Fromm puppy food for large breeds review

February 6, 2023
Large Breeds
Fromm puppy food for large breeds review

The acquisition of a dog means that you need to decide on the type of nutrition of the animal. Wet food for dogs or dry, feeding “from the table” or a combination of several options. It is necessary to provide the pet with a full-fledged diet containing all vital vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the main advantages and disadvantages of some types of nutrition.

Dogs like wet dog food, it is important to choose the right

Which is better: dry or humid food

Many owners of pets know that feeding only moist feed is much more expensive. This is especially true for large breeds. Moreover, visually such nutrition is perceived as closest to the usual.

The composition of high-quality and suitable food should include all the necessary substances, vitamins. Three options are distinguished – dry, wet and half-willed. You need to choose based on the needs of the animal, its physiological and psychological characteristics.

Attention! Any industrialized product for animals is made of similar elements. The main difference is processing at the final stagekhoi is released moisture, leaving no more than 10 %.

The final choice depends on the recommendations of the veterinarian and the preferences of the owner

Advantages and disadvantages of wet feed

Shops offer several types of premium industrial food, medium and budget options. Each differs not only in value, but also by the composition. Premium feed contains about 70 % of natural meat.

Food related to a low price category is made from offal with a high content of salt, dyes, various amplifiers and preservatives. That is why such feeds cause addiction in animals, and, as a result, health problems (for example, urolithiasis occurs).

The advantages of using wet dog food in the dog’s diet include:

  • Practicality – wet feeds in bags or banks are convenient to take on trips, for long walks with a pet;
  • Digestibility – in comparison with dehydrated granules or food from the table (which is not recommended at all to give pets);
  • A pleasant smell – the diet of a pet can be diversified with new types of food (manufacturers constantly come up with new recipes);
  • The ability to save time to owners – good nutrition must be prepared daily in order to comply with all the necessary norms and requirements;
  • Sufficient water content (it is especially important to minimize the likelihood of developing urolithiasis);
  • Various price offers – you can choose to taste and by wallet;
  • Portion – one storage container or bank usually contain enough food for one meal, which will help to avoid overeating.

Liquid dogs for dogs are produced in various containers, with a variety of recipe. You can constantly change the diet without prejudice to the health of the pet.

But before using such a diet, the negative aspects must be taken into account:

  • After opening the packaging, the shelf life is minimal (in most cases, the container is calculated for one feeding);
  • Softness – this option is more suitable for puppies and elderly dogs, but in adult dogs it can cause degradation of teeth, gums;
  • Due to a significant percentage of moisture, the energy value of nutrition is reduced.

Owners note the higher cost of the “wet” diet – approximately 20 % higher than that of dry.

Attention! If you feed the dog only with wet feed, this can cause addictionbsequently, the animal will refuse another nutrition – granular or natural.

The main criterion is the usefulness and balance of food

Is a combination of wet and dry dog food possible

Wet and dry dog food have different features, positive and negative sides. The optimal combination is a combination of two options.

Attention! The method of combined feeding does not imply physical mixing of products. This means that wet and dry dog food should be given at different times.

On the other hand, nutrition of a certain type – wet or dry – is able to replenish the need of the animal for all vitamins, trace elements, and necessary substances.

The main species

Wet canned foods for dogs differ in quality rating, various other parameters. Wet nutrition can be both for constant use and delicious. In addition, it is important to consider the dog’s age, buy appropriate dog food:

  • For puppies (including for newborns – milk substitute);
  • Adult dogs;
  • Elderly favorites.

It is important to consider the size of the dogs and purchase respectively: for small, medium, large and even giant breeds. In addition, special and everyday food is distinguished. The first group includes food:

  • Therapeutic;
  • Lightweight;
  • For pregnant women or nursing.

Attention! To choose the best option, you should contact the veterinarian. The doctor will evaluate the current state of health of the pet, select proper nutrition.

Small dogs require a different feed composition than large

Popular brands

The brands of wet feed are different in class. Premium education is more natural, but it costs an order of magnitude more expensive. Popular brands in level:

  • Economy variants-such food is most often found in stores near the house, but not all of the brands are useful. The veterinarians consider the brand “meal”, “purina uan”, “pedigrics” (the latter includes cereals that contribute to better digestion). But most breeders bypass these products.
  • Premium – also found in stores, the average price range, brands – “Royal Canin”, “Monge”, “Brit”, “Plane”, “Caesar”. In USA, it is they who are preferred most often.
  • Super-premium-the best canned food for dogs, food without adding soy products, more than half of clean protein products, the rest is additional nutrient ingredients. The rating of humid food for dogs includes Hills, Eukanuba, Almo Nature.
  • Holistic-feed-power with a non-standard composition, cereals are excluded completely, at the base of natural protein, vegetables. It is believed that even people can eat such food. The nourishing is high, but products must be bought in specialized stores. Common brands – Barking Heads, Belcando, Grandfor.
Fromm puppy food for large breeds review Which is

Fromm puppy food for large breeds review

The best options are the food of the last segment. Food organized on the basis of cheap varieties (first group) is not welcome veterinarians, it is believed that they cause various diseases.

What wet dog food for dogs is better to buy

If it is decided to transfer the dog to wet dog food, it is necessary to choose the right brand. It is important to consider the recommendations of the veterinarian – the doctor is aware of all possible options, will be able to choose according to age, weight, temperament of the animal.

General selection criteria

The first thing to pay attention to is the composition of the selected product. In the list of products of good food, protein elements are first underway. Puppies and elderly dogs are unacceptable to change the type of food, the chosen brand – excess diversity can cause digestive disorder.

Full nutrition is important for any pet. Dogs differ in the degree of activity, some breeds have their own characteristics with digestion and health. In addition to protein, it is necessary to take into account the presence of additional elements – vegetable oils, vegetables (beets, carrots, others), linen seeds, and others.

The individual’s individual is a prerequisite for choosing a diet

How are the food for dogs of small and large breeds

Each dog has certain personal characteristics that relate to different sides – activity, health. For large and small dogs, different feeds were created by chance. Small pets have a faster metabolism. A quick metabolism of the body requires more calorie foods in small portions.

The size of granular feed is of no small importance – even in humid feeds for large and giant breeds there are much larger pieces. Feed for small breeds are designed taking into account the structure and size of the mouth of dogs.

Attention! Small pets usually have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Intestinal disorders are caused by a small stomach, weak peristalt.

Therefore, it is advisable to use special feeds for a sensitive gastrointestinal tract or for small dogs.

It is important for large dogs to provide food with vitamins, trace elements that can support a strong healthy skeleton of a petch breeds often have problems with ligaments, joints, so you need to observe a certain diet. The presence of glucosamine, fiber, prebiotics is important.

The final choice should combine the necessary minerals and trace elements

For what breeds are the use of only wet dog food is recommended

Wet dog food is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion. These include all artificially bred types of dogs – Yorki, bulldogs, others. The nuance is that the pets crossed with a specific purpose are not grown according to physiological parameters, but, most often, in external ones. From here there are problems at the genetic level. All details can be clarified by the breeder of a particular breed.

Wet feeds are suitable for puppies (up to a certain age), elderly dogs and pets with temporary or constant health problems (only a veterinarian should regulate the last point).

Full nutrition is the basis of a good mood of a dog, good health and long life. Wet feeds are suitable for any breeds (they are considered mandatory only for some and on the recommendation of a veterinarian). It is important to consider your own capabilities (in particular financial) – it is impossible to jump from one type of feed to another. Wet nutrition is selected by age, size, price range – the main thing is to like the pet and arrange the owner.

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