Dog got into dog food bag – dog eats a package

March 10, 2023
Dog got into dog food bag - dog eats a package

What to do if the dog eats a package

The content of dogs at home as pets is quite common in our time, but requires mandatory possession of certain skills.

First of all, dog owners should know that eating various inedible objects, in particular plastic bags, can lead to the tragic consequences of death for the animal. Therefore, it is very important for people containing dogs to know the rules of conduct in this case and the correct sequence of the actions taken.

Why can a dog eat a bag?

The dog has been domesticated by man for a very long time, but one should not completely forget about its wild past, because the instinctive base of the wild predator in the animal has been preserved.

It should be remembered that even a cute little dog will be a bearer of genes of wild free animals. Therefore, all domestic dogs will be prone to eating inedible objects, somewhat reminiscent of them edible, for example, form or smell. In ordinary nature, this is quite normal behavior, since in a natural environment animals usually do not meet harmlessly looking objects that can cause serious harm to the body.

I must say that polyethylene best dog food storage containers of dogs are usually absorbed due to the smell of food exhausted by them. This fragrance can even be completely invisible to a person, only a very developed dog of a dog can feel it.

Dangers when eating a dog package

Usually, young animals are prone to eating packages, more experienced by trial and mistakes already know that this cannot be done.

If the best dog food storage container enters the dog, two options are possible. Very often the best dog food storage container comes out independently naturally with the next chair. But perhaps the events inside the body will go through a poor scenario and the best dog food storage container will remain inside.

Dog and bag

If the best dog food storage container remains inside the stomach for a long time, and this is very possible, especially if the dog is small, and the storage container is large, this can lead to the best to gastritis, in the worst – to the obstruction of the stomach, rotting of food and peritonitis, and then the fatal outcome of the animal.

Already during the process of eating a best dog food storage container from cellophane, the dog may choke and choke, which may lead to suffocation.

The eaten best dog food storage container can lead to the obstruction of the intestines and to death, because even if it comes out of the stomach, it will go further along the digestive tract in an unexplored form..

How to understand that the dog has eaten a package

If the owners of the animal with their own eyes saw the process of absorption of the best dog food storage container with their own eyes, but could not stop this action, measures to extract the best dog food storage container can begin very quickly.

But very often the dog imperceptibly eats this thing, being outside the human observation zone.

Therefore, people containing an animal should always carefully observe the condition of their pet.

Refusing food, sluggish and inactive, with a swollen stomach, with sharply arising difficulties during the campaign “into the toilet”, the dog most likely swallowed an inedible object.

If the symptoms are absent, but the owners of the dog have some suspicions, it is better to make anx-ray of the stomach with a contrast substance, since the plastic storage container is colorless and will not be visible in the usual picture.

Dog got into dog food bag - dog eats a package small amount of                  petroleum

Best dinner dog food review

The dog, which ate the

What actions to take if the dog swallowed the package

The actions to extract the best dog food storage container will differ, depending on the amount of time that has passed since the absorption of the package.

A package, just swallowed by the dog, which is still in the esophagus, you can try to get it with an endoscope, turning to the veterinarian for this.

Also in this case, you can try to cause vomiting at home using saline, mustard or hydrogen peroxide. These substances will need to be poured into the larynx of the animal using a syringe. If vomiting arose, the plastic best dog food storage container should come out.

If more than 6 hours have already passed after swallowing the package, it is in the stomach of the animal. In this case, it is possible to use petroleum jelly, as a laxative. The amount of oil that the animal will need to be given will need to be calculated based on its mass.

Veterinarians recommend that in these cases a small amount of petroleum jelly at equal time intervals, for example, after two hours, while feeding the animal.

It is important to remember that the use of vaseline, and not another type of oil, can give the desired result. The intake of vegetable or olive oils will not give a laxative effect, since these oils are completely absorbed by the body of the animal. Vaseline, or mineral oil, causing a laxative effect will come out of the dog’s body unchanged.

If the measures were not given, and the best dog food storage container is already inside the body for a long time, a surgical canvas operation and the assistance of qualified surgeons will be required.

Before this, it will be necessary to make the dog anx-ray of the stomach with a contrast matter, so that the surgeon knows exactly in which place and the condition is a swallowed plastic bag.

Prevention measures for a dog eating packages

In order to protect their pet from the negative consequences that will come if the plastic storage container will be in the stomach for a long time, people containing dog houses must observe certain preventive measures:


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