DIY Indoor Wooden Dog Food Container

January 23, 2023
Dog Food Container
DIY Indoor Wooden Dog Food Container

Dog bed: a description of the key points, step-by-step instructions for making your own hands (140+ Photos & Videos) + Reviews

DIY dog lounger

Even for such a sociable animal as a dog, a place for solitude is required. Therefore, as soon as a pet appears in the house, the first thing to do is to provide for it not only a feeding place, but also its own corner for sleeping. You can make a dog bed with your own hands from a piece of dense fabric, an old mattress or an out-of-fashion sweater.

Key points to consider

Types of beds

To make your pet cozy and comfortable on the lounger, think over every little thing when sewing it:

  1. The fabric for the bed should be dense enough, otherwise the claws of the animal will quickly render it unusable. It should be easy to wash and dry quickly.
  2. For smooth-haired breeds, it is better to choose a fleecy material, for example, plush or velor. Dogs with thicker coats will be more comfortable with a bed made from durable cotton, linen, tapestry, or denim. A large animal will be quite comfortable on a carpet best storage container. It is hardly worth making a bedding for a decorative breed dog from this rough material.
  3. Synthetic fabric is not recommended. It is capable of accumulating static electricity, plus it can provoke the development of allergies.
  4. Watch how your pet sleeps and try to make the bed that is most comfortable for him. Large breeds like to rest with their paws stretched forward, so make a sleeping place for them rectangular, with small sides. A small dog can make a cozy couch by raising the sides higher or make a foam house for such an animal
  5. As stuffing it is allowed to use foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, batting. Down or feather filling is not the best idea. After all, they can become a breeding ground for parasites and a place for accumulation of microbes.
  6. The animal will definitely pay attention to any hanging things, so there is no need to decorate its house with bows and beads. There is a high chance that the dog will chew them off and then swallow them.
  7. Immediately decide in which place your pet will rest. Choose a corner for these purposes that is protected from drafts. In the future, to transfer the litter from place to place is extremely undesirable
  8. Small dog breeds often freeze even at home. It is better to equip a berth for them on a small stand
  9. A dwelling for the animal should not stand in a passage place
  10. Try that the pet, resting, be able to see you. Believe me, it is very important for him
  11. Be sure to periodically process the litter with antiparasite drugs

It is better to put a removable pillow or litter in a bed bed for an animal. In this case, at any moment you can wash them easily. You can make a pair of removable pillows from the same or contrasting fabric.

Square lounger with sides

Square lounger with sides

Square lounger with sides

Of course, a dog for a dog can be bought at the nearest animal store or online store. But it’s better to make it yourself. In this case, you can not only choose the color of the material perfectly combined with the interior of the room, but also make the best storage container exactly in size of the animal.

Structurally, a square bed is quite simple, and for its manufacture you will need a minimum of time. Best storage containers with sides serving for protection against drafts are more comfortable and used more often.

Required materials

A lynch with sides

A lynch with sides

So, we present you a master class on the phased manufacture of a bed for a dog or cat.

You will need:

  • Dense fabric: for a small dog, it is enough to choose a piece of material in size 1. 0x0. 8 m or slightly larger
  • Foam or synthetic winterizer for stuffing
  • Paper for a pattern: if you want to get a neat best storage container exactly in size of the animal, you should not rely at random and cut the best storage container "by eye"
  • A ruler and a pencil for building a pattern on paper, as well as chalk or a piece of dry soap for transferring a part to the fabric
  • Scissors for cutting
  • Enough thick threads and a sewing machine or an ordinary sewing needle

Most fabrics are sitting after washing. Therefore, it makes sense to pre-soak the fabric, dry, iron, and only then proceed to sewing. Otherwise, the stuffing in a hooked cover will be collected by lumps.

Production of a pattern

An approximate sample pattern

We proceed to the most responsible stage of work – I will reveal:

  1. First you should decide on the size of the bed. Its length should be equal to the length of the animal with elongated front paws
  2. You will need to find two details. They will have the shape of a square (see photo) with sides adjacent to it. Do not forget to leave the allowances for the seams. Make them a little more, at least 2-3 cm
  3. If you plan to insert an elastic band along the edge of the sunbed, measure another 3-4 cm to the bend for the bending along the edges of the sides
  4. We lay out paper for a pattern, using a pencil and ruler, apply the outline of the parts on it
  5. We call our dog and put it on the workpiece, checking if we were mistaken in size
  6. If the size of the future best storage container is completely satisfied with us, we apply the pattern to the fabric, outline it with chalk
  7. Cut both blanks with scissors

We sew the best storage container

Sewing a square bed

Sewing a square bed

In order for the bed to last longer, and the edges of the fabric do not crumble, treat the edges of the workpieces with an overlock. We proceed to sewing the best storage container:

  1. The dog’s bed will turn out to be more neat if you are not lazy and first fasten the seams with straight stitches with a regular needle, and then proceed to sewing
  2. When connecting parts, be sure to leave a place to insert foam or synthetic winterizer
  3. After inserting into the bottom and sides of the filler, we finally sew the edges of the best storage container
  4. We make the entrance by pulling the center of one of the sides of a strip of fabric. Although the hole for the entrance can be detected in advance
  5. If desired, we insert the gum into the edges of the sides into a pre-prepared bend
  6. You can also fasten the sides with each other with the help of thin strips of fabric or braid (see photo). There are 8 of them – one for each edge of the side. Keep in mind that most dogs really like to shut the ropes and laces caught in the eyes of their teeth. It is possible that such a fastening will become worthless over time

It is better to assemble the sides of the bed for a large animal from several pillows. Due to the larger number of seams, they will turn out stronger and will be less to be tied.

Less Domik

Pattern of a lies-dummy

For a small dog, a sense of security is very important. Therefore, a berth in the form of a house for him will be an ideal option.

We describe in detail how to sew a loden for a dog in the form of a house:

  1. The length of the best storage container should be equal to the length of the animal plus 10 cm
  2. The width of the entrance (Laz) into the house – wider than the breast of the animal plus 5 cm
  3. The animal must necessarily fit in its home in full height. Therefore, also measure the height of the pet to the withers. This will be the height of the walls (the height of the roof is not taken into account). A house without an inclined roof is better to make a little higher – so that its height is equal to the height of the dog to the ends of the ears
  4. When cutting, do not forget to put on the sides of 2-3 cm for allowing the seams
  5. Walls, floor, roof and ceiling can be made from a whole piece of fabric of a suitable size (see photo patterns). The back and front wall with the entrance are cut separately
  6. Cover two of the same rectangle in size and sew them together
  7. Sovele and stitch lines that delimit the roof from the wall, the wall from the floor, etc. Be sure to leave a small space for stuffing them with a filler
  8. Insert the foam rubber into each of the obtained compartments, and then sew these holes

At first, the pet can be wary of the domestic bed. So that he gets used to the new dwelling faster, put the treat or your favorite toy inside.

We sacrifice an old sweater

A bed for a dog from an old sweater

A bed for a dog from an old sweater

If your house has an old sweater made of dense knitwear (ideal option is a sweatshirt), you can sew an inexpensive bed for your dog from itch a litter will be especially dear to your pet – after all, even after a couple of washes, it will retain your smell. It is better not to use weak knitting best storage containers – under the influence of the claws of the animal, they will quickly lose shape and turn into rags.

It is not difficult to make a bed for a dog from an old sweater. Enough for this:

  1. Make a seam from one armpit to another. Thus, you divide the sweater into 2 parts. Large, lower, will become a bottom, and the sleeves and part of the chest will turn into sides
  2. Insert a small pillow or synthetic winterizer into the lower part. In this way we fill in the upper part
  3. Do not save on the filler – try to fill the sides as tightly as possible so that they do not deform under the weight of the animal
  4. We tighten the lace or sew the bottom of the best storage container. For the convenience of washing, you can insert small lightning into the lower part and neck of the sweater
  5. Sew the neck
  6. We sew both sleeves together, thus forming a "tunnel"
  7. We fix it along the edges of the pillow in the form of sides

A bed with a removable cover is much more convenient. It can be removed and washed at any time. So that the animal at any time of the year feels comfortable, make two such covers at once. The first, winter, from warm fabric, and the second of cotton or flax.

Round lounger

Round Dog Service Patterns

The principle of its manufacture is similar to the previous one. The difference will be only in the form of details:

  1. First you need to prepare a pattern of a round lounger for a dog
  2. The diameter of the workpiece will be equal to the length of the pet plus 25-30 cm for the sides. Add to this figure you need 2-3 cm to hem the fabric, as well as 4-5 cm to insert the elastic
  3. Cut out two identical pieces in the form of circles according to the pattern
  4. We outline on one of them the bottom of the couch in the form of a small circle located in the center. We also mark the location of the segments with chalk (eight will be enough)
  5. We sew the central circle, leaving a small gap for stuffing synthetic winterizer or foam rubber
  6. We insert the filler into the bottom of the couch and finally sew it up
  7. We sew the segments and the second circle, also leaving holes for stuffing the sides
  8. We fill them tightly with filler. Sewing the remaining hole
  9. Preparing a seam for inserting an elastic band
  10. We insert a braid or an elastic band. We tighten them in such a way as to raise the sides
  11. We repeat once again that we are against any small decor in the form of beads, buttons and bows. You don't want your pet to choke on them one day.
  12. We put the bed in the chosen place and invite the animal to try it out

Puppies grow fast enough, so it’s not worth sewing a personal bed for them right away – they will quickly grow out of it. To make the baby feel protected, for the first time, allocate a place for him in a cardboard box by laying a mattress in it.

Wooden for large dogs

Wooden bed blanks

Preparations for a wooden bed

It does not always make sense to make ordinary beds for large dogs with sides stuffed with filler. Under the weight of the animal, such sides will quickly flatten, and the bed will lose its shape. In this case, it makes sense to make a bed on a rigid wooden frame or make it in the form of a small bed.

So, let's describe how to make a wooden dog bed:

  1. Knock down the side walls and bottom of the best storage container in the form of shields of a suitable size
  2. To prevent a barb from accidentally getting under the claw of an animal, sand each of the parts well before assembling the best storage container.
  3. If there are no boards of the right size on hand, you can use old pallets. They are disassembled into individual components, carefully sanded, and then sawn into boards of a suitable size.
  4. The nails loosen too quickly and could injure the animal. Use self-tapping screws for assembly, pre-drilling slightly smaller holes in the tree. Be sure to slightly deepen the heads of the fasteners into the tree so that the animal does not cling to them.
  5. To make the best storage container stronger, use small metal corners for assembly.
  6. You can attach a small piece of paper box to the wooden frame, in which toys for your pet will be stored
  7. To make the bed conveniently transfer from place to place, attach the wheel to its bottom. You can buy them in a furniture store
Wooden beds for dogs
DIY Indoor Wooden Dog Food Container of the

Diy indoor wooden dog food container

Wooden beds for dogs

When choosing fabric for mattresses, keep in mind that too light material will have to be washed often, and wool will be clearly visible on the dark. Use a small print fabric for sewing a case – the spilled wool on it will be less noticeable, and it will not be possible to vacuum the litter so often.

A booth from plywood

A booth from plywood

A small cone from plywood can be put in the house. In order not to bother with the manufacture of the roof, you can make the best storage container in the form of a conventional box with a hole for entering. But the house with a gable roof will look, of course, much more interesting.

Gable roof

Gable roof

  1. You will need 6 plywood blanks – 4 for walls, 2 for the roof and floor. You can cut them with a conventional or electric jigsaw
  2. The cut places are well cleaned with sandpaper
  3. Combine the parts with carpentry glue and additionally fasten with screws
  4. A dwelling for a dog will look more decorative if it is painted with a stain under a tree. Plus such a coating will protect the plywood from quick wear
  5. If desired, you can install the finished best storage container on low furniture legs
  6. The house-com is ready to meet tenants

Layer for a large dog in the form of a mattress

Mattress with sides

Mattress with sides

A large dog needs a lot of space for relaxationch animals are sleeping often with paws stretched to the side or forward. Places on a standard litter may not be enough for them. Therefore, it is better for them to make a lounger for dogs in the form of a mattress.

For convenience, you can also make sides, however, they are located only along the rear and side walls:

  1. For work, you will need a decent piece of foam rubber and dense fabric for sewing a case. It is better to make it removable so that at any moment the fabric can be washed
  2. For sewing the cover, it is enough to fasten two large canvases together, leaving a hole for inserting the filler. You can complicate the task and sew on the sides rectangular inserts equal to the height of the stuffing
  3. By sewing in one of the side sides of the castle, you will receive a circuit cover that will be convenient to wash
  4. Foam rubber with time survives, so it is better to lay it in several layers
  5. It remains to make the sidewalls. To do this, we sew a cover in the form of a long pipe, insert a foam rubber into it and finally sew the holes. Insert the zipper into one of the sides
  6. We sew the resulting side manually to the rear and side sides of the mattress. It is not worth making the sides around the perimeter of the entire bed – under the weight of a large dog, they quickly compress and lose an attractive appearance
  7. Lynchik for a big dog is ready
  8. Such a mattress can be laid on a wooden stand with low legs, thus receiving a cozy crib

Original ideas

A booth from the nightstand

Wooden dog food storage container, dog food bin – Pet toy bin-Wood Pet Food Storage Container

A booth from the nightstand

In principle, a loden for a pet can have any geometric shape: it can be made not only in the form of a circle, a rectangle or square, but also a pentagon or a polygon. But still, it is not worthword unnecessarily – wool and garbage will constantly accumulate in numerous corners, which will be problematic to clean. And this design will take much more places.

You can use a variety of materials as a frame for a sleeping bed for a dog:

A booth from the nightstand

A booth from the nightstand

  • For the average size of the animal, an old suitcase with a litter stacked inside it is ideal
  • Small dog can be set in a small basket
  • Turn the old table over and saw off his legs – and you will get an original wooden sunbed for your pet
  • You can use a bedside table for these purposes if you remove a pair of lower boxes from it
  • The real house can be obtained if you cut the entrance for the dog in the nightstand and put a soft litter inside the new home; So that the entrance to the dwelling does not catch too much, it can be curtained with a decorative curtain of tight cotton or linen
  • When replacing the furniture, do not throw away the drawers of the table or chest of drawers – from them you will get a ready-made sleeping bed for an animal; It is enough to lay on the bottom of the mattress
  • "Settle" the pet on the lower shelf of the closed coffee table – the dog will only be glad to close neighborhood with you
  • You can use the old ottoman with a hole for the hole made on one side
  • If you unscrew from an old office chair or ordinary chair with armrests of the legs, you can get another original appearance of a dog bed
  • For a long time you have been idle for an old children's bath? You can quite use it as a sleeping place for a pet
  • Your dog will definitely like a lynching lounger tied from a crochet from a thick yarn

Ready beds

Ready beds

If you do not want to bother with the manufacture of a box for your dog, you can just buy it. The price of a lounger for a dog depends not only on the material of manufacture, but also the size of the best storage container. The assortment of such loungers is quite large. To stuff a sleeping bed for an animal, manufacturers often use buckwheat meadows, which is very convenient – insects do not start in it.

The author of the next video offers to make an original bed for a pet in the form of a tightly stuffed pillow. You can see clearly each of the stages of manufacture by following the link:

Video: how to make a lush sunbed for a dog and cat – with your own hands

Dog bed: a description of the key points, step-by-step instructions for making your own hands (140+ Photos & Videos) + Reviews

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