Dry food container for dogs Petsmart

March 14, 2023
Dog Food Container
Dry food container for dogs Petsmart

Petkit Fresh Element Solo Smart Feeder Smart Freesh Management Guide

* Failure to comply with the safety regulations described below can lead to a malfunction of the device or other unforeseen accidents.

  • Tune and use the device only as indicated in the user manual.
  • This device is not recommended for pets under 3 months.
  • Please use the device only indoors. Please do not use the device in places where the sun can shine, which will affect the operation of the device; Please stay away from the fire.
  • This device uses only a small amount of energy. Nevertheless, if domestic animals gnaw a wire, an energy leak may occur. Please direct your pets to use it correctly.
  • Use only the attached power adapter. Otherwise, you can damage the device or create a threat to security.
  • Make sure the device is installed on a flat surface. Do not turn the device, otherwise it can work incorrectly.
  • Do not throw all objects, except for dry food for pets, in a container for storing best storage containers, otherwise the device will not work properly and can even jeopardize the safety of a pet.
  • So that your pet does not overturn this device, we recommend placing it in the corner or near the wall.
  • So that the device does not fall and does not injure your pet or damage property, please do not place this device on the elevation.
  • Do not allow the device to get wet.
  • If you stop using the device, be sure to remove the battery and disconnect the power adapter, as well as clean and dry the device before cleaning it for storage.
  • Before moving the device, turn off the power cord.
  • Children should be allowed to work with this device only under the supervision of adults.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary damage or injuries, the repair of this device should be carried out only by repair specialists.
  • If you need to go out, check the battery in the battery compartment to make sure the battery has enough power (this device only uses an alkaline battery).
  • If you experience any problems with this device, please contact Customer Support at 400-087-0203.


*Before setting up the device, make sure you have all the necessary parts.

Smart feeder Petkit Fresh Element Solo - Components

Best storage container SUMMARY

Petkit Fresh Element Solo Smart Peter - best storage container Overview

Petkit Fresh Element Solo Smart Peteder - best storage container Review 1


(*When installing the unit, make sure there is no food in the food storage container yet.)

  1. Connect the power adapter Remove the power adapter cord and connect it to the power adapter port on the bottom of the main unit.
  2. Install the main unit 1. Place the main unit on a flat surface. 2. Press and hold the PUSH buttons and place the round indentations on both sides of the food storage container down to the buttons until the buttons are fully seated in the round indentations. (as shown in the picture below) 3. Take the stainless steel bowl and place it on the bowl holder.

Install backup batteries. (If you want to install batteries, you will need to buy batteries separately.) (*Please make sure there is no food in the food storage container before installing batteries.)

Scan the QR code to view the installation tutorial video

  1. Open the lid Press the lid open button with your thumb and slide the lid in the OPEN direction as shown in the figure below while lifting the lid.
  2. Insert desiccant Open the desiccant drawer, take the desiccant bag and place it flat in the drawer. Then close the desiccant compartment.
  3. Add pet food 1. Add pet food. (do not exceed the MAX line) 2. Close the lid: Insert the back of the lid into the two holes located on the top of the food storage container, then press the front of the lid down. *It is suggested that the size of dry pet food should not exceed 12mm.

Self-test table: Pet food pellet size

The size of dry pet food or freeze-dried pellets must not exceed 12 mm.


Smart Pets Petkit Fresh Element Solo - QR 1 code

  1. Connect the application download the Petkit application and complete the registration through the application. Go to the main page of the application and follow the instructions to add Petkit Smart Feeder Solo and connect the device. Scan the QR code to download the Petkit application. Http://mobile. Petkit. Com/download. Html
  2. Use the hand-remote food management application using the application you can set the feeding schedule. A pets feeder will automatically distribute food every day in accordance with your settings. When your pet is sweating, you will receive a notification. This can help you better control when your pet eats and how much he eats every time.
  3. Hold the manual feeding button with a manual food dispenser to distribute food. Release the button to stop the food.


Petkit Fresh Element Solo Smart Pet Feeder - indicator

Cleaning the device

  1. Open the lid and remove the dog food storage container with a moisture absorption.
  2. Remove the best storage container storage container and put the feeder on a flat surface. Press the PUSH button on one side and at the same time tilt the container to the other side and move it.
  3. Remove a stainless steel bowl.
  4. Clean each component one at a time, starting with a container for storing best storage containers (including the dispenser’s blades inside), the covers and bowls of stainless steel. We recommend using the corresponding amount of soap during cleaning, and then rinse and dry the components after you finish. * Remember that the main block cannot be wetted.
  5. After cleaning and drying, install each component in the correct order, starting from the container for storing best storage containers, then the covers and bowls of stainless steel. (Before installing, make sure that each component is completely dry) * When installing a container for storing best storage containers, if you cannot fix it in place, try to turn the blades of the dispenser for best storage containers until the Push button snaps in round grooves in the container for storing best storage containers. (see illustration 1 below)
Dry food container for dogs Petsmart In most cases, you can

Small petsmart dog food container

– If the feeder loses contact with the home router, this will turn off the device. Possible causes for this problem include: – 1. The feeder has been powered down. If this happens, your router will not work and your feeder will switch to battery power. If batteries are not installed, your device will stop working until power is restored. Until the batteries are discharged, the feeder will work normally. However, the app will not be able to connect to your device. Feeding records at this time will be marked as “unknown”. (Note: After you restore your Internet connection, you will be able to update a maximum of 10 feeding records, and during this time you will not be able to set up a feeding schedule.)your ISP). If this happens, the feeder will continue to work normally, but the application will not be able to track the status of your feeder. Any feeding logs during this period will be marked as “unknown”. (Note: After you restore your Internet connection, you will be able to update a maximum of 10 feeding logs, and during this time you will not be able to set up a feeding schedule.)

– The feeder uses a fixed volume to determine the portions of food dispensed. Each serving is approximately 10 g. The actual weight of each serving depends on the size and density of the food pellets. When the food storage container is full, each serving has a relatively constant weight. In most cases, you can adjust the dosage in the settings. When food levels are low, portion sizes may decrease. Make sure there is always enough food in the food storage container.


  1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and ;
  2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

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The device was checked for compliance with the general requirements for radio frequency radiation. This equipment corresponds to the FCC restrictions on the radiation effect established for the uncontrolled environment. This equipment should be installed and operated at a distance of at least 20 cm between the radiator and your body. Ic warning this device meets the RSS standards of the Ministry of Industry of Canada, which does not require licensing. Operation is possible subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device cannot interfere and (2) this device should take any interference, including interference, which can cause unwanted operation of the device.

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