Can you wash your dog with cat shampoo and vice versa?

February 17, 2023
Can you wash your dog with cat shampoo and vice versa?

Is it dangerous to wash the cat with dog shampoo: the universal products Herba Vitae and Le Artis

Animal care includes periodic washing of wool with the use of special hygiene products. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of shampoos for dogs, cats and other pets.

Some families have several different pets at the same time. In order to save the family budget, they purchase one detergent for washing all fluffy household members. For example, it is common for owners to decide to wash their dog's coat with a cat shampoo or vice versa. However, such experiments are not always justified.

In the article, we will answer the questions of pet lovers, is it possible to use cat shampoo to bathe a dog, why dog shampoo is bad for cats, how to get by with one Herba Vitae or Le Artis shampoo if a dog and a cat live with you.

Can you wash your dog with cat shampoo?

Cat shampoos are not suitable for dog hair care. They have completely different compositions, adapted to the pH of the skin of each representative.

You can understand why it is impossible to use special products for different animals using a simple example. Imagine a fluffy Persian cat and a smooth-haired dachshund. They have a completely different type of coat and, accordingly, each of them requires a certain shampoo to cleanse the coat.

People also have different hair types, so we use individually selected products for shampooing – for oily hair, prone to dryness, hair loss, etc.

Of course, there are some all purpose shampoos that can be used to wash cats and dogs. We will talk about them a little later.

Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Cats With Dog Shampoo

Now let's analyze the opposite situation: is it possible to wash a cat with dog shampoo? And in this case, veterinarians oppose such experiments. And this is not only because dog shampoo is completely unsuitable for furry felines. The threat is posed by some of the components that make up the composition.

Hazardous substances in the composition

Many dog shampoos contain permethrin, which is essential for fighting external parasites. This substance does not pose any threat to dogs, but it is very toxic to cats. In case of contact with the skin, the most adverse consequences can occur, up to a sudden death.

Useful advice: when choosing a means for washing cat hair, be sure to read the composition. If it contains permethrin, its use is strictly contraindicated. What to do if already washed If the cat has already been washed with such a shampoo, it is necessary to wash it again, without delay, only with the use of cat shampoo. If such a product is not at hand, use tar or baby soap without aromatic additives. It is necessary to thoroughly wash off the remnants of previously applied shampoo containing a toxic component from the skin. If after the bath procedure there are signs of an unhealthy state of the cat (this may indicate that the poison has worked), immediately seek help from a veterinarian.

Herba Vitae – universal shampoo, if the dog and cat are at home

There are universal shampoos that are ideal for washing the coat of cats and dogs. A bright representative of this line is Herba Vitae products. In the collection of the brand means of a different spectrum of action.

Against shedding

Herba Vitae shampoo with lingonberry and viburnum extract is designed to care for animal hair during shedding. Contains a complex of useful vitamins and microelements that accelerate the process of renewal of the coat. Stimulates the active growth of new hair. It has a nourishing, softening and moisturizing effect. Gently cleanses hair from impurities. Washes off easily. Gives a beautiful and well-groomed look.


For animals with sensitive skin types, Herba Vitae hypoallergenic shampoo is perfect. This is a unique natural biostimulant based on natural burdock, which strengthens the hair roots. The composition also contains yarrow extract, which has a softening, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. The hypoallergenic formula strengthens the coat of cats and dogs, making it smooth and healthy looking. Gently applied and gently cleanses the coat from various contaminants.

For kittens and puppies

To care for the wool of small pets, the Herba Vitae antiparasitic shampoo based on natural tea wood and lavender oil is perfect. The soft formula provides delicate and careful skin care of kittens and puppies. Due to repellent qualities, the product prevents parasitic infections of the epidermis.

Shampoo also contains thyme with bactericidal and antibacterial properties. Promotes rapid healing of wounds. It calms well, tones the skin. Gently cleanses the coat, is easily washed off and gives a well-groomed look.

Shampoos for dogs and cats Le Artis

To care for the hair of dogs and cats, Le Artis shampoos are great. This is high-quality animal cosmetics containing natural hypoallergenic components.

In the brand collection:

  • Shampoo-peen for unsteady cats and dogs;
  • For puppies and kittens;
  • For animals with thick hair;
  • For adult pets;
  • Container balm from the stiffons;
  • Restoring Balm mask and much more.
Can you wash your dog with cat shampoo and vice versa? Shampoos    for dogs

Can you wash your dog with cat shampoo and vice versa?

Universal shampoo for cats and dogs Le Artis “Fruit Energy” intensively strengthens and restores dull wool. Excellent cleanses without violating the natural protective layer. It has a pleasant fruit aroma. Easy applied and washed off. Gives a well-groomed look of pets hair.

You can buy high-quality universal cosmetics for dogs and cats on the bestdogfood.Expert of the Le'murr online store at a favorable cost. The catalog presents shampoos and other products for the care of the Herba Vitae and Le Artis series.

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