CANBO dog food review vs Acana food for dogs

December 27, 2022
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CANBO dog food review vs Acana food for dogs

canbo dog food review vs acana food for dogs

Acana food review for dogs of large and small breeds

In the manufacture of food, the company from Canada Champion Petfoods uses exceptionally high-quality components. It has a lot of meat and there are no offal. Let us consider in more detail Acana feed for dogs of small and large breeds, its description and reviews of customers, veterinarians. It is considered the best view of the holistic class. The composition contains various sources of vitamins: vegetables, berries, fruits.

The food is balanced for the needs of dogs. There are species for large, small breeds, of different ages of pets. This division cannot be neglected. For example, large animals need a significant amount of substances to build a powerful skeleton. Therefore, in dry feed, their concentration is increased.

Description of the brand

Acana belongs to holistics – this is the most useful and the best class. It has been produced since 1975, scientists and veterinarians took part during the development. Joint efforts were produced by dry food for dogs. Its quality is confirmed by many awards from American and Canadian independent associations.

15 types are produced. Feed can even be a person without harm to health. The main ingredient is meat. The owners of the pets claim that the diet is perfectly balanced and satisfies all the requirements. The company produces feed for dogs of small and large breeds of different ages best dog food storage container. Even such unique species as main-kun are made for cats.

Champion Petfoods is not only selling, but also a manufacturer. Therefore, the whole process is controlled – from preparation to packaging. Pets do not need additional top dressing. Feed is made of high-quality and fresh raw materials, in rooms where the temperature is specially reduced. This technology helps to preserve all the beneficial substances.

There is no rice, so there is no danger of increasing blood sugar, heart disease, excess weight. But there are 6% fiber necessary to make digestion to normal.

Varieties of dog food Acana

Varieties of feed

You can buy food in two versions:

  • dry food (2; 11. 4; 12; 17 kg);
  • Wet canned food (150; 340 g).

All types of feed are made taking into account the breed, features, weight category, the presence of digestive problems. The line has options for various breeds. Therefore, it is important to study the information on the packaging. Share four categories:

  1. Acana Classic. It has a large amount of meat, there are proteins and few carbohydrates. There is a Plairie Poultry with a universal composition suitable for all dogs and Wild Coast. It can also be consumed regardless of the breed, but if the pet suffers from health problems, it is better to give preference to another type.
  2. Singles. This is hypoallergenic nutrition, it can be eaten with digestive disorders. There are no quick carbohydrates in crockets. Duck & Bartlett Pear is made for active animals. The main components are duck with pear. Poultry meat contains at least 60 percent. Lamb & Okanagan Apple is considered dietary therapeutic food, its main components – vegetables, fruits, herbs. PORK & BUTTERNUT SQUSH is almost all made of breeding pork with small fat content with pumpkin, so it is used for preventive purposes with excess weight.
  3. Regionals. It is a dietary and grain-free food, it is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It can be bought regardless of the breed and age of the pet. Glasslands composition: chicken meat (60 percent), the rest is fruits and vegetables. Parcifica has the same ratio of fish, vegetables and fruits. Wild Plairie contains berries, fruits and meats. This is a great option for active pets who love to walk.
  4. Heritage is the largest line. It has croquettes and canned food, where there are a lot of proteins in the composition and there are no chemicals and cereals. Edalt Laj Brit should be purchased for large breeds weighing up to 30 kg. Edalt Small Brit is designed for small pets, made from eggs and meat. Cob Chickens and Green – can be bought for all dogs, regardless of breed. Light and Fit is a protein dietary food for overweight animals.

Acana Puppy & Junior is made for puppies of large and medium breeds up to 20 kg. Senor Dog is intended for the elderly from 8 years old, consists of a large number of offal meats. Agilti sport for active pets. These are croquettes, where meat is more than 70 percent, there is no rice, corn, potatoes. This composition contributes to compliance with the training regimen. All cereals in the Heritage line have been replaced with fruits, vegetables, berries – this helps to reduce the risk of many diseases.

What is included in its composition?

The base is different. It depends on the breed, the absence or presence of diseases, the type of food (dry or wet). The main ingredients in the composition are as follows:

  • meat and meat by-products – not less than 50 percent;
  • fruits – apples, pears;
  • seaweed;
  • berries;
  • flax or chicory extract;
  • vegetables;
  • herbs;
  • minerals and vitamins;
  • rice or oats.

What breeds are Acana suitable for?

For what kind of breeds is suitable for food

If the dog is purebred and its size is not larger than average, then it does not require specialized nutrition. The body independently produces the necessary amount of energy to maintain in good shape.

This does not mean at all that such pets cannot eat premium food, because they are also susceptible to diseases. Therefore, for medium dogs, there are many types with different tastes, for example, lamb with apple. Dogs such as the French Bulldog, Shar Pei, Shepherd can eat food with lamb and others in this group.

Representatives of small breeds, such as mini-spitz, chihuahua, spend a lot of energy. In order for them to tire, they need sufficient levels of protein. It is also important to monitor the dimensions of pets, calculate the rate per kg of dog weight. Therefore, special food has been developed for them. For large breeds, nutrition has been created taking into account their characteristics.

You can not be guided only by reviews when choosing. Each pet is special, even dogs from the same breed can react to food individually. Be careful and watch your pets.

Acana has been praised by many hosts. It is suitable for almost all pets. Owners of allergic dogs especially praise him. Although the cost of such food cannot be called low, it corresponds to the quality.

Is this product healthy food for your pets?

To answer this question, it is worth analyzing the composition of the feed. Consider the most common version of Adult Small Breed for adult pets weighing no more than 9 kg:

  1. Chicken flour, cut oats, chicken without bones, potatoes, peas. Flour is a meat concentrate. Squirrel in it is more than in a bird. There is a lot of fiber and vitamins in oats. After processing, the chicken loses three quarters of the mass, so there are few of it in the composition. Potato with processing becomes low-carbing. There are high-quality carbohydrates and fiber in the peas.
  2. The secondary components are flounder, chicken fat, alfalfa extract and eggs. The ingredients cause an ambiguous reaction in specialists. There are a lot of vegetable protein in the alfalfa and it is often added to livestock. It does not pose a danger, there is a benefit with a small number. The fish contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  3. There are no dyes.
  4. The presence of canned substances and flavors is not indicated.
  5. There are no offal.

32 percent protein, 30% carbohydrates, 19% fat, 4% fiber in the stern. At the end, the crushed chicory root is indicated. It has a large amount of inulin, which is a source of dietary fiber and a prebiotic. There are some selenium yeast. This is a natural supplement with ant i-cancer effects. In general, the composition is good, food is a healthy diet for dogs.

Should I add food to the diet of puppies?

Different options for the dimensions of young favorites are presented:

  • Small breeds. There are many proteins in the stern, there are few carbohydrates. There are no grains that adversely affect the work of the intestines. But there are fruits and vegetables.
  • Medium. There is no corn, wheat, gluten, but there is a bird, fruits, vegetables, oats.
  • Large. There are more fruits and vegetables than in the feeds of other breeds. Food with fish, bird, other useful components.

The listed feeds have everything that is necessary for the growing body of the pet. They can be safely added to the diet. Acana helps the puppies be healthy, to achieve a good state of wool and musculoskeletal system.

Feeding table

The dosage depends on the weight, age, activity of the pet. There must be several meals:

  • 1. 5-2 months-6 times a day;
  • 2-3 months-5 doses;
  • 4-5 months-4 times;
  • after 6 months – 3 times;
  • After 12 – 2 times (in the morning and in the evening).

Consider, for example, a table of calculation of fodder for puppies:

Puppy weight, kg The weight of an adult dog, kg
5 10 20 30 40
1 40 g 40 g 40 g 40 g 40 g
2 80 g 80 g 80 g 80 g 80 g
5 80 g 130 g 180 180 180
10 160 210 g 300 g 300 g
20 250 g 400 g 400 g
30 330 g 540 g

When the puppy grows up, it feeds on the rules of the norm of feeding for adults.

Consider where to buy food. It is more profitable to do this in online stores. For example, “Old Farm”, “Le`murr”, “Happy Peteracus”.

The cost depends on the specific taste and breed of dogs. For example, for pets of all breeds for 340 g with chicken, the price will be 291 , 6 kg – 3060, 11. 4 kg – 4870

Pros and cons

  • The source of the protein is fish and meat. Their percentage is indicated on the packaging.
  • No sugar beets, wheat, corn.
  • The composition contains natural antioxidants and preservatives, such as rosemary, a mixture of tocopherols.
  • The presence of a wide line: nutrition for different breeds, ages, with the absence of grains.
  • It is easy to purchase, there are in many animal stores.
  • High cost in comparison with other similar feeds.

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Reviews of veterinarians and buyers

Labrador 9 months. At first we bought him Royal Canin, but from him our pet had a strong unpleasant odor. Then they tried about the plan. They got rid of the fragrance, but the fester of the eyes appeared. They tried to treat, used various drops, but to no avail. My friend had the same with her pet from this food. He also got better, but constantly wanted to eat. After bought Acana. Immediately pleased the packaging. It can be seen that high-quality, dense. The pet ate food with joy. A week or two later, it has changed a lot for the better. There was an activity that was not there before. Excess fat seemed to turn into muscles. The wool began to shine, there is no fate in the eyes. And the attitude towards food is now calmer. It is expensive, but it’s not a pity to overpay for such a transformation of your beloved dog.

They transferred Chihuahua to food without chicken meat. Previously, the puppy ate Royal Canin. He suited him, but because of problems with digestion and a long molting, they decided to buy a higher class nutrition. We noticed that the food is not so fragrant, which means that it has fewer flavorings and additives. The pet disappeared vomiting, nausea. He became active, cheerful. I definitely recommend it.

This food is the best choice for healthy digestion. Bought for Chow Chow. The wool does not fall out, the shine appeared on it. The pet with joy and appetite eats. The chair came to normal – there are no constipation and diarrhea. No wonder many veterinarians recommend it.

Miriam Calhoun, Dallas (veterinarian)

Acana is eaten even by the most fastidious pets. There is a wide variety of tastes, everything is prepared in a steam way. The recipe is unique, exotic ingredients. There are useful herbs, offal in a natural proportion. As a result, the diet is very close to natural. A lot of vegetables and fruits, so even the most inactive dogs do not get fat on such diet. If there is excess weight, smooth weight loss is noticed.

The puppy has health problems. The veterinarian said that his recovery depends on the quality of nutrition. Naturally, we thought about changing food. We decided to buy Acana, as the reviews are good. The quality is very high, even better than our sausage. The favorite eats with joy. They tried to give meat, porridge, but he resists, asks for food back.

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