Frais dog food reviews analysis price

February 3, 2023
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Frais dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price

Dry food for dogs Frais ("FRIS") is produced in USA, the company "Sprichi" by order of Dikei Mart. The official site is http://dk-mart. Com/, there is information about the composition of the feed line, recommended feeding standards. This food refers to the premium class.

Under the brand Frais also produces cat food.

Frais feed composition

Consider the composition of the FRAIS feed on the example of the ADULT DOG Turkey version (for adult dogs of medium and large breeds, with turkey meat):

The first ingredient – meat 35%, acts as the main source of protein. It is clarified that 75% of these 35% are turkey meat. The second and third ingredients – rice and whole cereals (wheat), are sources of carbohydrates. Duck fat is a good source of fat and fatty acids.

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Beetroot fat is a source of fiber. Yeast serves as a source of vitamins of the B-group. The hydrolyzate of animal proteins is a natural taste supplement. Salt is primarily a taste supplement. Sepiolite is a mineral, serves as a natural emulsifier.

Medicinal soap – the manufacturer indicates that it masks unpleasant odors. Grape extract is a source of antioxidants and other beneficial substances. Antioxidants – are needed to prevent fast feed, which antioxidants are used not specified.

Probiotics – positively affect digestion. In the analytical composition, the list of vitamins and minerals is small.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of food include:

  • The main source of protein is meat ingredients;
  • Very low, compared to analogues, price.
  • The vitamin-mineral supplement is less than that of most “premiums”.
  • Wheat is used, antioxidants are not specified (typical of premium feed).

Frais dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price

Frais dog food – reviews

Dry Frais food for dogs is little common, but despite this, there are a dozen or two reviews about it on the Internet. Below we have been raised by several of these reviews.

Reviews of veterinarians

Direct reviews from veterinary doctors about the feed of the brand Frais could not be found. If such appears, we will add this review by them.

Customer reviews

We have a labrador. Before this Summit holistic dog food storage container was 12 kg, this food is 15 kg. The dog liked it. She herself refused the previous dog food containers, they were looking for normal food for little money. We were satisfied with the dog too)!

Advantages: large packaging, normal granules, the dog immediately began to eat with appetite. Cons: None found.

Frais dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price
Frais dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price

Frais dog food reviews analysis price Price and where to buy

Frais dog food reviews analysis price

Our shepherd dog is very fussy, but this food eats well, there are no allergies (terrible chicken allergy), so far everything is in order. The smell of the food is a bit strange, it doesn't smell like meat at all. I remember this smell was in the production of feed for fur-bearing animals, it smells like extruded flakes, or an additive. But the food was sampled at a huge discount, so there are no complaints. Price-quality matches.

Frais dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price
Frais dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price

The dogs are very fastidious (German Shepherd and the old yard), they began to refuse the Pro Plan. I decided to try this food. I really liked the composition. There are few reviews, but the price bribed. I have never regretted it – the food granules are small, but not like for puppies.

The shepherd is allergic to chicken, so I choose food either without chicken or with minimal chicken content. This food crunches with pleasure, there is no diarrhea and allergies. Overall very satisfied with the price and quality.

Price and where to buy

You can buy food of this brand in online stores:

  • Packing 1. 5 kg – from _ rub;
  • Dry food 15 kg – from 2399

The indicated prices are valid at the beginning of June 2019 and may change significantly over time. See the exact cost on the websites of pet stores for references above.

Conclusions about the food "Fries"

About Frais dog food reviews are mostly positive. Its composition is more or less good, especially for such a very low price. Therefore, the PetObzor website has no reason not to recommend this food. However, if possible, it is better to choose a super-premium or holistic food as the main diet.

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