DR Gary’s German dog food vs Grand Dog

December 27, 2022
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DR Gary's German dog food vs Grand Dog

dr gary’s german dog food vs grand dog

Grand Dog dog food: reviews, analysis, price

Grand Dog dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price

Dry food Grand Dog (“Grand Dog”) is produced in USA, the manufacturer. The official website, there is information about the entire line of feed (compositions, recommended feeding standards, etc.). This feed can be attributed to the premium class maximum, although the manufacturer positions it as a super-premium.

The same manufacturer produces Grand Cat food for cats, Lion for dogs, Grand Fish for fish.

Grand dog food composition

Consider the composition of the Grand dog food on the example of the Junior version (for puppies of all breeds, with lamb).

The first ingredients are lamb meat, dehydrated turkey meat – good sources of protein. Further, the composition is still meat flour (not specified from which animals). There are no ingredients rich in plant protein, which means that the main part of the 27. 5% protein indicated in the analysis is of animal origin.

In some other formulas, in the first places of the composition there are meat offal (beef scar, ram of the scar).

Barani oil, fish oil – sources of fat and fatty acids. White rice is a source of carbohydrates (wheat is also present in some other formulas). Flax seed is a source of fiber, unsaturated fatty acids.

Cicoria root – contains a prebiotic inulin (useful for digestion). Minerals, vitamins – food additives of vitamins and minerals.

Pros and cons

The advantages of food include:

  • The main source of protein is meat and meat ingredients;
  • good content of vitamins and minerals;
  • A wide line, in addition to dry feed, is canned food;
  • relatively low price.

Disadvantages of Grand dog food:

  • In some formulas there is wheat (typical of premium class);
  • The antioxidants/preservatives used are not indicated;
  • Little common.

Grand Dog dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price

Grand Dog dog food – reviews

Since the food is little common, there are few reviews on the Internet. Below we shared all found.

Customer reviews

We are at the stage of selection of feed for amstaff for 7 months. We tried about 10 brands of feed as a result (either diarrhea, or does not eat, or sprinkled). DOG eat 1 week, began to gain weight, eats with appetite not tore, the chair is good, there are no rashes yet. I will order another 3 kg. If everything is fine, we will look for a large package.

Grand Dog dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price

Yes…I SWITCHED puppy food!!! Here’s why with Major & GSM

Writes Morasint: (Source)

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I learned about the stern from the advertising of VK, I liked the price and the fact that the reviews seemed to be positive, and here is also the rise in price of the feed that I usually order. In general, I bought 20 kg Mix Universal. And she regretted the money saved. The granules of a strange form, fatty and unpleasant to the touch, unfortunately there is no money to take the examination on the declared composition and content of substances.

In order: Tali eats him with great reluctance;What became noticeable after a week of switching to this food – the chair became firmly, almost dog food storage container like a constipation and greenish (and even after three weeks the situation did not change);The dog began problems with the anus, namely the allocation of the enzyme and it clearly experiences discomfort;She began to pour wool;The smell appeared from the mouth and the formation of the coat on the teeth intensified.

As a result, the rest was thrown into the trash, and the food that was before was bought again. And the conclusion for those who want to save money – remember where free cheese is found and that the miser pays twice. The second time I won’t fall for such an advertisement, my dog is dear to me, and I’ll better look and look for true reviews, not paying attention to the exalted paid “reviewers” I noticed one more thing, the production time was not completely broken.

Grand Dog dog food: reviews, composition analysis, price

I bought a Grand Dog Mini with beef. I liked a good composition at such a price. The biscuits are a bit big for a sneeze, but mine handles them well.

Price and where to buy Grand Dog dog food

You can buy Grand Dog food at some online pet stores.

  • Packing 3 kg – from $10;
  • Packing 10 kg – from $30

These prices are valid at the end of August 2022 and may change over time. See the exact price on the store's website at the link above.

Conclusions about the food "Grand Dog"

There are both positive and negative reviews about Grand Dog dog food. The composition is not the worst, but still not good enough for the PetObzor website to recommend it as the main diet for your pets.

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