Container for storing dog feed with suitable turquoise bowls

February 9, 2023
Dog Food Container
Container for storing dog feed with suitable turquoise bowls

How to choose a dog’s bowl correctly

Any dog needs good nutrition. Many owners pay great attention to the animal’s nutrition mode, forgetting that the bowl should meet certain standards. How to choose a bowl of a dog? When choosing dishes, you need to take into account the growth and dimensions of the animal.

If the dog belongs to a decorative breed, then it will not be able to eat from the saucer. Too deep bowl is not suitable for a small dog either. He simply will not be able to reach the meal. Some owners use old plates as a bowl. This is not worth doing, since the food will constantly fall from the edges of the bowl.

Size and material of the bowl

Plastic bowl

Before buying dishes, you need to carefully examine it. The surface should not have chips, zabrin and sharp edges. Pay attention to the material from which the dishes are made. A plastic bowl is relatively inexpensive, easily washed and has a low weightch dishes are often bought by novice dog breeders.

Plastic containers have their disadvantages. Plastic bowls can have a strong chemical smell and a short service life. If you put hot food in such a bowl, then it can react with plastic. The result of this interaction will be the release of toxic substances that can cause poisoning in the animal. The plastic is easily cracking and scratches. In the resulting cracks, pathogens begin to accumulate.

Plastic bowls are not suitable for dogs with powerful jaws. The animal can easily eat a plastic container and damage the oral cavity. If the dog swallows sharp pieces of plastic, then it will begin internal bleeding and intestinal obstruction will occur.

Ceramic bowl

Ceramic bowls have high strength and withstand high temperaturesch dishes can be easily cleaned of food residues. Designed ceramic bowls delight the eyes with intricate patterns and colorful pictures.

Make sure that the coverage of a ceramic bowl does not contain lead and other harmful components. Toxic substances are gradually absorbed into food and will accumulate in the animal’s body. The main disadvantage of the ceramic bowl is its price. Misks made of high-quality ceramics can be quite expensive.

Metal bowl

Metal containers are very reliable. They don’t rust or break. Steel cookware is relatively inexpensive and has a long service life. The surface of a metal bowl is almost impossible to damage or scratch. This means that food remains will not accumulate in the cracks. The only drawback of steel utensils is the roar that accompanies the process of feeding the animal.

Silicone bowl

For a dog with long ears, a silicone bowl with high sides will do. Water from such a container will never spill out, and the animal will not wet the wool. If the ears of a spaniel or basset hound are constantly “floating” in a bowl of food, then over time the dog will develop skin problems. Dried food remains will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

The shape of the bowl should correspond to the anatomical features of the dog’s head. Pekingese and Japanese Chins should not take narrow and deep dishes. For animals that live outside, a bowl with a built-in insect protection is suitable.

Do not place dog dishes near heaters, air vents and air conditioners. The place for eating should not be in the middle of the room or doorway. Cynologists do not recommend changing the location of the bowls.

How many bowls does a dog need

In pet stores, you can find both single and double containers. The latter option assumes that water will be in one section, and the owner will put food in the other. In the process of eating, food particles can get into the adjacent section, and the water will have to be poured out.

The animal must have several bowls. You can put boiled meat in one, pour water into another, and pour cottage cheese into the third. Bowls do not need to be placed side by side, it is better to leave a distance between them. If the dog eats food too quickly, then he needs to buy a relief containerch dishes will not allow you to quickly swallow large portions of food. The dog will have to make some efforts to get to the food.

Hiking options and a cooler bowl

If you are the owner of a large dog, then you need to take a bowl with a special membrane that will prevent water from spilling. It is convenient to use such utensils when traveling. And also on sale there are special containers that have the shape of a bottle. The container can be used during long walks.

For hiking, you can use foldable bowls that do not take up much space and easily fit in any compartment of the backpack. There is also inflatable dishes, which are made from a special rubberized fabricch a bowl can be carried in the pockets of clothes.

If you live in a country with a hot climate, then you can buy an animal cooler bowl. This cookware is made of metal and plastic. The space between the steel bowl and the plastic base is filled with a non-toxic cooling gel. After that, the dishes are placed in the refrigerator for several hours. A properly prepared bowl can keep water or food cold for 14 to 15 hours.

Coasters for bowls

Special stands and tripods allow you to set the bowl at any height. And also they make it possible to attach containers to vertical surfaces, and adjust the angle of inclination of dishes. Bowl holders are made of metal, plastic or wood.

Several bowls can be placed on a tripod at once. This is convenient when you own several animals of different heights. If the dishes are installed on a stand, then the dog does not need to bend over each time in order to eat.

Container for storing dog feed with suitable turquoise bowls built-in insect

Container for storing dog feed with suitable turquoise bowls

The correct position of the bowl will help the dog avoid the following health problems:

  • Curvature of posture.
  • Arthritis of the joints.
  • Increased gas formation and flatulence.

If you are the owner of a dog kennel, then you need to buy multi-row stands. Up to 8 containers can be placed on the long rack see this. Wide supports are suitable for feeding a large number of puppies.

Dogs will not interfere with each other and climb into someone else’s dishes. Food will not cause a mass brawl in this case. A puppy should be taught from an early age that he has his own dishes. In this case, he will not steal food and engage in “begging”.

The bowl can be placed on a special rubber stand. This accessory will prevent the dishes from sliding on linoleum or parquet. There are models that are equipped with suction cups that prevent slipping. Stands for containers facilitate the cleaning process. They allow you to quickly remove spilled food or canned food.

Dish care

The bowl should be washed periodically with warm water mixed with soda. Do not wash containers with aggressive chemicals and solvents. They can cause severe poisoning in the animal.

The storage area for bowls must be protected from dust, moisture, insects and sunlight. Dishes can be stored in a separate bedside table or cabinet. Damaged bowls should not be repaired. It is better to buy new containers in the store.

How to make a do-it-yourself feeder stand

For the manufacture of the rack, you can use fittings and steel pipes of small diameter. The first step in making a stand is to determine your dog’s height. Measure the metal section of the required size and saw it off with a grinder or a hacksaw.

Steel parts must be processed with sandpaper and a file. The tripod should not have any bumps or sharp edges. Brackets for the stand can be made from a metal profile, massive bolts and nuts.

Bowls are installed in steel rings, which should be made of thick wire. If necessary, the joints can be fixed with a welding machine. A strong support should be welded to one end of the stand, which will ensure the reliability of the structure. The finished best storage container is treated with a primer and painted.

An unregulated bowl stand can be made from any materials at hand.

bowl holder

It all depends on the technical skills and imagination of the author. Some people place the bowl in an old flower pot, while others use old plastic buckets for this purpose. It is not recommended to make a stand for bowls from wood and chipboard. If these materials are not treated with a primer and waterproof paint, they will quickly get wet and rot.


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