EUKANUBA for large breed puppies Dry food for dogs

February 13, 2023
Dog Food
EUKANUBA for large breed puppies dry dog food for dogs

The EUKANUBA brand is one of the most famous and recognized manufacturers of super-premium dog feed, not only in USA, but also around the worldch wide popularity is not a fruit of a cunning marketing strategy, but the result of a long painstaking work of Eukanuba specialists, who have been developing and improving the diets for four-legged friends for 60 years.

Review of food

Until 2014, the Eukanuba brand was owned by the world-famous Procedrand Gamble Corporation and was a pioneer of dry dog foods with natural meat. Now it belongs to Mars, and the production of about 55 dry diets is carried out in the USA, USA and the Netherlands.


Eukanuba offers a wide range of nutrition for dogs of all kinds of age categories, rocks and physiological characteristics, in addition, the increased sensitivity of pets to ordinary food is taken into account. The line is represented by a dozen feed for certain breeds, options for active and service dogs, as well as ready-made solutions for pets with problem skin and weak joints.

The food has a fully balanced composition containing in the optimal ratio of proteins and fats, vitamin additives and minerals that are responsible for the full development and growth of the animal. Eukanuba dry diets are absolutely safe and do not include any synthetic ingredients, dyes, taste and smell in the recipe. All the necessary vitamins and trace elements are optimally absorbed by the body, which allows dog breeders not to use additional additives to preserve the health of their pet.

Important. A feature of all Eukanuba feed is that they can be used as a means of prevention in the fight against diseases of the oral cavity and teeth.

Eucanube feed composition for dogs

Since Eukanuba products are formulated for dogs of different breeds and ages, the composition varies and corresponds to a separate food line, however, in most diets, the ingredients are repeated. Quality sources of animal protein and protein are chicken and lamb meat, as well as fish fillets. During the production process, the sublimation process is used, due to which the meat loses excess liquid, but retains all the nutrients of its original state.

In the recipe you can find a large number of cereals. Sources of carbohydrates are wheat and corn, which increase the nutritional value of the finished product, barley and sorghum, a starchy cereal that does not contain gluten and improves blood sugar levels. Rice is an easily digestible component that supplies complex carbohydrates to the body.

Eukanuba dog food composition.

To provide the animal with useful elements, a wide variety of components are included in the recipe. Beet pulp regulates blood sugar levels, and animal fats supply the body with a set of vitamins and healthy fatty acids. Dried Whole Egg contains the optimal amount of fast-digesting protein, the nutrient choline, and two antioxidants to support your pet's visual function.

The food contains vegetables that play the main role in delivering vitamins and vegetable fiber to the body to normalize digestion. Brewer's yeast improves the condition of the skin and coat, and also has a beneficial effect on the pet's metabolism.

To strengthen the immune system, essential fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3 are added to the food formula, and for the strength of bones and teeth – phosphorus and calcium in the required proportions. Eukanuba's diet also contains a vital vitamin A, C, E and B complex for the healthy development of the dog.

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Pros and cons of food

Like all dog food, Eukanuba also has its pros and cons.

The Eukanuba brand has a number of significant advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include:

  • Naturalness of the products used in the production;
  • The presence of real meat, in some cases, the percentage of content exceeds 30%;
  • Abundance of vitamins and minerals;
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors, chemical additives;
  • A wide range for different breeds and sizes;
  • The presence of medical nutrition;
  • Relatively low cost (below many analogues of the same class).

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • Generally poor composition;
  • In some embodiments, a low percentage of meat ingredient;
  • A large number of cereal crops.

Important. Dog breeders and veterinarians recommend giving preference to foods with a low content of cereals. Wheat and corn are cheap fillers with little nutritional value and in most cases provoke allergies.

Why is this food better than others?

One of the significant advantages of Eukanuba food is the availability of an extensive line of therapeutic nutrition for dogs suffering from intestinal disorders, kidney failure, obesity, stress, joint problems, dermatitis and diabetes. For example, in the super premium feed Yoser, Nutram and Optima Nova, there are narrower lines of veterinary nutrition, limited by problems with weight, skin and stomach condition.

Eukanube dog food in a bowl

The main advantage of this feed is its extensive range.

Another advantage of Eukanuba diets is the availability of a special food designed not only for sterilized and neutered dogs, but also for weight loss. Fat rates reach only 7. 6%, which contributes to the active disposal of extra pounds and maintaining optimal weight. Weight control foods Optima Nova and Nutram contain 9% fat and Monge 10%.

The range of Eukanuba feeds includes about 10 options for specific breeds, and their composition is designed taking into account the lifestyle of the breed. You will not find such an abundance of specific diets either in the Joser brand, or in the Porcelan, Brit Care and Bosch brands.

Eukanuba dog food line

The Eukanuba brand offers a huge selection of dog food, so dog owners can choose the option that suits the needs and characteristics of their pet. The product line is represented by food for adult and senior dogs, for puppies and active pets, for specific breeds and dogs with special needs. There are also special veterinary diets for pets who have had illnesses and injuries.

Eukanuba Dog Puppy & Junior

Puppy nutrition is designed with fast-growing young organism in mind and contains all the necessary useful elements for its healthy development.

Eukanuba feed food

Eukanuba Dry Dog Food Review | The Dog Nutritionist

Eukanuba puppy food line.

The Eukanuba Dog Puppy & Junior Series includes the following variants:

  • Small Breed – food with a high content of proteins and fats, necessary for the accelerated metabolism of puppies of small breeds from 1 to 10 kg.
  • Medium Breed is a diet developed for medium breed puppies, which in adulthood will weigh from 11 to 25 kg. The main component is represented by chicken.
  • Large Breed-power for large (25-40 kg) and giant (more than 40 kg) puppies. Since such puppies are characterized by rapid growth, the food contains a specially selected level of protein, calcium and phosphorus for the optimal development of joints and bones, as well as the correct formation of the muscles.
  • All Breeds – easily digestible food for puppies of all breeds based on lamb meat. The optimal solution for small pets with problematic digestion and sensitive skin.

Adult dog food

Diets for adult dogs provide the optimal intake of beneficial substances in the body of pets of all breeds and sizes.

  • Eukanuba DOG Adult – a series of feed for daily nutrition of adult dogs of different ages. Small Breed is suitable for small breeds from 1 to 7 years old and has small granules for easier chewing and digestion. Medium Breed based on chicken meat is designed for medium-sized breeds from 1 to 7 years, and Large Breed with natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin – for large dogs from 1 to 6 years. There are options based on a lamb for small and medium rocks, and separately for large ones. As well as a diet for all breeds, where salmon fillet acts as the main component.
  • Eukanuba DOG ADULT Weight Control – feed for adult pets of large and medium breeds prone to obesity. To control the weight in their composition contains 40% less fat than in ordinary diets.
  • Eukanuba DOG ADULT TOY BREED – power for miniature dogs, the weight of which does not exceed 4 kgitable for feeding from one year to old age (8 years).
  • Eukanuba DOG ADULT JOGGING & Agility – food for active pets who need a large amount of nutrients and energy daily. Contains a high level of protein (28%) and fats (18%).
  • Eukanuba DOG ADULT WORKING & ENDURANCE is a diet for working dogs experiencing strong physical exertion. To maintain health and maintain an excellent physical form, food includes 30% proteins and 20% fat.
  • Eukanuba Dog Adult Breed Specific is specially formulated to promote an active lifestyle and healthy digestion in certain breeds of pets. Diet options are available for Jack Russell Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, West Highland White Terriers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Boxers, English Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds and more.

Senior dog food

Eukanube feed line for elderly dogs.

Eukanuba food line for older dogs.

EUKANUBA for large breed puppies Dry food for dogs medium-sized breeds

Eukanuba for large breed puppies dry food for dogs

A series of these diets is designed to improve the general well-being and mood of aging dogs. They contain ingredients that help support optimal physical condition, organ function, joint mobility, healthy digestion and strong immunity.

  • Eukanuba Dog Mature & Senior – food for older dogs of different age categories. They contain special carbohydrates that provide a constant flow of energy to maintain activity and playfulness. There are 4 options: for small breeds over 7 years old, for medium breeds over 7 years old, for large breed dogs over 6 years old and for all breeds with skin or stomach sensitivity.
  • Eukanuba Dog Mature & Senior Toy is food for senior miniature breed dogs, taking into account all the needs of small pets.
  • Eukanuba Dog Adult Daily Care Senior 9+ is food for older dogs over 9 years old.

Daily Care food for dogs with special needs

Daily Care food for dogs with special needs

Eukanuba Daily Care line of food for dogs with special needs.

This series includes several feeds designed for pets with individual body characteristics:

  • Sensitive Skin is a diet for dogs with sensitive skin, which contains practically no components that provoke itching and further scratching. Fish is the main source of protein.
  • Sensitive Joints is a special food designed for adult dogs with a predisposition to joint diseases. The formula contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health, as well asl-carnitine to maintain normal weight, which helps reduce stress on the joints.
  • Sensitive Digestion is a food for pets with sensitive digestion, including sugar beet pulp and FOS prebiotics to normalize the digestive process and optimize the balance of intestinal microflora.
  • Overweight, Sterilized – food for sterilized or neutered dogs, as well as for pets prone to gaining extra pounds. Contains 15% less fat than Eukanuba Adult Weight Control.

Eukanuba veterinary diets healing

This is a series of specially designed veterinary diets for the treatment of specific diseases in a pet.

Eukanuba veterinary diets healing

Eukanuba veterinary diets healing

There are the following options:

  • Dermatosis FP – dog food designed to maintain skin condition in the presence of dermatitis, excessive loss of wool and allergic reactions;
  • Intestinal – a dietary diet for pets suffering from intestinal disorders (there is a separate Puppy Intestinal diet for puppies);
  • Joint Mobility – a good nutrition with the optimal content of chondroitin and glucosamine for dogs with joint diseases;
  • Renal – food with a limited protein level and a low concentration of phosphorus to preserve the function of the kidneys in chronic renal failure;
  • Restricted Calorie – low-energy diet for dogs suffering;
  • Weight /Diabetic Control – a good nutrition for regulating the glucose level if the pet diabetes has a pet;
  • High Calorie is a high-energy and easily digestible food for dogs in the rehabilitation period after illness and during stress.

Attention. Most of the therapeutic feed of Eukanub has a number of contraindications, of which the most common are pregnancy, lactation and growth period. To prevent undesirable consequences, only a practitioner veterinarian should prescribe diets from the therapeutic line.

Feed veterinar reviews

Veterinarians recommend food for daily food.

Victor, veterinarian, 39 years old. The entire assortment of eukanube feed has exclusively natural products, which is an indisputable reason for the purchase of these products. Given the fact that the dogs are by nature predators and require a large amount of meat, there could be more meat ingredient in the eukanub recipe. But this is not a reason to abandon these diets. The manufacturer offers a huge number of balanced feeds: therapeutic, and for everyday feeding of puppies and adult dogs, and for pets with special needs. And they are not at all inferior in quality to similar feeds with a high content of meat. I can safely recommend these diets as a good product for daily food.

Lilia, veterinarian, 56 years old. Eukanuba dry feeds are category of super premium, which means they have good quality. They contain not only meat, but also a whole egg, cereal crops, vitamins and minerals, as well as a large number of useful auxiliary components. From the presented feed you can choose a diet corresponding to the age of the pet, its physical condition and lifestyle, which is an indisputable plus. I recommend this food as a high-quality and proven product for years.

Reviews of dog breeders about eukanube food for dogs

Dogkovo breeders say that high-quality food at a worthy price.

Tatkate. Our American Eskimo Spitz is already 3 years old, two of them we eat exclusively by eukanub food. For up to five months, they suffered leaks under the eyes, which tried to cure for a long time and unsuccessfully. But as soon as they changed the food to Eukanubu, all the hated sods disappeared. The dog liked the food, eats it with great appetite, health and hair problems are not observed. Previously, they bought food with a spitz on the package, now we take small breeds for adult dogs. The option is certainly not budget, but we are not going to change it. We buy 3 kg at once and eat for two months.

Brenda. Our baby breed of the Yorkshire Terrier is very picky in food. We tried many options from cheap to the most expensive – in the end, the dog ate barely how it happened and all day could not touch food. I recently bought Eukanuba Adult Small Breed food and was pleasantly amazed. My York eats with such an appetite that I have never seen before. The only negative is too frequent trips to the toilet (6-7 times a day), accompanied by a pungent odor. But in general, the dog is playful, active and cheerful. I will continue to observe.

Conclusions about the stern

Analyzing the composition of the Eukanuba food, you can see a small percentage of meat product, but there is no doubt that these are pure meat, and not offal of dubious quality. In general, the food is full of balanced and corresponds to the declared price, which is below many analogues of the super-premium class. The average cost of small 2-kilogram packaging is from 600 to 1050, and a large 15-kilogram-from 3800 to 5800.

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