Comfortis for dogs 5 10 pounds

December 19, 2022
Comfortis for dogs 5 10 pounds

comfortis for dogs 5 10 pounds

About Comfortis (comfort)

Most of the owners of dogs and cats underestimate the danger of fleas for their pets. More precisely, people are simply sure that their favorite animal parasites do not have and cannot be. Many people argue something like this: “If my Barsik does not live in the basement and sleeps with me on bed, then he does not have a flea. I haven't seen them! " This is a very widespread error.


As veterinary practice shows, fleas infection in one degree or another is present in 90% of pets. Most often, this comes from ignorance of the life cycle of these insects.

Contrary to the established opinion, fleas do not live on cats and dogs. The attack of parasites on animals occurs with the only purpose – to get drunk blood. The flea female immediately after food begins to lay the eggs. Every day, the insect will produce them of 40-50 pieces, and in its entire life their number can reach 2000! The infected pet is a kind of “salt shaker” from which fleece eggs are pouring everywhere. You should know that adults of fleas make up only 5% of the entire population. A translucent microscopic larvae come out of the eggs after a few days, which immediately strive to hide. In the house where an animal unprocessed from insects lives, the young stages of fleas are found in abundance in upholstered furniture, carpet coatings, on a pet’s bed, in the cracks of a wooden floor and behind skirting boards.

After the larva pushed out and formed a dense cocoon around itself, not a single insecticide will work on the parasite. In such a protected state, the flea turns into an adult insect and can lie in ambush for almost a year, remaining viable. The parasite leaves its cocoon only when the potential victim is in close proximity. Literally in a second, a hungry insect gets out and attacks.

The damage caused by fleas to the dog or cat is not limited to discomfort due to bites. With a pronounced invasion, there is a serious threat to the health of not only a pet, but also its owner.

  • The saliva flea is the strongest allergen, and the flea allergic dermatitis caused by it is in the first place among all skin diseases in cats and dogs.
  • Strong infection provokes anemia, which is especially adversely affects young or weakened animals.
  • Fleaches are an intermediate link in the ditural worm of Dipylidium caninum. Closing bloodsuckers on themselves, animals often swallow the fleas infected with the salt. After that, an adult chain develops in mammals in the intestines. This is especially dangerous if there are young children in the family, who can also be infected by accident.
  • The owner, like a pet, may develop a strong allergic reaction to fleas.
  • Due to their activity and mobility, fleas bite many animals, contributing to the spread of such infections as tularemia, typhoid fever and even a bubonic plague.

Therefore, one cannot be frivolous about the means of protection against parasitic insects. To date, insecticidal preparations for cats and dogs are represented by a wide variety of forms of release: shampoos, specialized collars, sprays, drops on the withers. Oral products from ectoparasites deserve a special conversation.

Flea pills for dogs and cats are widely used in foreign veterinary medicine. However, such drugs have come into American practice quite recently, and are still perceived by many as a curiosity. However, practicing veterinarians immediately noted a number of positive aspects of insecticide tablets.

  1. Ease of use. Chewable beef flavored tablets are well eaten by animals and do not require special skills from the owner.
  2. Rapid clinical effect. The death of parasitic insects occurs within half an hour after giving the tablet to the animal.
  3. Safety. Numerous clinical trials have been carried out, proving the highest degree of activity of the drug against insects and the absence of effects on warm-blooded animals.
  4. Efficiency. The therapeutic effect lasts for one month.
  5. Simplicity. after the use of flea tablets, isolation of the treated animal from other pets and children is not required, as is necessary when using other insecticidal agents.
  6. Reliability. The effectiveness of the drug will not decrease as a result of wetting the animal or grooming.
  7. No visible marks. Most topically applied insecticides stain or leave an oily stain, which is undesirable for show animals.

As a practicing veterinarian, I often prescribe Comfortis for the treatment of flea dermatitis in pets, when it is necessary to get rid of the allergen as soon dog food storage container as possible and it is impossible to prescribe external preparations due to skin lesions.

Flea tablets for cats and dogs Comfortis are a reliable, safe and progressive remedy against parasitic insects.

Operating principle

Comfortis flea tablets contain spinosad as an active ingredient. It is a systemic insecticide that is highly active against insects that parasitize dogs and cats. The death of arthropods occurs as a result of impaired transmission of nerve impulses and the development of generalized paralysis. When it enters the gastrointestinal tract of a mammal, the drug is rapidly absorbed and after half an hour begins to show its effect. The maximum concentration of spinosad in the blood is reached in 2-4 hours in dogs and 4-12 hours in cats. The protective insecticidal effect persists for a month.


Contraindications for use

This product is for cats and dogs only and is prohibited for other species. The use of Comfortis tablets is not recommended for puppies and kittens under 14 weeks of age. Due to the fact that there are no clinical trials on the effect of spinosad on the development of embryos and newborns, the drug is not prescribed to lactating and pregnant females. It is also not allowed to use Comfortis with individual intolerance to the components and if the animal has neurological disorders. In debilitated and convalescent patients, tablets are used with caution and under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Method of application and dosage

Instructions for use recommends using Comfortis for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes once a month. Tablets are given to the animal with a small amount of food or by force after feeding.

Forms of release of Comfortis according to the size of the pet

The required dosage of Comfortis is selected strictly by weight:

Active ingredient per tablet, mg Cat weight, kg Dog weight, kg
90 1. 2 – 1. 8 1. 3 – 2. 0
140 1. 9 – 2. 8 2. 1 – 3. 0
270 3. 7 – 5. 4 3. 9 – 6. 0
425 5. 5 – 8. 8 6. 1 – 9. 4
665 9. 5 – 14. 7
1040 14. 8 – 23. 1
1620 23. 2 – 36. 0
1620+665 36. 1 – 50. 7
1620+1620 50. 8 – 72. 0


Of the few disadvantages of Comfortis tablets, consumers note the relatively high cost of the drug.

Contents of one package of Comfortis

The average price for a pack of 6 tablets is:

Dog owner says flea medicine killed her dog

Comfortis for dogs 5 10 pounds mobility, fleas bite many animals
Dosage, mg / tab. Packing cost $ (6 tab.),
90 45
140 50
270 50
425 65
665 55
1040 55
1620 57

That is, the cost of a single treatment of an animal will be $9, depending on its size. But when you compare this amount with the average bill from a veterinary clinic for the treatment of flea dermatitis, the benefit becomes obvious.

Those who used this drug in practice leave only enthusiastic reviews about Comfortis.

Review: We picked up a kitten on the street. The baby was literally covered in fleas. Our doctor prescribed us Comfortis. After we fed the Marquis a pill, almost fifteen minutes later, as if by magic, fleas began to fall from him! Amazing effect!

Comfortis for dogs 5 10 pounds this drug in
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