Food container and IKEA dog feeder

March 21, 2023
Dog Food Container
Food container and IKEA dog feeder

�� Rooting the best auto feeders for cats and dogs for 2023

�� Rooting the best auto feeders for cats and dogs for 2023

This material is not advertising, is informational in nature and reflects the subjective opinion of the author. All rating positions are selected based on the developed selection criteria. Before making a purchase, a specialist consultation is required.

Sometimes, there are situations when you need to leave your pet for a day, and there is no one to look after him. Fortunately, in the modern world, this problem is solved quite easily, using automatic feeders. The editors of the Katela website prepared for you a rating of the best auto feeders for cats and dogs for 2023.

Varieties and functions

Automatic feeders are a modern gadget, which allows you to automatically feed your pets. In addition to feeders, there are auto-worshipersch modern gadgets will allow you to leave home animals without any problems for a while without a host.

Models can provide a pet for up to 90 days. For a long period, only expensive models will allow you to leave the animal.

It is worth buying an auto feeding in several cases:

  • With an animal diet;
  • Feeding during the absence of owners;
  • With early feeding, if the owners are sleeping.

Some options for automatic feeders can take photos or enable the owners to remotely observe the pet. They can also establish a connection via WiFi, some of them can be controlled using a smartphone.

You can distinguish several varieties of goods, which differ both in terms of functions and in cost, for example:

  • Mechanical;
  • Segmental;
  • With a folding lid;
  • Smart.


Such a feeder is only from a bowl and a container. This is not a completely automatic principle of operation of the feeder, since the work is quite simple when the pet eats the food, a new portion is spilled out. There is no way to control the volume of the portion eaten. Usually, in a standard model, the volume of the container reaches 500 grams.

With a folding lid

Such trays work on a timer. The tray cover opens at a certain time, and you can store not only dry food in them.


The capacity of such containers is divided into segments, and at a certain time, a certain segment opens.


In such feeders, you can program both the number of meals, and how much the portion will weigh. A smart model is possible to program for several days and several weeks. You can even make a lot of granules. You can manage, both with the help of the application and a voice recording, but only dry food is suitable.

In cases where you feed pets with wet food, it is best to choose a feeder with a folding lid or a segmental model. Only enough food in them for a maximum of two days.

Rules for the choice

There are several criteria by which you can choose a good auto feeder for your pet, for example:

  • Spaciousness;
  • Functional;
  • From what material it is made;
  • Mode of operation;
  • Security;
  • Warranty period;
  • The price segment.


It directly depends on this criterion how long you can leave your pet. In different models, feed tanks vary from 500 grams, up to 3 kilograms. The size of the portion depends on the size of the bowl or section into which the feed is spilled out. This is selected individually depending on the age and size of the pets.


Since the food should appear in the bowl regularly and in the required quantity, so there are models that can reproduce the owner's voice, thereby notifying the animal about what it is time for him.

Production material

Most often, for the manufacture of such devices, either metal or plastic is usedch materials are non-toxic, have a long service life and are reliable.

The mode of operation

Many models of the feeders can be configured in certain modes. It can be, like food four times a day, and twice a day. You can install a program that will issue food once a day for 5 days.

Only before installing the program should you check if this function works.


This criterion is responsible for ensuring that during your absence, the pet cannot overturn the feeder. Therefore, it should be stable and strong enough.

Warranty period

Usually, the warranty period of such feeders reaches one year, and it is important to use in accordance with the instructions.

The price range

Since, such feeders have a fairly large assortment, their cost is quite different. It depends on the manufacturer’s company and its configuration.

Rating of mechanical feeders

The fifth line in our ranking is occupied by an automatic feeder, which also combines the function of an automatic drinker. This model is presented in an extensive color range, and therefore, it will not be difficult to choose it for your interior.

It is made of plastic, so it is easy to maintain and clean. It does not leave scratches from the claws, for this reason, your pet will not be able to break the container itself in order to get to the food.

The food container holds 1. 5 kg of feed or water.

The average cost reaches 800

  • Impact-resistant plastic housing;
  • Capacious capacity for a forage;
  • It can be both a feeder and a drinker;
  • Extensive selection of colors.
  • There is no way to adjust the feed supply and portion size.

We also give the fourth line to the 2 in 1 feeder from the Petsy brand. A universal design that allows you to take care not only of your pet's food, but also that he always has water.

It is made of translucent plastic, and the lids are blue. The drinker has a volume of 500 ml and is mounted on a stand, with the ability to adjust the height with a special screw. The food container is designed for 1. 25 kg of dry food, and its volume is 1800 ml. The bowl itself is divided into two parts, on the bottom there is a suction cup.

The average cost is 1900

  • Can be used for both water and feed
  • There is an adjustment of the height of the drinker;
  • Containers are translucent, which allows you to track the level of food and liquid in them;
  • Attaches with suction cups.
  • High price;
  • Poor water supply.

We gave the third line in the ranking to the feeder, which is made in China. Available in three basic colors. It is made of plastic, and the food container itself is translucent to make it easier to track the presence of food in it.

The volume of the container itself reaches 1300 ml. It is fixed on the bowl with its wide base.

For stability, there are rubber pads on the sides to make it easier to install on the tile.

It can be used for both dry food and water.

The parameters of the feeder are 24x24x15. The weight of the container itself is 185 g.

The average cost is 500

  • There is a choice of color;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Compact;
  • Rubber pads for stability.
  • For dry food only;
  • There is no way to control the portion size.

The second line is occupied by an automatic feeder from the Italian brand Ferplast. It is made of plastic and comes in stores in three color variations. You can choose from either red, white or blue.

The feed tank is made of translucent plastic, which allows you to easily track the presence of food for the animal in it. Its volume is 1, 500 kg. The bowl, where the reservoir is attached, has an oval shape and deep enough.

There are rubber overlays on the bottom, which serve as peculiar legs and do not allow the container on the surface of the floor.

You can use both dry food and water.

The average cost is 800.

  • The presence of legs to prevent sliding;
  • Selection of colors;
  • The transparency of the container for food.
  • Large food can get stuck and pour out poorly into a bowl.

We give the leading position of the rating to the German manufacturer Trixie. This container is equipped with a timer, after which it opens. The color of the best storage container is black and white, white cover and black base.

Exactly setting a timer up to 30 minutes. The volume of feed that can fit in a bowl is 600 grams.

In order to prevent the best storage container from slipping on the floor, a rubberized edging is made on the basis.

In height, the model has a size of 7 cm, its length is 30 cm, and the width is 24. It is compact enough for any kitchens. Cooling dog food storage containers for food are also sold in the kit for the auto feeding itself, which allow you to maintain freshness of canned meat in the summer season. They must be placed under the section with food.

Such a feeder for cats, and dogs of small breeds are suitable.

The average cost reaches 2600.

  • There is a timer;
  • Cooling elements in the kit;
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher;
  • For any type of food.
  • Too loud sound of the timer

Rating of sensory auto feeders

Food container and IKEA dog feeder of feeding and, of

Food container and ikea dog feeder

On the fifth line in the ranking of a best storage container from the Chinese brand Petwant. There are several bright colors to choose from, namely:

This auto feeder belongs to the segmented type and has the shape of a disk. It is made of plastic. Its characteristic difference is the presence at the top of the section for water or ice.

There are four sections inside the design itself, and each of which can be placed both of a different type of feed and the same.

On the lower side there are rubberized pads that prevent glide. Batteries of type "C" are inserted into the model.

It is designed for the volume of feed up to 2 liters. Each section contains 470 ml of food.

For programming the best storage container is available on the side panel of 6 buttons and LCD display. You can choose the opening interval of the section from 1 hour to a day. There is also a built-in microphone, which announces the beginning of feeding or that the battery will sit down soon. You can also record sound messages.

The average cost is 2300.

  • The possibility of programming;
  • The presence of 4 sections for feed;
  • Water section;
  • The ability to record a voice message.
  • After each shutdown, it is necessary to configure the feeder;
  • There are no batteries in the kit.

The fourth position is also occupied by a segment-type auto feeder from the brand from the Chinese Sititekch a model is suitable for both cats and for any small pets.

It has a disk-shaped shape and is divided into four sections. You can program it on the side panel, and the device through the necessary time interval will open the pet access to food.

About 1200 grams of dry food fitting into the model. The radius of the device is 12. 5 cm.

The side panel also has a LCD display, which displays the charging level and time.

The feeder is also equipped with the ability to record audio messages, lasting about 6 seconds. You can program for every hour of opening sections, and once a day, so 4 days without hosts the pet will be able to withstand.

There is an ice container that allows you to keep food fresh, or used as a drinker.

The average cost is 4500.

  • The possibility of cooling food;
  • Audi-messages recording mode;
  • The presence of a display;
  • The ability to leave the pet for 4 days.
  • Separately, it is necessary to purchase batteries.

In third place is also a feeder from the Sititek brand. This is a very modern feeder that has a WiFi module, as well as a 2 megapixel camera, a speaker and a sensitive microphone.

The container is intended only for dry food, and is designed for a volume of up to 4 liters. You can configure feed for schedule.

To issue the required amount of food, as well as give commands and monitor your pet is possible using a mobile phone. The application is available for both iOS and Android phdog food containers. In the event that there is no connection to the Internet, then the feeder will work due to the presence of built-in memory.

The average cost reaches 21, 000.

  • The possibility of tracking a pet;
  • The ability to regulate feed supply;
  • The ability to give voice commands;
  • The presence of built-in memory.
  • High price.
  • Only for dry food.

In second place we placed a sectional feeder from Feed-Ex. It is suitable for feeding any small pets.

It consists of four sections equal in volume. They open sequentially, depending on the configured program.

About two liters of food fit into it. Its width is 8. 5 centimeters.

Made of high-quality plastic. There is the possibility of setting voice notification during the opening of each segment. She is absolutely safe. On the lower part is rubberized legs to prevent sliding on the floor.

It works from finger batteries. It is possible to choose from 4 animal feeding programs.

The average cost reaches 4000.

  • Stable;
  • The ability to record a voice signal;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Available cost.
  • The batteries are not provided for in the kit.

The leader of the rating was the Petcube Bits auto feeder. This model is equipped with a camera and a microphone. It is divided into two compartments, in the upper there is a container, and in the lower – a camera and a microphone.

There are three varieties of the color of the lower part, namely:

It is made of several materials such as plastic, glass and aluminum. It has a rectangular shape. It is possible to place not only on the floor, but also on the wall, due to the presence of holes for bolts.

You can manage it using WiFi and Petcube smartphdog food containers.


The camera has an expansion of Full HD, the viewing angle is 138 degrees. There is also a response function to sounds or movement.

The volume of the container for food is 1 kg. The feeder scatters snacks at a distance of 2 meters in different directions. Their length should not exceed 2. 5 cm.

In the kit, a charger is sold to the device, a set for installation and instructions.

The total weight with the box is 2. 76 kg.

  • Stylish;
  • The possibility of different placement;
  • Movement and sound response;
  • Double-sided audio recording.
  • High price.

The auto feeder will feed the pet, regardless of the presence of the host’s house. The choice of the best storage container should be done taking into account the duration of the absence, the option of feeding and, of course, the budget.


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