Dog food bowls on stands

March 3, 2023
Dog food bowls on stands

Do you really need a stand or is it just a fashion trend?

According to veterinarians, a dog bowl stand is really necessary, as eating food from the floor can negatively affect the pet's spine. It's also more hygienic, keeping debris and dust from the floor out of the food bowl. The dog bowl stand makes life much easier for the owners, because. Cleaning will now take much less time. Now your furry friend will not turn over the bowls and drive them on the floor, the rubberized legs on the stand will provide stability and will not slip, and due to the fact that the wooden stand is quite heavy, it will be very difficult for your pet to turn it over or knock it down during active games. A bowl for dogs on a stand, the price of which can vary from 900 and above – this is not a whim of the owners, but a concern for the health and comfort of your pet.

Bowls on a stand for cats. It is also a very handy gadget. After all, cats also very often eat very sloppily and turn everything around.

How to choose a dog bowl on a stand?

First, you need to pay attention to the material from which the stand is made. Metal, of course, is more durable, but wood has many more advantages. In addition to the fact that wooden coasters look more aesthetically pleasing, especially when combined with a dog house or dog house, they are also more environmentally friendly, which is important for your four-legged friend.

Secondly, the advantage of a wooden stand is its rather impressive weight and stable construction. A very convenient option for such a stand would be a height-adjustable bowl. This type of stand will be necessary if your pet is still a puppy and is still growing.

The wooden stand for the dog bowl can be doubled, which is very convenient, because you can pour food into one of the bowls, and pour water into the other. A dog stand with two bowls will take up less space than two separate ones, and such a feeder is also convenient for homes where they keep two four-legged friends at once.

Dog food bowls on stands dog bowl on

dog food bowls on stands

Dog height Stand Height
20 – 29 cm 10 cm
30 – 39 cm 20 cm
40 – 49 cm 30 cm
50 – 60 cm 40 cm
60 cm and above 50 cm

And the most important question, how to choose the height of the bowl stand? According to veterinarians, the height of the stand should be at the level of your pet's chest. That is, the dog should not bend the spine, but only tilt its head. This will help maintain your dog's posture and health. For small dog breeds such as pugs, Pekingese and Yorkshire terriers, a low bowl stand 13 cm high is suitable, and a bowl with a stand 60 cm is suitable for a German Shepherd, St. Bernard or Alabai. An elevated bowl is a must for large breed dogs that are prone to increased gas formation, because eating food from the floor, the animal expends a lot of energy and swallows a large amount of air, which leads to the accumulation of gases in the intestines. This can cause a lot of suffering for your pet.

Pet Food Bowl Stand from Pallets – Cat Small Dog Feeder Station

What are the best bowls for dogs?

Next, let's figure out what the bowls themselves should be. The first thing you should pay attention to is the material from which they are made.

The most unfortunate option would be plastic plates, they are too light and will constantly turn over and give you a lot of cleaning trouble. Also, such bowls are not hygienic, because microcracks form in the plastic over time, in which bacteria can accumulate.

Very good ceramic bowls on a stand for dogs. Firstly, they do not oxidize food, they are easy to care for and are quite heavy, but their disadvantage is that they can break easily and most likely will not last long. Perhaps the best option would be bowls made of stainless steel. Metal bowls on a stand for dogs will be easy to care for, at the same time safe and durable.

Bowls also vary in shape and depth. It is worth understanding these nuances so that your pet is comfortable eating. In this matter, it is worth considering the size of your dog, the shape of the muzzle and ears, as well as the degree of slovenliness.

Too flat bowl will be uncomfortable if you pour water or soup into it in this case, the dog will simply spill everything on the floor, and from a too deep plate a pet will not be inconvenient to lick porridge or canned food. First try to buy inexpensive dishes, watch the dog for a while and determine the optimal depth for yourself. If you have a pug or Beijes, choose less deep bowls, becauseDogs may simply not reach me before meals. Misks for large dogs such as Labrador, Dog or Retriever should be deep. For spaniels, the best option would be narrow bowls, medium depth, becauseTheir beautiful ears usually find themselves in a plate with food. The optimal for all breeds of dogs, except for short-moraine ones, will be a bowl in the form of a trapezoid, when its lower part is much wider than the upper one. So it will be difficult to eat food to the floor.

How to choose a place for feeding a pet?

The main rule when organizing a place for eating a dog is purity and hygiene. The place where the meals with food will be well lit, this is important for dogs. And also it should be easily removed. Next to food should not be shoes and street clothes hang, because dust can fall into the food of the animal. Most often, dog breeders choose a kitchen as a fed-minded place, which is quite acceptable, because it is easier to clean in the kitchen, it is more convenient to get food and wash bowls.

Hygiene is extremely important for the health of the dog. And the first main rule, the dog should always have access to clean boiled water! It is not recommended to give running water from the tap. Misses should be washed with hot water to kill microbes, but dishes were not suitable for washing dishes for these purposes, becauseDogs are very sensitive to chemicals. Your pet will be very grateful to you if you wash your dishes with grated household soap or baking soda.

Where to buy a stand for a bowl

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