Etsy Large Personalized Airtight Dog Food Container

March 13, 2023
Dog Food Container
Etsy Large Personalized Airtight Dog Food Container

Polimerbyt vs IKEA: 7 household containers that everyone loves

7 storage containers that everyone loves

Food and household storage containers from Polimerbyt are cheaper than analogues from IKEA, they are sold in many stores, they are attractive in appearance, and most importantly, they are not inferior in functionality and even win in some ways! Here are 7 storage containers that always have great reviews and are in high demand.

Where are the containers from "Polymerbyt" sold?

Here is a list of retail stores where you can purchase containers from this article:

  • Auchan;
  • Leroy Merlin;
  • Metro;
  • Ribbon;
  • Carousel;
  • Fix Price.
  • Wildberries;
  • Ozone;
  • Hoff;
  • Leroy Merlin;
  • Platypus Online;
  • Beru
  • Komus.

1. Containers on wheels

These containers are perhaps the most popular and well-known.



  • A good size and compact rectangular shape (there are trays with a volume of 6 l and 10 l). Containers are ideal for storing cleaning best storage containers, best storage containers, they fit perfectly in cabinets under the sink / sink, for kitchen cabinets;
  • With the help of these containers you can organize vertical storage according toMarie Kondo. For example, 10 liter trays will fit lids, pans and cutting boards;
  • Thanks to the wheels, the containers are suitable for deep drawers, allowing you not to rearrange things from place to place and quickly find them.


2. Universal suitcases

The Polymerbyt assortment includes many options for containers with a handle and inserts with cells – with a neutral design, as well as thematic drawings and signatures "First Aid Kit", "Needlework", "Fishing", "Important little things", etc. Perhaps the most popular of thesesuitcases is a first-aid kit "Home doctor" as in the photo below.


  • Thanks to the drawing and the inscription, the suitcases cannot be confused with anything;
  • It is convenient to store trifles in an insert with cells;
  • Clip-on clips are very reliable and easy to use;
  • Due to the presence of a handle, the suitcases are easy to carry;
  • Volumes of 10 liters or 6. 5 liters will allow you to fit literally everything you need;
  • Despite the fact that they were conceived as containers for storing medicines or small things, they are all equally suitable for storing food (this is indicated by the glass and fork icon) and including hot food (this is indicated by the triangle icon with the number 5).

3. Vegetable container

Must-have for the kitchen – boxes for vegetables and fruits.



  • It is especially convenient to store potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic in such containers;
  • Holes with perforated lids are convenient for filling and removing vegetables/fruits;
  • Easy to wash;
  • The boxes can be stacked on top of each other, saving a lot of space.


4. Container for washing powder

Super-thing for storing washing powder.


  • Thanks to the lid, it keeps the pungent smell of the powder. An indispensable thing for allergy sufferers;
  • The volume of 5 l is ideal for a 5 kg dog food storage container of washing powder;
  • The design of the container in the form of a washing machine looks very cute and immediately speaks of the contents.

  • The lid is hinged, which means it will never be lost;
  • Thanks to the handle, the container is easy to carry;
  • The container does not allow the powder to run out of steam and lose its properties due to long-term storage;
  • It is more convenient to get the powder from the container than from a large bag;
  • Looks much neater than a powder bag;
  • You can store not only powder, but also bottles with stain remover, bleach and other best storage containers.

5. Containers for bulk best storage containers

Often, containers for bulk best storage containers, which seem ideal, turn out to be inconvenient in practice. Either the lids are difficult to open, or the best storage containers are scattered in all directions, as, for example, this is typical of Ikea containers (series 365+). Fortunately, Polimerbyt containers are a win-win option. The only drawback is that they cannot be stacked on top of each other.

428 (for a set of three).

  • These jars have a great advantage – the presence of both a hinged lid and a convenient pouring valve;
  • Measures are marked on containers.

6. Containers for microwave and freezing "Cascade"

These workhorses, which are inexpensive and perform their functions at 100%.



  • The lids close tightly;
  • Suitable for microwave and freezing up to-40 degrees;
  • Very convenient rectangular/square shape;
  • High-quality plastic does not absorb odors;
  • Containers are the right size for food storage;
  • Low price;
  • Large selection of sets and individual containers.

food container

7. Large boxes on wheels

45l storage boxes on wheels are good for organizing storage on a balcony, garage or pantry.

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Etsy Large Personalized Airtight Dog Food Container due to

Etsy large personalized airtight dog food container



  • The lid with clips will prevent things from falling apart if the container is accidentally dropped;
  • Plastic does not smell;
  • The boxes are transparent, which means you can immediately see the contents;
  • Thanks to the wheels, the box is mobile – it is convenient to store heavy things and get them out (you can just roll it on the floor, and not carry it);
  • The drawers are very spacious;
  • The lids have recesses for wheels and sides, which allows you to put the boxes on top of each other.


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Almost all of it is there. I didn’t get only to the boxes on wheels, the toad strangles, it’s not cheap. And I don’t like cascade containers like that, they start to leak over time if you suddenly put them sideways.

I use the box on wheels as a bucket for mopping, perfect for my mop, easy to move while cleaning. A special bucket would cost a lot more. I keep a mop in it.

The boxes are all class, except for loose, seemingly convenient holes I typed in my time in a new kitchen. I'm suffering. You can't open the lids, they warp.

Containers on wheels are very successful. Many have old kitchens with 60 cm deep tables and a shelf. So these containers functionally completely replace the pull-out baskets, even more convenient, because you can get it entirely. Can be used as a mop bucket. Great thing. Unlike containers for vegetables. That's what it cost the manufacturer to make them protected from light? In the current beige and green dog food containers with translucent lids, you can store vegetables only inside some kind of furniture. And on the open rack, potatoes turn green and onions sprout. The dumbest thing.

I didn’t like the container for storing vegetables with a rough surface, if I touched it with my hands dusty from potatoes, simply wiping it with a rag does not wash off.

I have been using containers, like under 5, for a long time, the small size stacks perfectly, very convenient dosing lids, I love them!

I fundamentally disagree with point number 5 about containers for bulk best storage containers. In the photo there are uncomfortable containers, they are not stacked, that is, the place is wasted. Nothing crumbles from ikea 365 in normal people, maybe the author of course is a krivoruk.

In a 5 kg powder container, a pack does not fit in any way, a maximum of 3 kg

I use a container for vegetables – I store potatoes. Should have bought more of these. Everything is fine! A narrow container on wheels – power! It perfectly includes bottles of cleaning best storage containers (the container format is correct!). The wheels make it easy to slide in and out. In "Fix Price" I bought at a very reasonable price.

I have a huge one on wheels under my sink. I put all the household chemicals in there. And it’s convenient to clean up and nothing will wake up, won’t spill, smells are locked inside)

I use bulk containers. Comfortable. Which are smaller placed on top of each other perfectly. I store sugar and flour in large dog food containers. The only thing that is large when pouring flour wakes up, because. The neck is wide (for some reason there is no sugar). But in general, very satisfied.

The cascade is a force, they taper a little at the bottom and due to this you can store them in each other with a minimum of space.

Sorry for the offtopic, but I hope this is useful: the tapperware in the photo is a yellow bowl. It is really impossible to wash it with a sponge. I wash it with a washing machine – the plastic is soft and does not spoil it, the dishes themselves are like new after that. Metal brushes also help out, they remove dirt well from plastic best storage containers.

I agree that these items in everyday life will be very useful. But the prices are outrageous! A week ago, I bought containers with an insert at Svetofor (sweared by everyone) at 99 apiece!

I have one for potatoes, nothing is perfect, all Containers for bulk from Ikea, more beautiful there ! !

I have been using a container for vegetables for several years (and advised my relatives), vegetables are stored very well.

Buy a normal powder, without a pungent odor, then you won’t need to hide it in a container. If the powder carries even in a closed dog food storage container, congratulations, you bought a fake.

The container is made from waste from the petrochemical industry, the cost is a penny, and the price in the store for such goods is very high, the markup is very huge hundreds of percent.

Do vegetables get wet in the vegetable container?

I used to work at Polimerbyt. There really is a lot of interesting and useful. This is the first time I've seen ads. And interestingly, in addition to these stores, there was a store.

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