Everything for fun training dogs

April 6, 2023
Dog Training
Everything for fun training dogs

When most people think about dog training, they think about the main commands of dog training – sit down, sit down, approach, wait. Although these things are important, do not underestimate the advantages of teaching dogs to tricks.

Dog tricks are a great way to offer your dog some mental stimulation, and many of them are based on the main commands. In addition, it is very fun to teach the dog some cool tricks to demonstrate their friends!


Dog kiss

To accustom the dog to kiss is one of the simplest training techniques. Although not everyone likes a big, wet dog kiss, this trick with a dog is usually very suitable for children.

Touching a little goodness to the cheek and adding the command, you will soon be able to get everything you want from your dog, on demand!

Another advantage of dog training to kiss by signal is to prevent unwanted licking.

Voice and quiet!

How to learn a voice with a dog

To train the dog “speaking” is fun and helps to solve a typical behavioral problem. Many trainers recommend using the Voice and Silent commands to stop excessive barking.

Their inclusion in the command allows your dog to bark in certain situations, and also allows you to control when the barking should begin and stop. It is also very fun to demonstrate the conversational skills of your dog at family meetings!


How to teach a dog a command back

Back is a funny trick with a dog that can come in handy in a variety of situations. As soon as your dog learns to retreat on command, you can use it to prevent her from jumping out the door, not flood you at the refrigerator or just entertain your friends.

The “back” command is quite easy to teach a dog. All you need is a little patience and several treats. You can quickly train the dog to retreat a few steps when you give the command.

Shake (Paw)

How to teach a dog a paw

Let your dog greet your friends, shaking hands (or paws, depending on the circumstances). This is a simple trick with a dog that you usually can teach a dog for several short training. Most dogs are naturally used to use paws, and they will enjoy the positive attention that they receive by performing this trick.

Wave his paw

The dog gives a paw

Dog training to welcome or say goodbye is a funny and fairly simple dog trick. Start by teaching the dog to Shake (Paw).

You will use the same actions as in learning to Shake (Paw) to teach it to raise a paw to wave it. This is a great trick to attract attention that will look very nice.


How to teach a dog to spin on command

Having brought the treat to the dog’s nose, you can easily lift it into spinning. If you want to complicate this trick with a dog, you can teach the dog to rotate in a certain direction. You will surprise your friends when you show them how your dog can distinguish the right from the left.

Everything for fun training dogs Rotation     


   Having brought the

Everything for fun training dogs


How to teach a dog a command ask

What could be prettier than seeing your dog sits on the hind legs with raised paws and asks for a treat? This trick with a dog can be a little more difficult to teach a dog to perform than some others, but, having shown a little patience, your dog will sit and ask for alms in the shortest possible time.


How to teach a dog roll

Most people teach the dog to turn over in several small parts and work to make the dog turn over completely. To teach the dog to perform this trick, some efforts may be required, but it is worth it. This is very fun, and also serves as a construction block for some other dog tricks, such as pretense dead.

How to teach a dog a command die

Your friends will certainly be shocked when you hold a finger like a gun, and say “bam”, and your dog falls to the floor to pretend to be dead. Although it looks impressive, it is not as difficult as you think, teach the dog to pretend to be dead, especially if you have already accustomed it.


How to teach a dog a command bow to < Span> puppies fight among themselves: what to do?

Black is a dog trick in which your dog presses the chest to the ground, holding the back in the air. This may seem like a complex dog trick for teaching a dog, but the truth is that bow is natural behavior for dogs.

If you see how two dogs play together, you will often see how they bow. Trainers call this behavior a game bow, and this is a way of the dog to ask another dog to come and play.

You can easily use your dog’s natural playfulness to teach her to worship. And this is a great way to complete the demonstration of all new cool tricks that your dog has learned!


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