Dog twists the food container

February 27, 2023
Dog Food Container
Dog twists the food container

Why does a dog not eat from a bowl, but eats from hands?

Why the dog does not eat from the bowl, but eats from the hands


The dog does not eat from a bowl, but eats from hands – one of the most common problems of novice dog breeders, as well as just pet lovers. There may be several reasons, sometimes not the most obvious cases and options. Let’s look at some of them, which are most often encountered in practice.

Wrong bowl

It is simply inconvenient for a puppy to eat from a bowl, for example, due to its size, as well as the height of its location. The size of the bowl should be chosen depending on the breed of the dog, some breeds simply need coasters. This reason is very easy to deal with, you just need to choose the right bowl and purchase it.

Dirty or foreign

The puppy may refuse to eat from the bowl if it smells strange or simply unfamiliar and unpleasant odors. A typical situation: you washed the bowl using a detergent, but didn’t rinse it well enough, because of which the dog smells chemicals and refuses to eat from such dishes.

There are times when pets are very respectful and reverent about other people’s property and prefer to eat exclusively from their own bowl. In these cases, it will be enough to wash and rinse the bowl well in order to get rid of third-party odors.


Fright is common in puppies. In puppyhood, the dog remembers any threat very well, and so well that it will be almost impossible to wean from fear to a harmless bowl. Imagine the situation that you bought a new bowl with a stand, and a clumsy puppy knocked it over on itself, which caused a panic fear of dishes.

The dog will not approach this stand, even if hunger takes over. The complexity of this case lies in the fact that you simply do not know and do not understand what exactly the dog is afraid of, since such an event could happen without your presence or at all with the previous owner. To solve the problem, you will need to buy a completely different bowl so that it differs from the previous one in all respects.

Pet pampered

Far from the very last reason will be arrogance. The pet is extremely demanding and sure that you will feed him, in particular with your hands, and even better from the table, harmful, but delicious goodies. Specialty is manifested in inviolability to the bowl and the subsequent meeting and begging food at the master’s table. To solve this problem, it is enough to completely eliminate complementary foods with all kinds of goodies. Put a bowl of food literally for fifteen minutes, if you do not eat, then we remove the bowl until the next meal.

The pet refuses to eat dry food

It happens that a pet stops eating dry food, even if he had eaten it before with pleasure. Not everything is so clear here and the reason can be extraordinary. We will analyze the main reasons.

Unusual food for him

If in everyday life the pet is fed by natural feed, then you constantly have to cook. In cases where it bothers or is simply necessary during trips due to their convenience, dry food is used. The owners give food to the pets, and it seems to them unattractive or simply tough.

Different smells

If the dog always feeds on dry feed, then one of the reasons for the refusal can be a change of brand or poor-quality food. By human standards, food has no differences, but you can’t spend the sensitive sense of smell of the dog.

Impudent and spoiled behavior

Small dog breeds are very selective to feed and, in case of refusal of a bowl, a treat is offered, and soon the usual nutrition completely switches to the treats harmful to the pet. In this case, you need to exclude complementary foods or completely change the diet.

Make a little tastier

Dog twists the food container because of which the

Dog twists the food container

Pets such as dogs are extremely undemanding in the variety of food, but they can also come to feed with a monotonous taste. One of the reasons can be hidden in a sharp stop of flavor additives (some owners add kefir to dry food for container storage), or the pet realizes that the master’s table is tastier, maybe something will fall and still falls. Mixing nutrition is allowed only if the pet is transferred from one brand of feed to another, not otherwise.


Like people, dogs are subject to various stresses. They are difficult to experience loneliness, change of place of residence or loss of the owner. If there has been stress in the life of a pet, he needs to eliminate or adapt the dog to the factor that bothers her. In particularly neglected cases, an appeal to a specialist and further use of sedatives on a plant basis will be required. In any case of cases, it will take some time to conduct adaptation.

The pet pulls food out of the bowl and eats it exclusively from the floor

This problem is quite common. The dog pulls out and scatters food, after which it spreads it on the floor. Or pulls out a piece and pulls it into a secluded placech behavior quickly bothers the owners, due to the need to constantly wipe and wash the floors. This behavior of a pet can be caused by the following reasons.

Instinct is from the Earth, inherited: from generation to generation. You can’t argue with genetics, and in this case you should resort to grinding, or seek help from a kinologist.

The desire to eat the most delicious in the first place

The pet pulls out pieces of meat from a bowl and puts on the floor, thereby separating different feed ingredients. It is easy to deal with this problem, try to cut the meat into smaller pieces, after which after stirring well, the result will be noticeable immediately. In the case when the dog chooses grains – try to harness porridge until a homogeneous mass.

Fear of loss of a tidy piece

This problem is revealed when several pets live at once or if the dog is brought from the nursery, where she had to share with her neighbors. The pet chooses a piece and reflexively pulls away from the place where the bowl is located to avoid further deeds.

In this case, as in the previous one, the decision lies on the surface. It is only necessary to mix and grind large ingredients of your food so that the pet simply has nothing to pull out.

Do not let the food pull out, and also encourage eating from the bowl. You can also and should try feeding in very small portions so that everything is eaten at a time. Stretch this process of eating for about fifteen minutes, in a few such sessions the dog will learn to eat with a bowl and stop dragging and hiding with food.

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