Cesar Dry Dog Food 12 lbs

December 19, 2022
Cesar Dry Dog Food 12 lbs

cesar dry dog food 12 lbs

Dog food Caesar

Relatively recently, an advertisement appeared on the television screens of the country promoting Caesar dog food to the masses. What kind of food is this, and should dog breeders pay attention to it? Let's delve into this issue in more detail. We will share with you our observations on the composition of the feed, assortment, prices and feedback from pet owners and veterinarians.


The manufacturer of this brand of food is the Mars conglomerate, which unites many well-known brands under its wing. The company's headquarters is located in the USA.

Unfortunately, on the official website of Cesar diets there is no information about where, by whom and how this brand of food is produced. The site covers only general issues, mainly acting as an advertising platform. According to some sites that sell this food, all Cesar dog food is produced by factories either in Australia (canned food) or in USA (pouches). The manufacturer seems to be in no hurry to share accurate information about its production capacity with consumers.

Exhibition stand of the manufacturer of dogs for dogs Caesar

Feed varieties

All foods of this brand are either pates or pouches with wet food. Pouches are available in the following flavors:

  • Beef with vegetables;
  • Lamb with vegetables;
  • Rabbit and beef in spinach sauce;
  • Chicken with green vegetables.

More canned pâtés:

  • Beef stroganoff with cheese and dill;
  • Lamb fricassee with vegetables and rosemary;
  • Beef pate with vegetable sauce;
  • Chicken baked with dried apricots;
  • Chicken fillet with pumpkin and spinach.

On the site, all the photos depict Caesar dog food as some gourmet haute cuisine. This, of course, is the usual marketing – the dog will not appreciate all these culinary delights – this is done only to satisfy the owners. But be that as it may, let's proceed to the analysis of the composition of one of the feeds.


A list of ingredients is written on the official website of the manufacturer for each type of diet, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to extract any useful information from it. For example, consider the composition of Caesar's dog food "lamb with vegetables", which has the most reviews on the network.

  • meat and offal – 40%, of which lamb – 4%;
  • vegetables – 4%;
  • cereals;
  • cellulose;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals.

That's the whole composition. Not enough, isn't it? The mass fraction of the content of ingredients is not presented, there is no detailed description of each component, etc. For example, offal can be understood as high-quality liver and cartilage, as well as low-quality "horns and hooves", roughly speaking. But many manufacturers suffer from this problem, only holistic feeds are supplied with the most detailed description of the ingredients. In general, the fact that almost half of the filling in the package is meat is already not bad for premium segment feed and at this price.

If we turn our attention to nutritional value, then we will see:

squirrels 9% low content
fats 4. 5% average percentage
ash 2% normal rate
cellulose 0. 5% within the normal range
moisture 80% norm
vitamin complex (vitamins A and E)


Meat and offal are listed as a source of protein. In principle, this is a good raw material for dog food, but Cesar wet dog food does not contain accurate information about the quality and condition of the meat ingredients. Therefore, you cannot be sure of the high quality of the components – this is directly reflected in most reviews.

The description of the composition does not indicate the source of fats at all, and therefore it is not possible to determine what quality fat is used.


Cesar Dry Dog Food 12 lbs finished food are

The main source of carbohydrates is cereals, which are indicated in the composition. Neither the qualitative nor the quantitative composition of this component is given, so you can only guess about the mass of cereals in the stern.

Additional ingredients

The feed also includes 4% of vegetables, which, of course, is very few. The same vegetables, apparently, act as a source of fiber, so necessary for the body.

If you view reviews about Caesar dog food, you can see that the owners often complain about the abundance of flavorings in the products of this brand. There are times when the dog literally smells of food after eating.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of food, Caesar for dogs can be noted: wide accessibility, good eating, delicious appearance of the feed.

There are certainly disadvantages:

  1. The main drawback is the lack of complete information about the composition and high-quality filling. The consumer does not know what the pet eats in fact.
  2. The absence of pedigree lines can be considered a shortage – when buying food for dogs Caesar, the dog’s breed does not play any role. Thus, the manufacturer does not take into account the features of some breeds that need special nutrition.

Feedback reviews

Often there are reviews about Sesar dogs of negative content. Having r e-read several dozen opinions of real breeders using this diet as the main nutrition of the dog, we concluded that the quality of this food is far from the ideal. We decided to give you several reviews so that you yourself can read the opinion, so to speak, “firs t-hand”:

Reviews of the owners

Alexey, French bulldog:

“I feed the dog natural, but with a lack of time, spiders with the finished food are helped out. Somehow he took a few packages of Caesar, with a lamb. What to say – the food smells very much, but the dog eats with pleasure. There are also claims to the composition – meat, apparently, is not in the stern at all, or there, but in a meager amount. I put a trie! "

Alenka, Metis Poodle:

“My dog eats any food, but having heard the smell of canned food, Caesar generally loses his head. Apparently there is a flavoring, which the manufacturers “forgot” in the composition. After this food, the dog sometimes has diarrhea, but not often. In addition, excrement smells of food! In general, I try to avoid Caesar best dog food storage container, and I give only in extreme cases – when there is nothing more to feed. ”

Reviews of veterinarians

How much we did not seek – we could not find real reviews of veterinarians about Caesar's dog food. All that we found was either custo m-made notes, or advertising posts. But the opinions of people related to veterinary medicine, which are found on the network, generally describe this food as high-quality nutrition for dogs. On the other hand, as they usually say, no one is in a hurry to praise, so the lack of reviews as such indicates a neutral-positive assessment, especially given the popularity of feed in the USA.

Feed prices

You can now see the actual cost of the Caesar for dogs and now you can buy it right here with Amazon with fast delivery:

Having studied several Internet vitrins offering these diets, we deduced the average values of prices for this food:

  • Cesar, spa 100g. (all tastes): $0.5 per bag;
  • Caesar, conservation 100g. (all tastes): $1 per can.

It seems that the price is relatively low, however, given that the dog (depending on the size) eats 2-3 bags per day, then the power of the pet will not cost this food so cheap.

Cesar Dry Dog Food 12 lbs the composition of the
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