Dog claw scratcher

January 9, 2023
Dog claw scratcher

dog claw scratcher

Grinder for dogs – features and varieties of electric scratching posts

The dog grinder is an electric scratching post suitable for cutting the nails of pets of any age. This is a safe tool that has begun to be in demand due to its ease of use for painless pet claw care.

How to file your dog’s nails with a Scratch Pad

Dog grinder PetPedicure

How to choose an electric scratching post: main parameters and characteristics

The claws of the representatives of the canine family grow quite quickly. Partially, they grind them down while walking on asphalt, but this is not enough. It is required to use a nail cutter and trim them. However, in advanced cases, this procedure can cause discomfort to the pet and cause injury.

Even when walking, animals can experience pain if the regrown part is not cut off in time. For these purposes, an electric scratching post for dogs is used. During the operation of the tool, the head with an abrasive coating rotates, grinding off the claw plate at the level of the nail file.

Note! When used at home, it is required to act carefully so as not to hurt the pet’s living part of the nail and not cause injury.

When choosing a grinder, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • speed;
  • volume;
  • food;
  • duration;
  • ergonomics;
  • stone.

It is also worth paying attention to the removable cap. It not only protects the device from dust on the grindstone. The cap has 1 or 2 holes for different thicknesses of the pet’s claw.

What is a nail grinder made of?

The scratching post consists of a cylindrical plastic body with a head with a grindstone. The case has a motor that runs on a built-in battery or network. Despite the simplicity of the device, precautions must be taken when working with an animal.

Types of electric grinders

The nail grinder is used as a polish after clipping with a nail cutter or as a stand-alone grinding tool. Most often used by groomers and is regarded as a professional machine, however, you can buy it for home use to remove the pain in the dog during claw trimming.

Nail clipping at the groomer is accompanied by processing with a grinder

There are the following types of tools.

By power source

They differ in the type of power source. So, a dog claw sharpener can be powered by batteries, a network and a built-in battery. In the first case, you will often have to buy additional materials, which will bring additional costs. When working from the network, the wire may interfere, and the socket is often located in places that are inconvenient for the claw point. The built-in battery is the most convenient and economical to use, since it requires only temporary recharging.

By speed

Depending on the size of the animal, it is necessary to use tools with different speeds. In order not to injure small pets, it is necessary to choose a low power.

Attention! And for grinding the nails of large dogs, you should use a scratching post with maximum power.


Many animals are quite shy, and therefore loud sounds should be avoided. The noise of the device is measured in decibels. The optimal range of work is 45-50 dB.

By duration

The operating time of the sharpener depends on the battery capacity. It is better to choose models with maximum values, otherwise you will have to divide the process into several stages.

By design and convenience

Many pay attention to the design when choosing a greenhouse, but it is worth evaluating it in terms of convenience. The device should lie tight in the hand. The optimal length is about 14-15 cm and a weight of not more than 150 g.

Greener with a removable cap


Current stone begins to grind over time, so it is worth choosing in the rating of goods those devices in which there are additional sharpeners. The stone should be metallic with diamond spraying.

Advantages of using a grinder

There are several advantages of carrying out the pantic claws procedure using a greenhouse:

  • The turn occurs painless for the animal if the owner complies with the rules of use. The pet will have to get used to the vibration of the head, but modern models have reduced noise and vibration.
  • After using the usual claws of the pets, the gear edges have, and the use of the Greener guarantees obtaining a smooth and beautiful claw.
  • The possibility of cutting a claw until the appearance of blood is reduced to a minimum.
Dog claw scratcher painless pet claw care

In the first time, it is necessary to act carefully to give the pet the opportunity to get used to new sensations. You can reduce the dog several times to Groomer, which will conduct the procedure professionally, without discomfort for the animal.

Problems arising from the turn of the claws

Learning to use an electric clawer can be more difficult than it seems at first glance. This will take some time and patience. It is also necessary to accustom the dog to use it, as some dogs may be afraid:

  • Sound. In this case, when turning on the device, you need to give a pet to a pet so that with this sound there are pleasant associations in the animal.
  • Heat. During the grinding of the claws, the dog will invariably feel warm, and therefore it is necessary to take small breaks between grinding so that the pet rests. You can also engage in each claw separately, thereby reducing the degree of heating.

Note! Electric clawers can go with various grinding nozzles and caps, and therefore it is necessary to adapt and choose the right combination in which the procedure will be convenient.

Why grind the claws

Dogs are afraid to grind their claws – this is a problem that is found in a large number of owners. Fear changes from simple hostility to horror depending on the individual characteristics of the pet. It is inconvenient for some owners to do this at home, and therefore the only way out is to go to Groomer.

Many do not think that animals need to cut claws. This leads to the occurrence of health problems in a pet. Long claws affect the posture of the animal. A long stay in this state leads to arthritis and other problems with the joints.

The claws become brittle and begin to fold. Dogs begin to spoil the furniture, wallpaper and other objects that are trying to hide their nails on their own. When playing with people, pets often hurt their skin.

Overgrown claws in the animal cause him anxiety

How to teach a pet to use storage container a grinder

The process of teaching the animal’s greenhouse is quite complicated and takes a lot of time. Depending on the level of stress that the pet experiences, it is necessary to select various methods for achieving the result. To track progress, you can start a diagram that will always be at hand.

  • At the first stage, it is necessary to accustom the dog to the fact that the owner will treat his claws. To do this, you can not immediately use the grinder. It is necessary from time to time to touch the paws of the animal, move the fingers between the pillows. When the dog stops cleaning the paw, you can start driving a safe object on its claws. It is important that at this time the sound of overwhelming is heard. Touch is required to combine the treats so that the dog has pleasant associations. If it is noticeable that the pet has stress, you should go back a step back.
  • When the processing of the claws ceased to bring discomfort to the pet, you can go to the second step. It is required to put the turned off the device next to the animal bowl or its lounger. The main thing is that he is without batteries or discharged, so that he could not accidentally turn on. If the presence of the device strains the animal, it is necessary to remove the greenhouse. When the dog stops scaring its appearance, it is worth starting to turn it on for a few seconds during meals by a pet. It will take a couple of weeks to continue the procedure, gradually increasing the time of turning on.
  • When the dog ceases to experience stress when sound appears, it is worth starting to use the turned off the grinder on the claws of the animal. On the day when the pet will allow the device for all claws at a time without stress from the animal, you can go to the next step.
  • It is necessary to touch the grinder to the pet claws a couple of times in the off state, then turn it on, draw twice on the surface of the claw plate, turn off for a few seconds and turn it on twice again. Repeat the procedure on one claw several times, moving daily to the following.

Important! Work with stress in the dog is a complex process. It is worth showing patience so as not to injure the psyche of the animal. No need to try to introduce a new device into the life of the pet.

The process of accustoming to the Greener of the animal is quite complicated

Rating of the best models

There is a large selection of grinders for claws of dogs and cats. The most popular models:

  • Pet Nail Trimmer Grinder – high quality sharpening. The head is made by diamond spraying. The approximate cost is 1. 5 thousand.
  • Tenberg Vortex Black is an almost silent car for gripping claws in a dog. It has 2 speeds, it works without the use of charging for about 5-6 hours.
  • Ziver-219-light tool with 1 speed. It has an average and low cost.
  • Moser is a greenhouse with 2 speeds and the ability to rotate the head in both directions, which is convenient when stuck by the claws of the pet on different paws. It is produced in Germany, quite noisy and large, works on batteries.

The use of a greenhouse at home will simplify the grinding of the claws of the animal. It is required to choose a model that will optimally fit in three indicators: cost, ergonomic, noise. The remaining characteristics are no less important, but they increase the price of the device.

Dog claw scratcher professional machine
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