Container for dog food with mice protection

March 17, 2023
Dog Food Container
Container for dog food with mice protection

The best auto feeders

Auto feeding is a useful development that helps to take care of pets in the absence of owners. Initially, models serving during the day were produced, now there are many new best storage containers with an autonomous service for up to several months. The segment of such goods is full of variety, and therefore it is difficult to decide on the purchase. Fresh top rating will help to find a suitable gadget – the best auto feeders of 2023 according to the choice of an expert.

The best auto feeders

The consideration of our team had more than 50 different mechanical, automatic and smart devices, with which pets will receive food without the presence of the owners. Best storage containers with high purchasing power and leaders, according to positive reviews, were tested in the case on a number of indicators:

  • Purpose by type of animal;
  • Structural features;
  • Quantity, capacity of containers;
  • Requirement for feed;
  • Power supply;
  • Additional functions;
  • Dimensions, weight.

A comparative analysis showed which gadgets are the most comfortable, ergonomic and functional. The result was a top sheet of 10 positions, which we divided into 3 categories in purpose – aquarium auto feeders, cats and dogs, as well as chickens and poultry. Reviews monitoring have determined the pros, cons.


The best auto feeders for aquarium fish

The first category of top rating of the selection of an expert is represented by the most bought and popular auto feeders for portioned foods for aquarium fish. When selecting nominees, we evaluated the convenience of installation, compatibility with various power supply, the number of stakened feedings.

Juwel Easyfed Juw-89000

Auto feeding for fish in the aquarium of German production. Convenient to care for fish with a long absence of owners. With it, you can feed 1-2 times a day. Food from 2 AA batteries, 1. 5 V.

The design is 7x7x15cm made of plastic, metal and ceramics. It is equipped with an electronic timer, which regulates the supply of dry granular, tablet or flap-shaped feed. Offers simple setting, adjustment. It works stably, it will not let you down if the owner will be absent for several days.

The adapter required to install the device on the vessel cover, the operating rules on the disk. The presence of a ventilation pipe helps to preserve the power of fresh, dry. A 80 ml container is designed for 60 feedings (up to 30 days).

Juwel EasyFeed Juw-89000


  • For any aquarium vessels;
  • Up to 30 days of autonomous feeding;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Stable work;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Inexpensive.


  • The drum compartment spins noisily;
  • You cannot change the food time.

The model offers 2 operating modes: the supply interval 1 time after 12 hours, 2 times after 6 hours. Periodic cleaning of the lid of the stand is recommended in order to avoid rotting of the feed, since minor residues for it can sink.

Tetra MyFeeDer

Indian dispenser with triple protection: from high humidity, air and light. It differs from the previous auto-assembly in that it can be programmed for 3 meals per day.

It is used for all aquariums, any kind of dry feed. It is equipped with a large-volume bunker of 100 ml for food supply. The installation is simple, using an informative display, you can quickly configure the time and frequency of fishing. Food from 2 elements of AA type, working for a long time.

The device is equipped with a discharge indicator warning about the need to replace batteriesstainability is provided by rubberized legs with adjustable height. Using a transparent window, you can monitor the level of filling the hopper with food.

Tetra myFeeder


  • Triple protection;
  • For aquariums of various shapes;
  • Spacious bunker;
  • Three-time food issuance;
  • 2 installation options;
  • The window of the level of fullness.


  • The minimum portion for a large number of fish;
  • Not suitable for water turtles.

For the convenience of fastening to the walls of the aquarium, a special bracket is provided, which twisting, tightly fixes on the surface of the wall. For convenience, a manual feeding button for coercion is provided.


  • Protection against getting wet, clumping;
  • Power rate;
  • Battery discharge indicator;
  • Suitable for fish of any size;
  • Stability;
  • Compact dimensions, ergonomics.


  • The need for periodic cleaning of the opening for dumping food;
  • Uninformative instruction.

Fish always get food in one place, such actions significantly reduce the risk of pollution of the aquarium. The pets are addictive, the owner is easy to determine when they are hungry.

Eheim Twinfeeder

An automatic feeder for animals of German production provides for feeding aquarium fish at the same time with 2 types of food. Thus, you can diversify your diet. Mounted on the lid or attached to the wall.

Feed is supplied by means of augers, the speed of which regulates the flow of food. Provided immediately 2 containers of 80 ml. Adjusted using an electronic display individually both in time and in the amount of food. Powered by 4 AA batteries, there is a discharge indicator that notifies you in time of the need for replacement.

The advantage of the automatic feeder is the built-in ventilation, which means that the feed in the bins will always be dry, will not deteriorate, will not grow moldy. The feeding frequency can be adjusted from 1 to 6 times a day.

Eheim TWINfeeder


  • Double chamber design;
  • Random feeding function;
  • The possibility of issuing different feeds;
  • Ventilation function;
  • Automatic, manual setting;
  • Reliable fastening.


  • Not suitable for live frozen foods;
  • Instruction.

After 6 days of feeding according to the program set by the owner, the feeder will be interrupted for a day and will not work. This is a fasting day regimen to maintain the health of pets.

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The best automatic feeders for cats and dogs

The second category of the review contains popular, functional gadgets for dog and cat owners. Top models according to Vyborexperta won in several parameters – ergonomics, safety, stability and convenience, and most importantly, the right dosages and portions.

Ferplast Cometa Bowl

Automatic feeder for cats with a timer made in Italy, dosing dry food. Also suitable for small breed dogs. The volume of the loading container is 400 ml, it is powered by an AA 1. 5 V alkaline battery.

The oval-shaped body is made of impact-resistant plastic, the legs are rubberized, which means that it will not slide on the floor while the animals are eating. Dimensions 23. 7×13. 2×7. 5 cm. The lid is equipped with a silent mechanism, which does not scare away pets when opened. The bowl is equipped with a timer that programs the opening within 44 hours.

The manufacturer provides for the possibility of purchasing an additional container. It can be connected to the main unit, thus significantly increasing the capacity, it becomes possible to leave the animal for a longer period.

Ferplast Cometa Bowl


  • Long programming timer;
  • Possibility to install additional containers;
  • Silent opening of a cover;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Durable plastic case;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Only for daytime feeding;
  • Lack of batteries in a set.

Before leaving, it is necessary to fill the bowl of the feeder with dry food, close and set the timer for the right time. At a certain point, the cover will open, thus, providing the animal with access to food. It is designed only for 1 feeding.

Triol P560

Functional auto feeder with a dispenser for cats of domestic production. Very convenient to use for dogs, especially long-haired rocks. The design is stable, consists of a 500 ml drinker and dry feed bowls.

High-strength plastic structure. The height of the dispenser can be adjusted using a manual screw located on the back. The nipple is equipped with a ball mechanism, which helps to dose a certain portion of water. The deepening around the bowl is provided to maintain cleanliness.

The bottom is equipped with silicone apparatus legs, which are securely attached on any even surface of the floor. The manufacturer has released a large range of colors, you can choose a shade for the interior of the room. Dimensions 28x29x42 cm.

Triol P560


  • Sustainable design;
  • Adjustable height of the auto-assembly;
  • Reliable mount to the floor;
  • Nutrition + drinker;
  • Easily disassembled;
  • Inexpensive.


  • You need to teach from the drinkers;
  • Combined.

The design is convenient in disassembly and assembly for washing. Animals should get used to the drinker, the water is always in its pure form, as it is closed from dust and dirt. The bottle is easily removed for filling.

Xiaomi Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder

Smart Auto feeding for dogs from the Chinese brand "Xiaomi". It is equipped with a built-in dispenser, thanks to which the animal will receive a programmed portion of food in the absence of the owner. The advantage is control through the application in the smartphone.

White design is made of AVS plastic. Ahead is a manual feeding button, a food supply opening, covered with a plug, a stainless steel bowl. Behind the feed area, the backlight is hidden, constantly burning with white light, and in case of problems – red.

If desired, the light can be turned off. At the bottom there are rubberized legs, a power supply and a battery compartment. The dense cover completely eliminates moisture and air, which excludes oxidation, damage to feed.

The device has protection against accidental inclusion and from shock. The configuration includes an adapter for 1A/6V with a cable 140 cm long. The dimensions of the auto feeder are 18×33. 4×35. 2, weight 2. 2 kg. The capacity of 4 l contains up to 2 kg of dry food.

Xiaomi Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder


  • Control via phone application;
  • Smart display system;
  • Accurately measured portions;
  • Has a number of protective functions;
  • Capacious container;
  • Works both from a network, and from batteries.


  • Price;
  • Phone app in Chinese.

The model is protected from power outages, it will work at the expense of the rechargeable battery. The six-section rotating container doses, suitable for feed with a particle diameter of 13 mm. The design can be easily disassembled for washing.

Feedex PF3 (14052)

American-made automatic programmable feederitable for cats and small breed dogs. It works in real time, there is a function of recording a voice message lasting up to 20 seconds.

The case is made of impact-resistant plastic. Dimensions 22x27x32 cm, weight 2 kg. Equipped with a large container, which includes up to 2 kg of dry food. Feeding frequency can be automatically set for a period of 1 to 99 days or on a permanent basis. The number of servings is adjustable from 1 to 4 times with a dispensed dosage of 25 g to 250 g.

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The manufacturer provides a special sensor that prevents overflow of the removable tray. After eating, a special sound signal is given to signal the end of the feeding program.

Feedex PF3 (14052)


Container for dog food with mice protection The second adjusts portions

Container for dog food with mice protection

  • Ability to record a voice message;
  • Large tank volume;
  • Adjustable portion weight, feed frequency;
  • Tray overflow protection;
  • Battery discharge indicator;
  • Work in real time.


  • Price;
  • There are no batteries included.

Power comes from 4 alkaline batteries type "C". The presence of a discharge indicator will tell you in time about the need to replace them. Thanks to the use of the device, a diet is developed, which is very important for the health of the animal.

The best automatic feeders for chickens

Another category of pets that needs regular nutrition is poultry. Modern devices free a person from the need for constant care, independently dosing portions. Many of them also suggest the presence of a drinker. According to VyborExpert and users, the leaders of the current year are 2 nominees.

Greengo 4245161

The domestically produced chicken dispenser is an important device that ensures that poultry is evenly distributed in dry feed. Served by hand, scattering around the entire perimeter.

The design of a rectangular shape is made of metal, length 60 cm, a width of 10 cm. This volume is enough to care for a small household of poultry. It is attached reliably to any surface with 2 special hooks. The container is mobile, weighs only 1 kg, is easily washed and disinfected.

The feeder is arranged in such a way that the bird does not have the opportunity to climb inside, scattering food, spoil it with waste of its excrement. All thanks to special sides, the height of which is 11 cm.

Greengo 4245161


  • Material strength;
  • Convenient maintenance;
  • Permissibility of disinfection;
  • Bird safety;
  • Practical design.


  • Manual method of work;
  • For a small household of a bird.

If necessary, the feeder can be used under water. It is sealed, so the liquid will not leak or pour out. The edges of the structure are not sharp, so there is no risk to the bird or the owner.


A lightweight and ergonomic feeder of domestic production for feeding chickens, quails, geese, ducks, turkey and chickens. With its help, you can provide economical consumption of dry food.

It is made of durable flexible polypropylene resistant to temperature changes, which means that the design can be operated for a long time. It has a dividing grill of 12 sections, easily assembled. It consists of 2 main parts: the upper bunker is connected to the lower pallet using special fasteners.

Requires installation on a flat surface. You can clean with any detergent, disinfection is permissible. The capacity of the feeder is 2. 5 kg, this is enough for a small household. Dimensions 24x24x24x20 cm.



  • Division into several sections;
  • Economical feed consumption;
  • Strength and durability of the material;
  • Simple assembly;
  • Lightweight;
  • Good bunker capacity.


  • For a small number of poultry.

The case is stable, it will be difficult to move it. The sections do not rotate, as they are tightly pressed against the upper bunker. If the number of birds is large on the farm, then the purchase of several pieces is necessary.

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How to choose an auto feeder

Before buying any of the proposed gadgets, evaluate the goods for a number of indicators. Pay attention to the type of animal to which a specific model is recommended. Evaluate the volume of tanks, portions, as well as the presence of important functions, such as a dispenser and timer.

Kind of animal

The main difference between such devices is the purpose of a specific type of animal. The most popular are automatic fish food dispensers with the ability to attach to the walls and roof of the aquarium, special bowls for regular feeding of cats and dogs, as well as sectional trays for chickens and poultry.

Design features

On the market for such best storage containers, there are several varieties of gadgets that differ in design features:

  • Segmented – a round body with a bowl inside, divided into several segments, access to which is regulated by opening the lid;
  • With a hinged lid – such gadgets require one-time feeding by opening the lid;
  • Mechanical – a special container with a mechanical adjustment method is attached to the bowl;
  • Programmable – capacious structures that are configured to supply power at a given time and in a specified volume.

Which of these to prefer is a purely individual decision. Consider which and how many animals you choose a gadget for.

Tank volumes and serving sizes

If you are considering gadgets with a dispenser and reservoir, it is important to evaluate the capacity and volume of the serving, comparing this data with the number of pets and their appetites. Capacity can be from 500 grams to 3 kilograms.

The presence of a timer and dispenser

The most popular request is to buy automatic feeders with a timer and a dispenser. The first option allows you to automatically adjust the time of power delivery, which ensures regularity (additional workouts of the daily routine). The second adjusts portions without weighing.

Which feeder is better

After getting acquainted with the top ten according, based on the indicated criteria, it will not be difficult to choose one thing. We will not make a decision for you, since everything is individual, but we advise you to pay attention to several rating positions:

  • Juwel EasyFeed Juw-89000 is an energy-efficient aquarium fish dispenser with up to 30 days of power supply and electronic timer;
  • Eheim TWINfeeder – two-chamber design for the aquarium, the issuance of different feeds, the function of random feeding and ventilation;
  • Triol P560 – food + height-adjustable drinker, robust and stable construction;
  • Xiaomi Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder is a cat smart gadget, full display, accurately measured portions;
  • Stilmark is a compact and lightweight automatic feeder for chickens with a divided section dispenser.

Always pay attention to the quality of the best storage container, the strength of materials and components. Cheap models are fragile, easily broken when dropped. Evaluate the reliability of the mechanisms, as any failure can leave the animal without food.

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