Castor and pollux salmon dog food Organix review

March 7, 2023
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Castor and pollux salmon dog food Organix review

Few people know about such a diet for pets as Organix. But it is this brand that uses only natural products in manufacture, and the food formulas themselves are developed by experienced veterinarians. Organix dog food is considered one of the best in the European market, as the reviews of veterinarians are talking about, although it is still difficult to find food in the CIS.

Overview of dogs Organix

Overview of dogs Organix

Dry food for dogs Organix ("Orphs") are produced in the Netherlands, and canned food in USA by Naro-Fominsky Canning Plant, by order of LLC "Pet-Product". The official bestdogfood.Expert, but there is no useful information (about the compositions, recommended feeding norms), only the price for wholesale purchases. Judging by the composition, this food refers to the premium class.

Organix food for cats is also produced. Even under the same brand there is a product from Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks, but this is a completely different food sold in the United States.

Organix feed composition

Consider the composition of the Organix feed using the example of the ADULT DOG Chicken version (for adult dogs, with chicken).

You can see it in the photo below (click on the image to increase it for the convenience of reading):

Photo of the composition indicated on the best dog food storage container of the "Orments".

Dog Food Review: Organix – America’s #1 Organic Dog Food

The first ingredient is chicken flour (this is how Chicken Mael is translated, and not “dehydrated chicken meat”), a source of protein. Further, the composition is still fish flour (fourth place) and hydrolyzed chicken liver, which are also rich in protein. Although a hydrolyzed liver is more a natural flavor.

Since there are no other ingredients that are very rich in protein, we conclude that most of the protein from the 25% described in the analysis has an animal of origin (it is better absorbed than plant protein).

Mais (that is, corn) and rice – sources of carbohydrates. Beetroot pulp, core – sources of fiber. Chicken fat is a source of fatty acids. Flax seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, fiber. Vitamins and minerals – a food supplement of vitamins and minerals.

Beer yeast is rich in B-group vitamins. Lecithin is a useful substance, protects the liver cells and performs other important functions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The pluses of this feed include:

  • The main source of protein is meat ingredients and fish;
  • Good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • In addition to dry dog food, there are canned food;
  • Relatively low price.

Disadvantages of Organix food:

  • Many variants make extensive use of corn;
  • No preservatives used;
  • Canned food is produced in USA (often local production is worse in quality than European);
  • Not common, sold in a few pet stores.

The presence of corn and an unspecified preservative no longer allow us to classify this food as a super-premium class, as it is often positioned.

Organix dog food reviews

ORGANIX dog food

Dry and wet dog food "Organix" has been sold in USA for more than a year, but they have not gained much popularity. Therefore, there are few reviews about them, below we have collected some of the newest and most informative.

Reviews of veterinarians

Many people mistakenly call Organix food the Dutch brand, this is not so, the food is only produced in Holland, and the brand itself belongs to our American brand Pet-Product LLC. By the way, only dry dog food is produced in Holland, canned food is produced in the Dallas region. The quality of canned food is above average, but dry dog food is clearly average with a small assortment.

The composition of the food is also not very extensive, on the one hand, it is good that the food does not contain a large amount of exotic vegetables and fruits that can cause allergies. But the manufacturer also regretted the meat, in American the percentage of the meat ingredient is not indicated, but in the English version we see that they are only 20% plus a small amount of fishmeal and chicken fat.

This is very little to fully provide the dog's body with animal proteins. The advantages of the food are several useful additives – chondroprotectors for joints, lecithin – for cell metabolism andl-carnitine, which is responsible for the metabolism of fats and the heart. In general, if you are looking for a budget option for dog food, then you may well take a closer look at these diets.

Writes Nikolai Sinelnikov

Customer Reviews

Hello! Previously, they fed the dog Brit Premium dry dog food of Czech production for quite a long time, but in the end they abandoned it because it was not possible to gain weight. Otherwise, the food was good, the dog was full, was active, looked great except for thinness.

As an alternative, we decided to try Dutch-made Organix. The composition is quite normal. The cost of a storage container weighing 12 kg is around 2 thousand. The food granules are large, suitable for a medium-sized dog.

We have been eating for more than a month, while the impressions are only good. The dog gained the missing weight, the coat did not deteriorate, there was no diarrhea. 180 g of food is spent a day, which is normal for our dog. According to the calculations of a storage container of 12 kg, more than two months should be enough.

Writes Tracy

Our dog was bought by various feeds, from some there was an allergy, from others, diarrhea, etc. The latter before that we tried GO with a lamb, it came up, good food, but I wanted something with a simpler composition where there are fewer incomprehensible additives, even if they are natural.

And she saw such a composition in Organix Adult Dog Lamb. There is no corn and potatoes, the main source of protein is the lamb, and carbohydrates are Fig. I took a best dog food storage container of 2. 5 kg for the sample, at a price much cheaper than GO. The smell of food is attractive, the granules are large.

Castor and pollux salmon dog food Organix review probably done

Castor and pollux salmon dog food organix review

She translated gradually, mixing a new food to the old increase the amount of new. The dog liked it, eats even better than Go. The quality of the wool did not worsen, the chair is normal, the general condition is in order.

Until today, we ate a trial 2. 5 kg and eat a large 12 kg bag. I also take Organix canned food, the dog is generally delighted with them. I recommend trying!

Writes Brenda

On the Orphsa with a chicken, the puppy has an appetite, small granules, eating easily and with pleasure. I can’t buy holistics, I found such an acceptable option, I am satisfied with the cost and condition of the dog. It is a pity that there are few tastes for the puppies, everyone praises their composition with a lamb, and it is only for adults (

Lydia writes

Price and where to buy

This food can be bought in online zo-stores:


  • Canned goods Organix 410 g – from 74 ;
  • Dry dog food "Orments" 12 kg – from 2159 ;
  • Dry dog food Organix 18 kg – from 3439

See the exact cost on the sites of pet stores on the links above.

Conclusions about the stern "Orphs"

The main advantages of Organix food are that it does not contain corn, soy or wheat, and that the ingredients No. 1 and No. 4 consisting of animal protein (flour made of lamb and fish flour). The diet contains a high-quality source of animal fat and several useful and quite justified additives.

The obvious disadvantages of Organix feed for adult dogs with a lamb are the lack of raw or fresh animal products, as well as the presence of two types of cereals in the first five composition. Several inaccuracies and errors of translation into American of ingredients were identified – this is probably done for marketing purposes. The composition contains Taurin – this indicates a lack of this amino acid in the composition of the protein components of the food.

A review of the food "Orphs" showed that as the basis of the diet for adult dogs of any breeds, the manufacturer uses a mixture of two processed (dried) sources of animal protein, two cereals and fiber. There are good sources of animal protein in the stern, but there are a lot of cereals and fiber.

Many manufacturers say that some of their products, at least, do not contain in their composition such undesirable ingredients as corn, wheat and soy. One of these products we included in our rating – the food of the Organix brand for adult dogs with sensitive digestion.

All indicators of the diet were given the most objective characteristic, reviews about the Orments products are not so often on the Internet – we hope a description of the edalt of the edalt of the “Edalta Dog Lamb” was informative and useful for you.

Although in this stern there are no three sources of plant protein and carbohydrates mentioned above, it contains a lot of cereals in the first five – namely, rice and barley. The name of both of these components, as well as the very first ingredient, is translated into American inaccurately – this indicates the inattention of the manufacturer or supplier of this feed or the desire to give the composition a more attractive appearance.

Comparison of the Organix ADULT DOG LAMB food composition in English and in American revealed an interesting detail: the original indicates the share of the first two ingredients – from the English composition it follows that “dehydrated meat of the lamb” (lamb flour) is at least 20%, and “solid rice"(Rice) – at least 14%. For some reason, these figures are missed in American translation.

It should be noted that Organix feed is not replete with controversial exotic fruits, berries and other components attractive for buyers. There are several really sensible additives. The stern containsl-carnitine, a source of glucosamine, and prebiotics. True, neither the composition nor the Analysis of the Orments "does not give information about their exact quantity. It is not known whether the dosage of these substances is sufficient in the framework of food so that they really benefit the health of dogs.

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