Dog scarecrow suit Halloween

December 28, 2022
Dog scarecrow suit Halloween

dog scarecrow suit halloween


Halloween is approaching. The most terrible, the most mystical, one of the most fun and bright holidays in the year. And today, together with you, we will sew a dog for a dog on Halloween. I will show you four options for carnival costumes for your pets.

In general, Halloween is a day of communication with ancestors, celebrating and scaring away evil forces with the welcoming of good Halloween's classic characters – these are witches, demons, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, skeletons, mummies, drowners, monsters, ghosts and other lovely creatures, familiar to us from fairy tales. And horror films. The holidays are invited – malicious trolls, gnomes and goblins, as well as evil spirits: black cats, bats, spiders, snakes, wolves.

You can treat him differently. You can love, you storage container can not perceive. But for me personally, Halloween is an extra reason to hold a bright thematic party. To please yourself and your beloved tail with new gifts and a beautiful photo shoot.

And first, catch a life hack. Materials for outfits are very profitable and convenient to buy in a second hand. There you can find original things that you will cost you a penny.


The lightest, and perhaps the funniest costume is a cost costume costume.

To begin with, measure the distance between the eyes in the dog. And from the middle of the eye to the nose.

We take any segment of white fabric. It can be a pillowcase or a tablecloth. In size, it should be such that your dog is completely covered with it. Cut holes. To get started, cut out a smaller hole. If anything, then you just cut them. We make the edges of the costume more torn and untidy.

That's all, the cost of bringing is completely ready.


For this, truly Halloween outfit, a minimum of effort and materials will also be required.

You can just buy such wonderful ready-made horns in the store. Before the holiday of such mystical head jewelry, a huge variety in Fix-Price stores. By the way, I bought them there. And sew a black or red cloak from any small rectangular cut of fabric.

Or you can do everything yourself. We take the fabric, collect it on top, and glue it (or sew) ties.

Next to the mantle we will add a cortical collar of the Chertic. To do this, we need a red felt. We draw on a piece of felt something like languages of flame. Cut, and glue it to the mantle with hot glue.

We proceed to horns. To make the horns tight, we cut out 4 parts from red felt, and glue them among themselves.

We cut out a rectangle from black felt. This will be the basis of a headdress to which horns will be attached. So that the horns on the head of the pet are "sitting" evenly, make markings. Glue to the base of the horns and elastic bands.

The suit of a little devil is also ready.


The witch's costume will consist of dress and hat.

For the dress, we need any black fabric and red guipure ribbons for decor. But if you make a campaign in the nearest second-hand, you may be lucky, and you will grab a similar dress that is already a real Witch outfit in itself.

We cut one sleeve from the dress, and collect it from above (by the clutch of the neck of the dog) using a large glass. We decorate the top and bottom of the dress (if necessary) with guipure ribbons. Cut holes for the paws.

We go to a hat from black felt. First we cut out the corner. It will be a sharp top of the hats. Close it with hot glue. We draw a circle on felt. These will be the fields of the hat. And in the center of the circle, where the top of the hat will stick.

Scarecrow Dog Halloween Costume

We make such small cuts, and connect all the details together. We decorate the hat with ribbons and glue the elastic band.

The witch's suit for a beautiful dog is ready.

Dog scarecrow suit Halloween will show you four options


Well, we got to the most interesting. What a Halloween without pumpkin. Pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween. In fact, this is the most difficult costume for a dog for Halloween. But in such a suit your dog will be very spectacular.

We take an orange fabric and sew it along a narrow edge. A peculiar mini skirt should turn out. In order for the pumpkin to be voluminous, we need to sew a narrow lining into it inside the orange “skirt”. And then fill the filler between the lining and the orange fabric. From the sleeve of the sweater we cut out such a T-shirt. We make a hole for the paws. Now we sew this lining to an orange basis.

On the one hand, we are not fully sewn. Through this hole we will fill with synthetic winterizer. In the orange fabric, we also make slots for the paws, and sew two cuts together. We fill the pumpkin with Hollofiber.

When we fill up, sew the hole, and turn it out. On the orange side with the help of twine we will make hauling. From the black felt we cut out the muzzle for pumpkin and green leaves on the neck. Glue everything with hot glue.

But that's not all. The pumpkin will have a hat. Cut the cone and add a green tail, like a real pumpkin.

Our pumpkin turned out to be simply irresistible!

We hope that you liked our ideas for Halloween dog costumes. In such costumes, you and your fluffy friends just like us will have fun. Write in the comments if you note Halloween, and how you decorate your tails.


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By the way, the New Year holidays are not far off. And Jekushka and I advise you to see the ideas of New Year's jewelry for any fluffs. Good luck and take care of your pets!


Dog scarecrow suit Halloween costume will consist of dress
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