Doodle brush for dogs

March 1, 2023
Doodle brush for dogs

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

It doesn’t matter what breed and size a pet is necessary to take care of its appearance in any case. This is especially true for lon g-haired and so-called “hairdressing” breeds – that is, those dogs that require special care for wool and trimming or haircut. But the owners of smooth-haired dogs are also useful to acquire tools for the care of the wool of the pets. And we will help you decide on the right choice of combs for your pet.

There are many combs and brushes for dogs. At first glance, it may seem that the choice of combs for the care of the pet’s hair is a simple matter, but this is far from the case. The choice of tools for caring for the hair of the dog should be approached no less responsibly, as in choosing food or ammunition for it. After all, both its appearance and the state of health depend on how suitable for the dog is suitable for the dog.

What are they?

In order for the pet to look well-groomed, you need to regularly comb it. During this procedure, dust, dirt and dead hairs are cleaned with wool. The combed wool looks much more elegant, the procedure itself, if it is carried out correctly, is also a massage for the skin of a pet. And in the period of molting, deducting even becomes a necessary procedure, since otherwise the whole house is strewn with wool.

Dogs with different types of wool need different care: someone can be cleaned once a day with a massage brush, and someone needs long and careful combustion, as well as complex haircuts and grooming.

To achieve a good result, you should buy only high-quality combs for dogs and do it better in specialized stores.

Attention! It is impossible to limit yourself to only one calculation: in order to put the hair of a long-haired or hard-haired dog in order, several combs and brushes are used, which differ in shape and size of the teeth.

Types with photos

For combing the wool

Long, fluffy wool is a decoration of many breeds. But in order for it to look perfect, the dog must be carefully combined. This procedure will not hurt and hard-haired dogs and even pets with short and smooth hair.


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

This modern device replaces a number of dog hair care procedures. It looks like an instrument with a wide base and one number of straight and close cloves. Furuminator can quickly and at a time remove the fallen fluff.

How to use a Furuminator for dogs: you need to gently and without unnecessary effort to lead them through the body of a dog, collecting them dropped hairs. As necessary, the furminator is cleaned of combed wool.

This tool has many advantages. In addition to the fact that it is reliable and durable due to the strength of the teeth, the furminator has another advantage: when combined, it does not cause a dog anxiety, on the contrary, the pets like this procedure.

Furuminator is suitable for both long-haired and smooth-haired rocks. The only condition for its successful use is that the dog has a subcutane, which is removed with this tool.

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

For long-haired dogs of dogs, you need a furminator with teeth more authentic, and for short-haired – with less long. For a average pet, it is worth choosing an intermediate option.

Perhaps the only serious drawback of the furminator is its price. It is rather big and is from $ 30 for a small model to $ 70 for a large one.


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

Before the invention of the Furinator, his functions performed. But if Furminators of different models are suitable for a wide variety of dog breeds, then only fluffy animals with a rich undercoat can be combed with packets.

Attention! For short-haired and smooth-haired dogs, almost devoid of undercoat, deducting a pudder, roughly scratching the skin, turns into torture.

What is a packer? This is a rectangular brush brush with bent wire teeth, which can easily be pulled up by the dropped under the Mill and remove it.

How much is a packer: its price does not exceed 800. There are also very cheap models: for 100-200. Professional packets for gloomers are more expensive, their cost reaches 1, 500, but they are better.

When choosing a packer, pay attention to the size of the tool itself, as well as the length and stiffness of the wire “bristles”: all these parameters must correspond to the size of the dog and the length and density of the wool.

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

It is desirable that at the ends of the “bristles” of the packers there are metal, rubber or plastic balls. Otherwise, there is a risk of injuring a dog. The brush with a drop is the best and most “gentle” option!

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

It is necessary for the final combination of long-haired dogs, such as Spitz, to remove the fallen wool, which is no longer captured by the puddle. Even from the pet’s hair perfectly combed at first glance, he will pull out a little more fluff that remained, which he remained in the wool, could fall into the tangles. Only a comb can comb a thick wool well, in addition, it lifts the hairs at the roots, creating a visual volume.

The comb is suitable: Samoyed, all the Spitz, Husky, Malamuts and other dogs with an “Arctic” type of wool, that is, with a dense undercoat and rude covering hair.

A crest for dogs is chosen, focusing on the size of the animal, the length and density of the wool, while it is better to take a model that in which the teeth have different lengths: such a comb will comb both the outer hair and the submatic. It is recommended to use a comb for everyday dog hair care.

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

The cost of a high-quality crest for dogs does not exceed 1000, but there is more than a cheaper model.

Massage brush

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

There are several types. The two most common are in the form of a handle brush and one that is put on the hand and fixed with straps. The bristles can be either natural or made of plastic or metal, in the latter case it is desirable that at the ends of the “bristles” there are balls in the form of drops: they will not allow injured the skin of the pet when combing.

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

The main purpose of this brush is not so much to comb out as to lay and even smoothing the dog’s hair, while conducting a light massage. It is suitable for dogs with smooth and short hair, since thoroughly comb it with a long, with a rich undercoat wool will not work.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality, length and frequency of bristles. A massage brush put on hand allows you to combine wool in hard-to-reach places than a brush with a handle.

The scatter of prices for such combs is great. The cheapest can be purchased for 100, but there are also expensive, up to 2000 or more.


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

Designed to combine smooth-haired dogs. It looks like a mitten, supplemented with spikes. Often a “spiked” lining is made of rubber, less often it is plastic. In some combs of this type, a lining is a semblance of a metal or plastic massage brush. It is not difficult to use it: you need to put on a comb-awash on the hand and draw a pet on the wool. Dogs are favorable to such a procedure, as it is at the same time a good massage for them.

You can use such a comb at least every day: it does not injure either the skin or the wool of the pet.

Suitable for short-haired and smooth-haired rocks, almost devoid of undercoat, such as dog, boxer or pincher.

When choosing a mittens, it is worth focusing on the stiffness of the spikes: they should not be too hard, nor too soft. The mitten should also conveniently “sit” on the arm.

The cost of this comb is not too large: it ranges from 200 to 800.


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

In terms of functions, it is similar to the combing ahead, it differs only in that its spikes are smaller and located on the entire surface, even on the fingers. The outer side of dense fabric, it is equipped with a fastener on Velcro, so that the glove perfectly sits on the hand.

Her advantage is that it can be combed not only on the back or sides of the dog, but also in more delicate places.

Such a glove for long-haired and medium-winged breeds is suitable. She collects the dead hair from the entire surface of the body of the pet, without causing him anxiety.

The cost of such a comb is small: 150-200.

Robble with rotating cloves

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

It looks like a rectangular brush with teeth. The peculiarity of this tool is that each of the teeth is not fixed in the nest motionless, but rotates freely. This allows you to collect more dead hairs when combined, which reduces the amount of wool on the clothes of the owners, carpets and furniture.

It is necessary to comb the dog with it as an ordinary comb, both in the growth of wool and against itch a comb is used as necessaryitable for medium-winged and long-haired dogs with a thick undercoat: such as Malamut, Keeshond, Samoyed, Caucasian Shepherd and Collie.

Attention! Do not use this comb for dogs such as York or Maltese, since too long wool can be wound on the teeth of combs and torn.

To combine fleas

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

It is a plastic base into which frequent metal teeth are inserted. Designed for the final disposal of the dog from external parasites. Due to the minimum distance between the teeth, it combs out those insects that could not be removed during washing.

Suitable for all breeds of dogs, but when choosing, you need to proceed from the size of the pet and do not take a small flea comb for a large dog, as it will not comb through its coat, and it is not comfortable to work with it. A small dog should also not be treated with a large “scratch”: it is inconvenient to use it, and besides, it is easy to injure a small dog.

Attention! You should use a flea comb only when necessary, you should not use it for daily care, as too frequent teeth will remove both dead and live undercoat.

The cost of such a tool is relatively low: in online stores you can buy one for 500 or a little more.

For a haircut

A comb during dog grooming is used to comb the hair, divide it into several parts, and to trim the edge of the dog’s “hairstyle” along it. There are also trimmer combs, which, in fact, are more like clippers.


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

It is a comb with teeth of the same length. It is needed as an auxiliary tool during dog grooming, its task is not to comb the hair, but to divide it into strands and smooth it. Using a long metal comb, it is convenient to smooth the coat along the bottom of the “skirt” of dogs such as Yorkshire or Maltese.

Needed by owners of dogs of “hairdressing” breeds, such as poodle, bichon, yorkie, bedlington terrier. But it can also come in handy for those whose pets are dogs with long hair, such as Shih Tzu or Pekingese.

When choosing a metal comb, you need to focus on its size and frequency of teeth: for dogs with an undercoat, a more frequent metal comb is needed, and for animals with a long, straight and smooth coat, less often so as not to damage the awn.

The cost depends on the size of the instrument and its quality and ranges from 500 to 1500.


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

Externally, trimmers look like dog clippers. They come in several types: rotary, vibration, pendulum and battery. When shearing animals, rotary or cordless trimmers are usually used. Vibrating ones are used less often because they are low-power, and it is difficult to change knives in them. Rotary, as the most reliable, are used when cutting dogs with thick hair.

The trimmer kit usually includes several metal comb attachments, which differ in different sizes and with teeth of various lengths. It is not difficult to work with them, but at first it is unusual, especially for a person who has taken such a tool in his hands for the first time.

Trimmers are suitable for those breeds of dogs that require a haircut, and the owner wants to tidy up his dog’s coat himself.

The price of a trimmer depends on the quality of the tool, the materials from which it is made. Of considerable importance in pricing is the type of trimmer. On average, their prices start from 1200-1500 and reach 3000 or more.

It IS INTERESTING! In addition to conventional trimmers, there are also combs with interchangeable nozzles that combine the functions of a trimmer and a slicker brush. With their help, you can first comb out the pet’s undercoat and then change the nozzle and cut it.

You need to choose a trimmer so that it fits the size of the dog and the length of the coat. And one more thing: it is better to avoid overly cheap models, as this is exactly the case when the miser pays twice. A low-quality trimmer bought cheaply will soon break down and need to be replaced. Of all types, it is better to give preference to rotary or battery.

For trimming


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

Doodle brush for dogs and ranges from

Doodle brush for dogs

It looks like a rectangular brush, but in reality it consists of several blades connected together and fixed on a wooden handle. Strippings are used for quick and easy removal of loose hair.

There are several types of strippers, differing from each other in the size, length and shape of the blades. They are mainly used when trimming wire-haired breeds, such as most terriers or schnauzers. But there are strippings for dogs with soft and slightly wavy coats, such as Cocker Spaniels.

Strippers are chosen based on the type of coat and size of the pet. Preference should be given to models with high-quality steel blades, otherwise there is a risk that the tool will quickly break.

The process of stripping a dog is similar to regular combing. Only at the same time it is necessary to properly pull off the coat so as not to accidentally injure the dog.

Stripping should be used only as needed, during trimming. It is not necessary to use them for simple removal of fallen hair: there is a risk of either removing excess or injuring the pet.

Stripping prices are not too high, they start from 1000 for small models to 1500 for large ones.

Metal with wooden or plastic handle

Before processing wool stripping, as well as during trimming, the dogs of the dog are combed in order to better see the result of processing, and at the same time remove the coat combed with stripping.

For this procedure, you can use any convenient comb with rare teeth.

This comb is used as an auxiliary tool during trimming, and for daily combing of the dog.

The cost of a metal comb fixed on a plastic or wooden handle is small: about 100.

For grooming


It can be metal or plastic. The main distinguishing feature is a narrow long handle, similar in shape to the blade of a rapier with a sharp, tapering down end. Using this comb, you can simultaneously comb a dog with the teeth during the haircut, and the end of the handle is to make partings or wind up wool on it, then laying it in papillokas or making top-nets.

Suitable for most “hairdressers” breeds, which make complex haircuts, and, first of all, poodles.

The scatter of prices for these combs is great. An inexpensive model can be purchased for 200-250, for more expensive you will have to give about 1000.


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

The combuster combuster looks like stripping and also looks like several blades collected together and fixed on the handle. Grummer is distinguished by the shape of the blades from the combing-cutting: if they havey-shaped strippings, then the groomer has the appearance of hook bent down.

It is necessary for cutting and combing neglected, fallen wool. This tool carefully cuts small stoopers and combs the wool with the undercoat.

Suitable for long-haired and hard-haired rocks. They treat them with animals as necessary, is not suitable for frequent use.

When choosing, pay attention to the quality of the material from which the blades are made. The cost of combing-thoroughs is approximately 1000.


16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

A crest from the stiffons. It looks like a rare-to-back comb with a handle, only instead of the teeth of this crest of the blade. This tool is intended for careful untangling and cutting tangled wool.

It is used for professional care for the hair of long-haired dogs.

Attention! A crest from the stiffons is a very sharp tool, they need to use it with caution so as not to injure either a pet or yourself. It is necessary to use it only as necessary.

When choosing a ridge from the stiffons, you need to give preference to models with a high-quality stainless steel blade with a comfortable handle.

The cost of such a tool depends on the quality, manufacturer and materials from which it is made, it starts from 400-500 and higher.

With a blade

16 combs for dogs: Details about each of them

It has the form of a conventional comb, inside which the blade is inserted. Designed for thinning wool during haircut and partially – it shortening.

It is used for haircuts of dogs of those breeds, according to the standard of which it requires thinning wool, that is, this tool can be some alternative to a more expensive stripping.

The cost depends on the model, the simplest combs with blades (though not dog, but rather universal, suitable for both people and animals) can be bought in less than 100.

What is the most professional?

The best of professional combs can be considered stripping. He not only quickly removes the dead under the cereal, but also allows you to very quickly form clear lines with haircuts and trimming of dogs.

Also very good and truly necessary for professional groomer is a combination of the tool, without which you can’t make beautiful top-net or parting.

To comb the well-fed wool and removing the stiffons for pros, comb-scrames are most suitable.

Which one to choose home?

At the moment, the Furinator is the most universal, suitable for both professionals and ordinary dog breeders. It allows you to very quickly save the pet from the underwear that has fallen during molting, and therefore is a genuine salvation for many owners. Furuminator can be selected for almost any dog, both long-haired and short-haired, which is also its undoubted plus.


A useful review of a comb from China: it is better to save wisely!


Currently, in the world there are many “Chesa”, designed for both professional groomers and ordinary dog owners. You can not relate to the choice of combs, especially the first, “puppy” irresponsible. Moreover, of all their diversity, it is easy to choose the one that is ideal for one or another dog, despite its breed, growth, age and type of wool.

And how do you comb your pet? Share in the comments with your experience, tips and photos of your favorites with perfectly combed and laid wool.

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