Dog food for Shih Poo. Description, features, species.

December 13, 2022

Shih poo breed of dog. Description, features, species, character, care and price of shih poo

Fans of small decorative dogs that look like plush toys, Shipu dog will love it. The exclusive breed has inherited from its ancestors intelligence, incredible charm, excellent qualities of a companion. Ideal dog for families, singles, the elderly.


Description and features

Hybrid dogs are obtained by crossing two breeds – Shih Tzu, Poodle. According to the rules of design mixes, the name of the offspring is formed from the first syllables of the parent breeds – shih-poo. The size of ornamental or pygmy poodles as ancestors genetically affects the size of the offspring. On average, the height of an adult shihpu is only 28 cm.

Weight 5-7 kg. The male specimens are a little sturdier in build, the female ones are a more miniature version. The small torso of the dog is slightly elongated, with a straight back line. Proportional to its body the round head is planted on a wide neck.

The cutest poodle-like muzzle has a slightly anxious expression. The nose is always black. The ears are floppy and of medium size. Open dark eyes with a piercing gaze. Connoisseurs of designer breeds call the doggy shippu pets with a human face.

The coat of the animal is often long, thick, pleasant to the touch, but there are varieties with a coat whose undercoat is very soft, and the upper hair is coarse and tough. Long strands of hair can be wavy or straight, depending on what the babies inherit from their pedigree ancestors. Curly hair is passed on to them by poodles, and long straight hair with a satiny sheen by shih tzu.

Shih Poo – The Ultimate Owner’s Guide


Shaggy pets that look like toy dogs are called “Teddy Bears”. The color of the coat comes in a wide variety of colors and their combinations – black, white, cream, sandy. Animal fur is considered hypoallergenic, which increases the popularity of the breed.

The uniqueness of the dogs lies in the unpredictability of the exterior of the hybrid, which inherits different qualities from the parent breeds. Puppies are carefully selected to maintain the best qualities, as the likelihood of undesirable traits is also high.

The popularity of the Shippoo, as well as other designer dogs, is based on the fact that each owner’s pet will not be like the others. Proud owners often show their status acquisition on personal pages of social networks, even microblogging on behalf of their pets to get wide publicity.

Canine societies do not recognize this hybrid breed, which does not prevent it from spreading. Documents issued by kennels reflect a dog’s pedigree, but are not accepted by well-known clubs as status documents for pet recognition.

The breed is not listed in canine classifications, but as a crossbreed, a descendant of an interbreed cross, the dog is included in the American Hybrid Dog Club, as well as the Kennel Club of Constructed Dogs. The plush dog is counted among the most popular types of ornamental breeds.

From its parents, the mestizo has absorbed the best features of its ancestors, good immunity, and friendly character. Shippu dogs have no breed standard, so healthy and beautiful puppies of different colors are valued. The breeding program does not yet develop complex combinations, so each puppy from the crossing of a poodle and shih tzu is unique.


History of the breed

Attempts by American breeders to breed dogs with hypoallergenic fur resulted in the small dog Shih Poo from parents with very ancient roots – the Poodle and Shih Tzu. The history of the poodle originated in the distant past of France, Germany.

The dog was loved by many famous artists, reflected in portraits of the Middle Ages. The breed has been officially recognized since 1887. Breeders attracted miniature and dwarf (toy) poodles to obtain designer dogs shih tzu.

The origin of the Shih Tzu can be traced back to the ancient history of China. The characteristic flowing manes of the dogs are reflected in traditional Chinese vases and other works of art. The Shih Tzu breed is thought to be one of the oldest on the planet. On American shores dogs first appeared only in the first third of the last century, received official recognition in 1969.

Breeders sought to create a miniature dog that could be held on the lap and easily carried around. The cute looks of the puppies were the result of a rigorous selection of dogs for breeding. Most of Shippoo’s ornamental pets are derived from first generation purebred parents.


The best qualities of Shipu ancestors – intelligence, kindness, sociability, playfulness are inherited in a full set. It is said about decorative pets that they are a joy to train. Dogs are attached to every member of the family, they do not give preference to one owner.

The pets, because of their sociability, should not be left alone. Dogs do not tolerate loneliness, can be sick from boredom. They follow their owners everywhere, and are tolerant of travel and roads. Small dogs are ideal companions for the elderly. Almost all of them get along well, although the strangers for a while treat warily.


Lively nature Shipu manifests itself in amusement, various activities. Babies love to chase a ball, drag small objects, learn squeaky toys. Dogs are well-trained and can perform simple tricks.

Affectionate and kind, miniature pets need constant human attention. Teddy creatures do not tolerate rough treatment. Dogs have ringing voices, they love to listen to their barking. Proper communication allows you to control the small pets’ loud displays.


Little designer dogs love to eat and are prone to overeating. Dogs who live in apartments and do not take active walks with their owner spend less energy than their agile congeners. Control of caloric content of Chewy food, feeding regimen affect the preservation of the pet’s health.

Breeders recommend using dry food. A balanced diet provides the dog’s body with micronutrients, vitamins. The owner should ensure that the pet has constant access to clean water. Spiked dogs are prone to dental disease and premature tooth loss.

Dry Kirkland food helps to prevent problems, to prevent the development of tooth decay, the appearance of bad breath. Poodles can inherit a predisposition to bladder stones from their offspring. Special feeds provide prevention of the disease, and owners need to pay special attention to this.


Breeding and longevity

Breeding designer dog breeds is often a process with unpredictable results. Breeders rarely test parent dogs for hereditary diseases. The resulting offspring often emerge with health problems.

Because of this, breeders are often accused of having a commercial interest over the responsibility for the welfare of the puppies. Hereditary compatibility tests before cross breeding dogs are as important as in breeding livestock in animal husbandry.

The genetics of designer breeds are poorly understood. The best traits of an ancestor may pass to the offspring, but are negatively transformed in the next generation. Individual genes do not show themselves, but affect the end result in the future. Even in one litter from purebred parents, puppies are born with very different appearance and health characteristics.

Dog food for Shih Poo. Description, features, species. popular types

dog food for shih poo. description, features, species.

Breeders believe that behind the breeding of hybrid dogs are the prospects of improving the breeds, as mixed offspring on average live longer than their ancestors, the dogs are less likely to get sick. The life expectancy of a stud, according to breeders, will be 13-15 years. Data may be refined over time, the breed is still in its infancy.


Care and maintenance

Shippu dog breed is excellent for keeping in an ordinary city apartment, as it does not require much space, special conditions. The pet can do even without walks, if there is fresh air in the room, sufficient hygiene standards. Dogs are very clean. They are easily accustomed to the silverware, do not create problems of care for their owners.

Pets can maintain physical fitness by frisky games with various objects, in the process of fulfilling the commands of the owner, in learning different tricks. Short walks and active ball games in the park or yard will enhance their well-being.

Shipu’s hypoallergenic coat hardly sheds. We recommend combing dogs after walks, regular inspections of the skin, eyes, ears to prevent health problems. Bathing is recommended no more than once a month with the use of special shampoos.

A small puppy Shipu constantly needs a lot of attention from family members. Classes with him must be educational in nature, then the shippu will certainly please everyone with their talents. Developed intelligence, inherited from the poodle, reveals itself in competent training. Training methods should be positive, supportive.


Many breeders take advantage of the fact that the high demand for designer dogs increases the owner’s status. Exclusive breeds attract the attention of others, both directly to the animal and to their owner. Therefore, wealthy owners take dogs with them on trips, business trips, to any meetings and events.

High price Shipu not always related to the complexities of breeding, maintenance. The lack of breed standards, strict requirements for puppies in color, size, shape does not prevent the selection for sale. Buying a pet for a lot of money does not guarantee that the pet will not have hereditary problems with health or will be bad character.

The cost of a Shippu puppy ranges from $500 to $1,200. When buying a dog, it is important to pay attention to the pedigrees of the parents, requesting their medical certificates. It is not recommended to choose a pet Shipu on the photo, without personal acquaintance. Hybrid dog upon meeting should awaken warm feelings, the responsibility of the owner for her little life.


Interesting facts

Not so long ago became a popular breed of Shipu, unlike other designer dogs, has the best chance of being officially recognized. There are important reasons for it to do so:

  • The doggie has won the love and acceptance of many people;
  • puppies live up to the expectations of good health, preservation of intelligence, and friendly character;
  • breeders are working to develop a breeding program to secure successful results for the subsequent offspring of a hybrid dog.

It takes time for the work of kennels, the creation of a cynological club of stud lovers, where all the documents on the individuals of this breed will be collected. Only if important conditions are met will the breed receive registration and recognition by all cynologists. The main thing is that the Shippu dogs have a future.

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