Diamond high-energy dog food Winner review

February 14, 2023
Dog Food
Diamond high-energy dog food Winner review

The opinion of buyers is ambiguous, but the pets have individual characteristics, which is important to consider when choosing and introducing feed into a regular diet.

Winner is a domestic brand of dry, humid feed and treats for dogs and cats. All products are made of high-quality meat raw materials at the Miratorg factory.

Products contain all the necessary substances for regular nutrition of the pet.


Winner feed is made at the Miratorg factory, located on the border of the Kursk and Belgorod regions. The plant meets European standards and is equipped with modern equipment and highly qualified specialists. And also the production has its own laboratory to assess the safety of goods. In addition, the brand has its own unique technology for adding fresh meat without the use of taste amplifiers and other artificial ingredients.


  • The quality of the premium class, and the price is not overstated;
  • Clean composition containing fresh and dried meat;
  • Thoughtful vitamin and mineral complex;
  • Taste characteristics;
  • Dog feeds are produced both in dry and in humid form, there are also treats for dogs.


  • Limited taste line;
  • There is no specialized nutrition for pets with special needs;
  • You can buy not everywhere.

Dog feed Winner domestic production is already known in the market for animal goods. Many customers evaluated the range of products.

Assortment of dry feed

In the assortment of granular feed, Winner presents products for puppies and already adult dogs. All products are divided into series depending on the breed and taste preferences. Experienced owners advise you to first purchase small packaging (800 grams) to understand which taste is more suitable and like the pet. When he appreciates it and gets used to it, it will be more profitable to take the goods at once in large best dog food storage containers of 10 kg.

The composition of dry feed:

  • In the 1st place, in the composition of most products of this brand there is meat, and this is a good sign (both dried and fresh poultry/beef meat is included in the composition of dry dog food);
  • Corn gluten;
  • Grain crops – slow carbohydrates;
  • Fats;
  • A natural supplement to give meat taste and appetizing aroma;
  • Dried vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, beets, etc.) – sources of fiber;
  • Additives from miner
  • Alla and vitamins;
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate (reduces the risk of the formation of toothproof in the oral cavity);
  • Calendula (added to have an antibacterial effect and relieve inflammation);
  • Chicory (supports the body's immunity and restores the digestive system);
  • A set of substances for maintaining joint health;
  • Preservatives to save the product;

Extract of Yu. Shidiger (helps to reduce the unpleasant odor of dog excrement).

Types of dry feed differ due to different features and needs of pets. The diet for puppies is selected based on the size and level of energy necessary for the growth and development of the younger animal. It differs in the form of granules: they have a special shape so that the pet does not damage growing teeth. And also the composition will be the composition: the increased content of meat raw materials (chicken meat – 36% of the total), the presence of dried carrots and tomatoes.

Medium-breed puppies grow up and significantly grow by the year, so the food should be useful and saturated. And the granules themselves are specially made of small size so that the dog does not choke and swallow the whole foodch a product contains 35. 5% chicken and is sold in best dog food storage containers here of 1 and 3 kg. Puppies of small breeds also develop and grow rapidly, and special attention should be paid to their nutrition. For them, food is sold in bags of 0. 8, 1. 5, 3 and at once 10 kg.

For adult dogs of large breeds, the brand line is presented with beef (2 species) and poultry meat. The diet with chicken is packaged 3 and 7 kg, has meat ingredients (36% of the total volume). Beef food is released in bags of 3 and 10 kg and contains the following meat ingredients: 25. 4% of the dried chicken meat, 11. 4% fresh chicken, 8% of dried beef and 6% fresh. Winner Meat food with beef has a smaller amount of meat (28%), and wheat is in 1st place.

Thus, in the stern with chicken there is an increased content of meat.

For medium breeds, the composition is determined by their activity and way of life. Chicken food (chicken meat – 35%) is sold 1, 3 and 10 kg. The diet with beef contains 25. 6% beef and chicken and is sold in bags of 3 and 10 kgch dogs are also suitable for dry Winner Meat food with beef. You can find bags of 1100 g, 2100 g and 10 kg.

Dogs of small breeds have a tendency to diseases of the digestive system, so their diet is made high-energy and careful in relation to the body. The product with chicken is sold in best dog food storage containers of 0. 8, 1. 20, 1. 5, as well as 3 and 10 kg. The full-line food from beef is released at 0. 8 and 3 kg, and it has less meat ingredients (32%, which is 3% less than in chicken stern). For small breeds, special dry Winner Meat food with a veal of 500 grams is suitable. Contains poultry meat and veal, the total amount of meat is 27%. And Winner Meat with chicken contains 28% of meat, corn is in 1st place.

Wet feed

The assortment not so long ago appeared the lines of wet canbells. They are created taking into account the needs of any kind of dog.

  • The composition contains:
  • Fresh meat – thanks to it, the body receives the right amount of protein, energy and essential amino acids;
  • Offal rich in phosphorus and vitamin A;
  • Fruits (apple) and vegetables (beets, carrots, celery) are sources of fiber;
  • Salmon oil-contains omega-3;

Vitamin and mineral complexes.

Canner Extra Meat canned diets are suitable for daily feeding adult dogs.

Wet dog food with a lamb will appeal to dogs of all breeds. It contains a high percentage of meat ingredients (42%). Wet food with beef is suitable for small breeds, it contains 43% of meat. And for small dogs and with sensitive digestion, they choose products with chicken breast.

Diamond high-energy dog food Winner review Even the most fastidious

Professional breeders formula dog food review

The line of raw meat diets Winner Barf is a complete balanced diet for dogs. It contains a fresh Black Angus beef. Beef food is suitable for pets with allergies for chicken meat. This diet contains only selected meat and offal, apple, vegetables (carrots, peas, celery) and greens (parsley). And also here there are mineral and vitamin complexes. Even in this line there is a taste with beef and a chicken. Even the most fastidious gourmets will like it.

Wet feeds are balanced diets, and not just delicious treats. Therefore, the simultaneous use of wet and dry feed is not recommended without consulting a specialist.

Diamond Hi Energy Dog food Review

An excess of vitamins can provoke various diseases.


The brand line presents not only balanced feeds, but also useful goodiesch products replace handouts from the table and contribute to the cleansing of teeth and gums.

  • The following products are chosen for dog dogs:
  • Beef liver;
  • Beef trachea (mini);

Beef guts.

  • For dogs of large and medium breeds:
  • Beef ears;

Beef esophagus meat.

Chicken necks, beef tails, spleen and lungs are suitable for treating all breeds of adult dogs.

Review of reviews

Many buyers note a high content of natural meat, which is an important indicator for a full diet of dogs. The owners see that the animal is happy to eat this type of food in food and is eaten by the daily norm. Dog owners note an improvement in the state of the whole organism and strengthen immunity. A noticeably positive effect on the skin (there is no itching, peeling or redness) and wool (smoothness and shine). This product does not cause allergies or other inconvenience among pets. Most owners are quite affordable cost and worthy quality characteristics, as well as owners note a convenient package.

However, certain buyers claim that the food is very fat, and the pet is gaining weight too quickly. In some pets, food causes problems in the form of itching of the skin and stool disorders.

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