Canned dog food feeding rates (wet food)

December 7, 2022
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Canned dog food feeding rates (wet food) healthy canned food

canned dog food feeding rates (wet food)

Wet food is one of the most convenient ways to feed dogs of all breeds and ages. However, the transition to it is always associated with certain difficulties. One of them is the canned food guidelines for dogs. To know them is extremely important, since the development of the body of the baby and the health of the adult animal depends directly on the mode and quality of nutrition. That is why we decided to consider this topic in more detail and help you avoid unpleasant consequences.


How much canned food (wet food) dogs should eat



To begin with, it is worth highlighting the main problems caused by improper feeding of the dog:

  • Nutritional deficiencies or nutritional imbalances at an early age can lead to a variety of problems, including disease in all major systems and stunted puppy growth,
  • A lack of food in an adult dog directly affects his whole body tone and mood,
  • Excess food and direct access to a full plate during the day promises obesity and cardiovascular problems.


How much canned food (wet food) dogs should eat


Canned dog food allowances are directly dependent on two main factors. The first is the quality of the food.

Wet food is divided into three groups:

  • everyday food – the basic diet,
  • Dietetic – special food prescribed by veterinarians when various gastrointestinal or other problems are detected,
  • Gourmet – food from rare species of meat or poultry with a lot of their content, for everyday feeding is not suitable due to unbalanced composition and high price.

Trite as it may seem, only the first version of canned food is suitable for everyday feeding, because it already contains all the necessary nutrients in the right amounts, and taking into account the requirements of different breeds. In what follows we will talk exclusively about this variety.

Canned foods are also divided into 4 main classes:

  • Economy – the cheapest, you can buy in any supermarket, but that's where their advantages end. They contain extremely little meat, few by-products of unknown origin (including ground bones and skin), the bulk is achieved by grains, the taste is achieved by flavoring and aromatic additives.
  • Middle class – affordable, but already relatively healthy canned food with a medium amount of meat, higher quality by-products and no "chemistry."
  • Premium – quite expensive wet food containing selected meat, quality by-products (heart and others), usually explicitly indicated on the package, cereals or rice as a source of carbohydrates (energy) and useful additives: vitamins and minerals.
  • Super premium products are of the highest quality, with a careful balance of all essential nutrients and selected ingredients. They contain about 40-50% meat.

Ideally, you should feed your four-legged friend super premium canned food, but because of the price, only some owners can afford it. For maximum savings, we can advise you to buy food of the middle class. Even if it does not have an ideal composition, but it certainly will not harm your pet.

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Your dog's weight


How much canned food (wet food) dogs should eat


The second main factor on which canned dog food is based is the weight of the dog. Here are approximate values:

  1. up to 5 kg – about 410 g of wet food per day (should be divided into 2-3 meals),
  2. 6-8 kg – 470-580 g,
  3. 9-11 kg – 635-745 g,
  4. 12-18 kg – 790-1070 g,
  5. 19-24 – 1155-1325 г,
  6. 25-32 – 1410-1645 г,
  7. 33-40 – 1720-1945 г,
  8. 41-50 – 2130-2300 г,
  9. 51-60 – 2475-2645 г.

It should be remembered that the above values are not the only correct ones. When feeding, the degree of activity of the dog, age and a number of other things should also be taken into account. For dogs who run and play a lot (more than 1 hour per day), 25-30% more feed is recommended, for lactating dogs 20-25% more and for puppies less than 7 months, 50% more, since they usually play a lot and their bodies are growing. Older dogs, on the contrary, can reduce the amount of food by about 1/5.

It's also worth noting that the higher the food class, the more calorie-dense it is, so you need more medium-class food than super-premium canned food.

And one last thing: if you're not good with numbers and grams, try to find out if you're giving him enough, he should eat it all and not turn it down afterwards.

If he eats the tastiest portions and leaves the leftovers on his plate, you can lower the portion. If he eats it all up and gains weight, it's also better to reduce the amount of canned food. If the plate is empty and the dog keeps looking for or asking for food, the amount can be increased slightly.


How much canned food (wet food) dogs should eat


So we covered the most important canned food choices for dogs, but not other feeding methods or mixing different foods (like dry and wet). We'll cover this in a future article – stay tuned for more.

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