.

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You can give them to dogs of any breed and age. The restriction is only in quantity: the smaller the animal, the smaller the drops it receives.

Their number varies-3-30 per day. The most common manufacturers are Gimborn, Sanal Choco Drops and Dr. Alder’s Drops.

Due to the large content of sugar, fats and oils, they are given only during training or as a treat between feedings.


Good food for dog training is dried meat. The composition of animals: ducks, rabbits, birds. It is safe for the animal, since it contains nothing but meat. You can feed the dog with such a treat from early childhood, regardless of the breed.

Veterinarians note that such food is both tasty and useful. It is rich in vitamins and trace elements that are necessary for the health and growth of the animal.

Training snacks

All dogs love them without exception. It is suitable for simple training and intensive training. Many chewing snacks, like bones, help to brush the animal's teeth.

Snings in consistency are similar to ordinary food with a premium composition. In addition to rice, seafood, meat, fiber, they contain fish oil andl-carnitine, which gives the dog energy and endurance. Minus – content in glucose. Famous brands – Titbit, Beff, Pedigree.

Only adult dogs can be given. Each best dog food storage container shows the breed for which the snacks are designed. However, it is better not to include them in a daily diet-because of glucose in the composition, they can seriously harm your pet.

Restrictions on goodies

Of course, any dog breeder by trial and error selects a treat that would not only be tasty, but also useful.

We have already examined the treats that may be useful. Now let's talk about those crackers and treats for dogs that should be given in limited quantities, or completely exclude.

Goodies that cannot be given

As for store treats, I would not recommend buying dried beef intestines. The fact is that we can only guess how the intestines are processed in production and whether it is processed at all. There are assumptions that in the production of delicious ones it is precisely the uncleaned intestine that is used. And this is a nursery of various bacteria. According to the reviews of the owners of the four-legged ones, after the use of such dried intestinal treats in dogs, cases of stomach and even hepatitis disorders increase.

The next delicacy, on which many veterinarians impose a “taboo” is the treats of rawhide leather and ears. All owners of pets more than once looked at the dazzling white bones, twisted around the edges in a beautiful nodule… On white ears and delicious ones in the form of pigtails, slippers or balls.

All these goodies are made of rawhide leather (skins). To give whiteness, the skin is treated with various reagents, including formalin, which is very dangerous. In addition, if you pay attention, almost all whitened delicacies are made in China.

Goodies are prohibited

As for the so-called homemade treats, it is strictly forbidden to give the dog "goodies" from your table. Sausages, sausages, smoked meats, fatty and sweet foods can at least cause indigestion, and with constant use, pancreatitis, allergies, diabetes and other serious diseases.

It should be remembered that not all bones are suitable as snacks.

Treats to be given in limited quantities

But with these goodies you need to be more careful:

  • Cheeses. Almost all dogs love cheese. Our Jack, as they say, is “ready to sell his soul” for a piece of this delicious salty treat. One of the main positive qualities of cheese is that it does not crumble. This delicacy can be prepared in seconds. Among the disadvantages: in large quantities, cheese causes an upset gastrointestinal tract, after which the dog wants to drink, sometimes allergies can occur. If you want to pamper your pet with cheese, choose low-fat varieties. Offer cheese infrequently and in minimal amounts.
  • Chicken and chicken by-products. As a treat, this is a good option, but only if your pet is not allergic to this type of bird. Chicken and offal are not very suitable for training, since offal is still heavy food, and chicken fillet crumbles a lot.

Sweets from the table

Due to the wide variety of food in stores, it is difficult to find a product that is safe in composition. Therefore, many dog owners prepare their pets themselves. In addition, many of the dishes are very easy to prepare.

Dog biscuits

The treat can be sweet or savory, fruit or meat. Either way, your pet will love it.

For sweet cookies, just mix flour, chopped oatmeal, eggs and applesauce. In the resulting dough, you can add raisins, nuts and dried apricots. It is better to sweeten the treat with honey (not sugar), but in a small amount and if the animal is not allergic to it. Balls are made from the finished dough and laid out on a baking sheet. Cookies are dried over low heat for 20-30 minutes. It is better not to overdry it, because due to the hardness of the treat, the animal can damage the gums and teeth.

For meat cookies, it is important to properly cook minced meat. It includes finely chopped or twisted meat, beef liver, heart, scar. It is better not to add spices to the minced meat: the dog has a very thin scent, and a pungent smell can push it away. The minced meat is mixed with flour and eggs. Small balls are rolled from the resulting mixture, which are baked in the oven. Many owners put garlic to strengthen the immunity of the dog. No less useful carrots and cucumber will become good additives.

Can I pickle meat before drying?

If desired, you can first marry the meat a little. But it is worth considering that some ingredients can cause allergies, and some in no case should be given in large quantities (they still know that dogs cannot be salty, garlic, chocolate).

Ideas for the Alishade

What can be added to the Alishade:

  • Egg,
  • Sunflower oil,
  • A little salt and garlic (just a bit, to enhance the taste),
  • Ginger,
  • Apple bite,
  • Natural juices (apple, carrots, pumpkin),
  • Honey (you can give dogs, gives a special taste and sweetness, but it also needs it a little, 1/3-1/2 teaspoon for half a kilo of meat),
  • Sour cream,
  • A mocked soft cheese or cheese grinded in mashed potatoes.
Frozen ducks for dog training pay attention

Frozen ducks for dog training

Prepare the treats from the offal ourselves

Due to the fact that on the shelves of stores a large number of low-quality product come across, many dog owners try to make it themselves.

A simple and common recipe is a treat from offal. It is made simply: it is necessary to boil offal or meat for your choice. Then cool, cut into small cubes and put it on the tray. If there is not enough time for ordinary drying, then they can be browned in the oven. These dried cubes from the liver, heart, light, chicken stomachs will become a good treat for your petch treats for training dogs are safe for their health.

They contain much more nutrients than in meat. The offal contains animal protein, which is the building material of the body. They are rich in microelements and vitamins: iodine, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamins of group A, K, K, E. The amount of omega-3 and omega-6 healthy acids is found in almost the same size as in fish.


When I first began to make jerky meat, I used ordinary plastic drying for food. The very one, at the base of which is located a fan and heater, is a round dryer on top, which is covered with a lid. At first it seemed Come / Come here a very successful option. But then I realized that I needed to purchase something stronger.

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I measured the temperature and realized: my thyroid gland is not normal (it is clear where the fatigue comes from)

Therefore, I bought a stainless steel dehydrator with metal racks, and heating regulation ranges from 70 to 35 degrees, and 10-12 kg of meat at the same time can be put therech kitchen devices are quite decent-16-17 thousand. But during the year you will save much more than you will simply buy goodies. And I have this dehydrator for about three years. So I believe that it was an excellent investment.

The only thing you need is a good sharp knife and a cutting board.

Recommendations for successful training

In order to achieve mutual understanding with a pet as quickly as possible, the owner should know several tricks during training:

  1. The main thing is not to abuse. The yummy should always exchange for the executed command.
  2. It’s good when the dog has a slight feeling of hunger. In this state, she is completely ready for training.
  3. The treat should be convenient for swallowing: pieces should not be more than 0. 5 cm.
  4. It is better that the food is much tastier than the daily food of the pet. This motivates the animal.
  5. From food, the dog should not want to drink. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a dog not ready for training, but looking for, where to get drunk, an animal.
  6. Top dressing should be convenient in storage: it’s good when it is placed in a waist storage container or bag.

How to offer a dog a treat

There are also tips on how to give the dog food:

  1. It is served from an open palm. This method protects your fingers from unpredictable capture by animals.
  2. Treated from the hand raised up. The dog will quickly respond to prey and will try to get it.
  3. They work in a static position. At the same time, any encouragement by the owner is also made in a static position.

Additional promotion methods

In addition to food, it is important to use other promotion methods as a reward during training. Stroking and verbal praise is an indispensable part of the training. At the same time, the intonation and the timbre of your voice is very important, since the animal pays attention to most.

Do not forget about the game. Here the question arises, what kind of entertainment for the dog to choose. However, there are no special recommendations.

The game may even look like a performance in a circus with juggling balls in the air, the main thing is that your pet during it can relax and relieve stress.

Any encouragement will be a real reward for your dog. It is better not to give preference to any one of them, but to alternate them among themselves. During training, you can treat the dog with food and stroke it, and after difficult exercises it makes sense to relieve tension with the help of the game. The main thing is to listen to his favorite, and he will certainly reciprocate.


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