Dog training – Fetch command for dogs from scratch

April 6, 2023
Dog Training
Dog training - Fetch command for dogs from scratch

The Fetch command for the dog is included in the general course of training (OKD). It is necessary for many types of training and sports. Important for hunting dogs, which are trained to search for prey and delivery to its hunter. We will tell you how to teach the dog the Fetch command. Consider the training technique, and what does the command mean.

The Fetch command for the dog: what does it mean?

The name of the command comes from the French word “apporter”, which means “bring”.

The skill is based on the innate instinct of dogs to pursue and bring prey. Since ancient times, hunters used dogs to find and deliver gained game. According to this quality, the selection of individuals for breeding led for tens of centuries. Dogs who did not want to bring the game were cut off from breeding. Therefore, training in the Fetch command is easily and at ease. For example, a labrador or a golden retriever happily run after an abandoned object and return it to the owner. They can play this for hours.

However, the difference between the skill of apportion and games is that to run after the subject and give it to the dog strictly after serving the command.

If the dog does not have instinct to bring objects, then teaching it is much more difficult. Sometimes this needs to be spent a lot of time and effort.

Fetch command for the dog according to the standards

To pass the standards, the dog must find objects abandoned from a distance of 15 m or more. Perform the task from the first presentation and gesture. The dog should also give objects at the first request. She bypasses the owner from behind and sits at the left leg. It is permissible that the dog sits down in front of the owner, without bypassing him from behind.

This happens so. You give the command "Sit! " (left). Throw the item as far as possible. The dog continues to sit motionless Heel. Then, when submitting the command “Fetch”, indicate with your hand in the direction of the subject. The dog runs and returns with the subject. Approaching you, she bypasses you from behind and sits at the left leg. After that, you give the command "give" and take the item.

The Fetch command according to the norm is easily given to all dogs. Yes, not from everyone and this is required. Often the owner is enough if the dog just runs after a stick and gives it to his hands.

command practice

Learning a German shepherd to bring an item on the command "Fetch": photo

How to teach a dog the fetch command from scratch

Teaching the dog the "Fetch" command is aimed at developing and consolidating the hereditary instinct.

Before you teach your dog the "Fetch" command, practice the "Sit", "Heel", "Come" commands with it. Then start working on the “Drop-it” command. By this time, the dog is usually 6-7 months old. Repeat each exercise 3-4 times. Then take a break for 10-15 minutes so that the dog rests and plays.

Do not rush to move from one stage to another. The result will be better and faster if the student learns each lesson well.

Practice on a leash. When the dog learns the skill, it will be possible to train without a leash.

"Fetch": a command for the dog to take an object into the mouth (first stage)

Practice while walking. In a quiet place, without distractions. For example, cars, people, dogs. Take the leash in your left hand and the object in your right. You can take any item. For example, a glove or a worn shoe.

But remember! Food or toys are not suitable for training. Also objects made of metal or long fur are not allowed, as dogs do not like to take such things in their mouths.

Show the dog an object and try to interest it. You must ensure that the pet has a desire to take this item. You can tease your pet with it during the game. Drag this thing. Praise the dog for showing interest and repeat the "Fetch" command.

If the pet is sluggish on a task, try pulling the item. Then the dog will strengthen the grip.


At the first stage, we teach the dog to take the object: Photo

How to teach your dog the command "Give it back! " ("Drop-it! ").

When you see that the dog is trying to grab this item at the mere sight of it, give it away for a while. Then give the command "Drop-it! "And take the item. And in return, treat her with a treat and praise.

Attention! Hide the treat in your pocket (or bag) so as not to distract the dog from the task.

Make sure your dog doesn't get too carried away with the item. I gave it to you without resistance and anger.

If the dog gets too excited, reduce the play time. When you pick up an object, hide it so that the dog will calm down. Your goal at this stage is for the dog to pick up the object on command "Fetch" and hold it. After the command "Drop-it! "Gave it to you without resistance.

Command "Fetch" for a dog: learning to carry an object

Dog training - Fetch command for dogs from scratch returns with the subject

Dog training – fetch command for dogs from scratch

Having achieved a stable result at the first stage, add the “Heel! ” Command to the exercise. Walk with your pet, then make a stop and on the command "Heel! " Sit the dog at the left leg. When the dog sits, take out the object and give it to the dog. Say at the same time: "Fetch". After the dog takes the object, give the command "Heel" and start moving forward. The dog must not throw the object. Her task is to walk Heel and keep the object in her mouth. If the dog does everything right, praise him and treat him with a treat. Then you can move on to the next level.


We teach a German shepherd to run after an object on the “Fetch” command: Photo

How to teach a dog to the "Fetch" command: at the third stage, we teach to pick up an object from the ground

Sit the pet at the left leg, take out the object and throw it. Start exercises with a small distance, increasing it as you learn. If the dog has learned your first lessons, he will run after the object, take it in his teeth and bring it to you. You take an item and give a treat or other toy in return. And actively praise her: “Yes! Good! Well done! ".

If the pet does not understand that you need to pick up the thing, then move it with your foot, repeating the “Fetch” command.

If the dog does not want to run after the object, then find it together with it and give it to the dog, repeating once again: “Fetch”. Then return to the starting point and say: "Drop-it! " ("Give it back! "). And take the item. At the same time, gently praise the student.

After 2-3 days, the dog will learn to run after the object and give it to you.

Direct further classes to ensure that the pet runs after the object only after the “Fetch” command. If he rushes forward, say the command "Heel! Cnd make a jerk of the leash.

At the final stage, send the dog for the thing, but stay in the starting position yourself. When the dog picks up the thing, say: “Come! ”, And then: “Heel! ”. After the pet sits to your left, pick up the item, praise it and give it a treat.

As you develop the skill, give up the intermediate commands “Come! ” And "Heel! ". “Fetch” is the only command on which the dog must perform the entire set of exercises.


The dog runs away with the object from the trainer: Photo

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