Flanders dog author’s crossword

January 9, 2023
Flanders dog author's crossword

flanders dog author’s crossword

Flanders Bouvier – all about the breed

The Flanders Bouvier or Sheepdog (Mudbeard, Bouvier de Flandres and Flemish Bulldog) is a Belgian shepherd dog native to Flanders.

In the old days, it was used as a shepherd and guarding herds of livestock. Today it is used for guard, police and army tasks, and also acts as a pet.


The versatility of imposing and powerful animals is increasingly attracting the attention of dog lovers. The origin of this breed remains a mystery of the century. They may have descended from Dutch and German dogs or Schnauzers, but this is just a guess.

The Flanders Sheepdog is one of the favorite breeds in Holland, France and Belgium. For its large size and bright appearance, it received the nickname "Belgian bear".

features of the Flanders Bouvier breed

Distinctive features

The head is large, of noble build, in proportion to the body and height at the withers. The skull is flat, much longer than wide. The forehead is moderately convex with a clearly visible transition from the forehead to the muzzle. The muzzle is voluminous, wide, longer than the skull.

Teeth strong, white, straight, complete. Scissor or straight bite.

The ears are medium in size, triangular, movable, set wide apart and above the line of the eyes. Uncropped ears hang vertically.

The eyes are almond-shaped, without bulge and retraction. The eye position is horizontal. The color of the iris is from light brown to an intense dark shade.

The physique is compact, proportional with a short loin. The neck is moderately long, strong and muscular. The back is straight and strong. The chest is voluminous and wide of pronounced depth.

Legs are strong with strong bones, athletic, straight and parallel. Paws are rounded, compact with tightly compressed fingers. The pads are hard and resilient, the nails are strong black. The animal moves at a calm pace or trot.

The coat is of medium length, profusely dense, harsh in texture, close to the skin. The undercoat is short. Color black, grey, brindle. On the main color there may be bright red or brown spots.


Bouvier best dog food storage container de Flandres are obedient, calm and devoted pets. They have not too active energy, so they move very little, but they do not refuse games. They behave quietly in the house and do not make any noise at all, while walking they throw out their energy to the maximum.

This breed tends to choose one leader from all family members. Having determined the owner for themselves, they treat the rest of the household warmly and even become attached to them. Tender feelings are shown to children and the elderly, because they are well aware of their physical weakness.

With strangers, they are wary and distrustful, carefully guarding the territory entrusted to them. They are extremely responsible in the performance of the duties assigned to them. At any moment, they will immediately defend the owner and his family.

nature of the Flanders Bouvier breed

They treat other pets calmly, but in communication they try to lead. To some extent, they can be stubborn, so if they don’t want to do something, they won’t do it.

They need a firm hand in training and education, since their stubbornness is genetic. However, you cannot physically punish a pet.

This breed does not tolerate raised tone at all, therefore screams and threats have a very negative effect on the psyche of the animal. Early socialization is important.

In 1872, the novel by the English writer Maria Ramé "The Flanders Dog" was published, in which one of the leading characters is the dog Patrash. Although the book never indicates its breed, it is implied that the author described the Belgian Bouvier.


In USA, Flemish Bouviers are included in the list of rare dogs. It is better to look for a purebred puppy in nurseries or from a few breeders.

Be sure to pay attention to the general condition of the baby. The eyes, nose and ears must be clean, the legs properly developed, the coat neat and uniform. It is not recommended to acquire an overly aggressive or lethargic puppy.

Pedigree, age vaccinations and veterinary passport are required.

Puppy cost

The average price of a Bouvier puppy is 30-40 thousand.

In the past, these shepherd dogs were often harnessed to carts for transporting products or put on the torsion of millstones.

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The first estrus in females occurs at 6-14 months and lasts 20-22 days. Knitting should not be earlier than two years of age. Successful days for mating are 11-15 days from the date of estrus. The breed belongs to late-ripening, the final maturation ends by 2-3 years.

Before mating, pets are walked, refraining from feeding. The couple is introduced on neutral ground. The mating itself is carried out exclusively on the territory of the male. Control mating is carried out after 24-48 hours.

The duration of pregnancy is 63-72 days, there are 6-9 puppies in the litter.

Maintenance and care

For a Flemish Bouvier, a country house is more suitable than an apartment. Under the condition of daily full-fledged walking and active load, they feel quite tolerably in the apartment. Lack of physical activity negatively affects the health of pets.

Pet care is easy:

Once every 7 days comb the wool.

Cleanse eyes 3-4 times a week.

Ears are cleaned 1-2 times in 7 days.

Nails are trimmed as they grow.

They bathe 2-3 times a year.

When caring for wool, light stripping is allowed. Excessive shortening of the hairline violates the natural casual appearance of the animal.

caring for the Flanders Bouvier breed

Flanders dogFood

For feeding the breed, industrial feeds of at least Premium class and homemade food are suitable. The natural diet should include:

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