Dr Tim’s weight management dog food Farmina Life Formula review

February 15, 2023
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Dr Tim's weight management dog food Farmina Life Formula review

Farmina Life Formula for sterilized bitches and castrated male 1-10 kg instructions for use

The formula formula for sterilized branches and castrated male 1-10 kg for specialists and approved by the manufacturer for the electronic edition of the Vidal Vetail Veterinar 2019 is based on the officially approved instructions for the use of the Farmina Life product.

Release form, composition and packaging

Ingredients: dehydrated chicken meat, oats, pulp of sugar beets, corn gluten, dehydrated whole eggs, peas fibers, chicken fat, dehydrated fish, linseed seed, hydrolyza of animal proteins, potassium chloride, vegetable oil, plantain, fruitoligosaccharides, mannanoligosaccharides, mannanoligosaccharidesDry beer yeast, calcium sulfate dihydrate (0. 4%), sodium chloride, soy extract (isoflavon source 600 mg/kg), glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, calendula extract (Luthein source).

Food additives for 1 kg: vitamin A – 18, 000 IU, vitamin D 3 – 1200 IU, vitamin E – 600 mg, vitamin C – 300 mg, niacin – 150 mg, pantothenic acid – 50 mg, vitamin B 2 – 20 mg, Vitamin B 6 – 8. 1 mg, vitamin B 1 – 10 mg, vitamin N – 1. 5 mg, folic acid – 1. 5 mg, vitamin in 12 – 0. 1 mg, choline chloride – 3000 mg, beta-carotene – 5 mg, zinc lelat is similar- 970 mg, a manganese Helat similar to methiononinhydroxylase – 400 mg, glycine hydrate helat – 185 mg, copper Helat is similar to methiononinhydroxylase – 68 mg, selenometionine – 68 mg, waterproof iodite – 2. 4 mg, liz Monohydrochloride – 1, 500 mg, DL- DL-methionine – 3500 mg, taurin – 2000 mg,l-carnitine – 350 mg; Special additives: green tea extract – 100 mg, grape seed extract – 100 mg, microcrystalline cellulose; Antioxidants: Tocopherols extract of natural origin – 10 mg.

Nutrients: raw protein – 33%, raw fat – 10%, raw fiber – 6. 2%, raw ash – 7. 9%, calcium – 1. 2%, phosphorus – 0. 9%, sodium – 0. 35%, potassium – 0. 6%, magnesium – 0. 1%, omega-6 fatty acids – 1. 4%, omega-3 fatty acids – 0. 25%, eicopascentaenic acid (EPA) – 0. 05%, non-zahyxaic acid (DHA) – 0. 1%.

Energy value: 3245 kcal/kg – 13. 6 MJ/kg.

Packed in best dog food storage containers of 2, 10 kg.

Pharmacological (biological) properties and effects

Complexed and balanced dry food for adults castrated or sterilized dogs weighing up to 10 kg to control weight and prevent the development of urolithiasis.

The diet with a low fat content and a high protein content ensures the maintenance of the optimal body weight.L-carnitine stimulates the oxidation of fats and their transformation into energy. Low carbohydrate content reduces the likelihood of diabetes. Calcium sulfate helps to control the pH of urine and reduces the risk of urinary disease.

  • Urine pH is achieved due to the introduction of calcium sulfate into the recipe.
  • Taurin supports the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • L-carnitine converts fat deposits into energy and helps to preserve muscle mass.
  • Optimal weight. The limited fat content provides weight control, and the increased content of plant fibers contributes to the saturation effect.
  • Isoflavon. Natural phytoestrogens reduce the effects of the influence of sex hormones on metabolism.

The food is made of high-quality ingredients that successfully passed all the control tests.

Procedure for application

Before using the food and to extend the period of use, it is recommended to seek advice to the veterinarian.

The recommended daily amount of feed is indicated in the table. The daily norm can vary depending on the breed, conditions of content, physical activity, stage and severity of the disease. The daily norm can be divided into two or more feedings.

Dr Tim's weight management dog food Farmina Life Formula review can vary depending

dr tim’s weight management dog food farmina life formula review

The weight of an adult dog Recommended daily amount of food (minimum/maximum)
2 kg 35-65 g (0. 33-0. 66 cups*)
5 kg 50-90 g (0. 5-1 cup*)
10 kg 60-110 g (0. 66-1. 25 cups*)
20 kg 70-130 g (0. 75-1. 33 cups*)
30 kg 80-155 g (0. 75-1. 75 cups*)
40 kg 90-170 g (1-1. 75 cups*)
50 kg 100-190 g (1-2 cups*)
60 kg 110-210 g (1-2. 25 cups*)
70 kg 120-225 g (1. 25-2. 5 cups*)

The dog should have free access to fresh drinking water.

Formula Formula Formula for sterilized bitches and castrated male 1-10 kg storage conditions

Feed should be stored in a dry, cool place. It was made 18 months before the expiration date indicated on the package. The mass of the net, the shelf life, the party number, the registration number of the plant are indicated on the packaging.

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