Can dogs eat watermelon? How much watermelon can dog eat

November 30, 2021
can dogs eat watermelon

A dog is a carnivore by nature, but can dogs eat watermelon? Experienced breeders agree that watermelon should still be introduced into the pet’s diet. At the same time, the portion must be controlled: it should be small – in the form of a dessert. Watermelon is given seedless, without watermelon rind. After eating, the dog is taken out for a walk, because the product has a diuretic effect.

can dogs eat watermelon rind

Can dogs eat watermelon rind?

If a small amount of pulp is not contraindicated for dogs, it is strictly forbidden to feed the pet with watermelon rind. The watermelon rind is hard and tough. If ingested, it can scratch the intestinal walls and will take a long time to digest in the stomach. The best option is to cut the watermelon into small pieces and feed it to the pet in small portions without watermelon peel or skin.

View of the expert:

  • The watermelon is given after the main meal. Regardless of the height and weight of the dog, the allowable dosage is no more than 50g. If the treat is given for the first time, the portion should be even smaller – about 30g.

As for frequency, treat your pet with watermelon no more than 2-3 times a week. Introduce watermelon to the diet is recommended only at the end of summer, when the fruits are ripe. If you give watermelon more often, its consumption may harm the dog. The flesh is full of fructose, with which a lot of sugar enters the body, which is by no means good for dogs. Overconsumption often leads to allergic reactions in the form of red muzzle, excessive watery eyes and the constant itching. Check out Nature’s Kirkland Dominated Salmon diet and Sweetened Potato with an organic diet for dogs with grain allergies.

Although dogs are allowed to consume watermelon, when introducing this berry to the diet, the owner should monitor the reaction of the pet. If after a while the dog begins to behave restlessly or symptoms of allergies appear, the product should be excluded. It must be remembered that watermelon should not be combined with ordinary food and especially fermented dairy products. Outside the watermelon season, you can feed your dog to eat strawberries or bananas, blueberries or apples. Check out the comfy vintage storage container for dry dog food.

can dogs eat watermelon seeds

Can dogs eat watermelon seeds?

It is strictly forbidden to give a dog a watermelon seeds.

What to do if your dog does swallow a watermelon seed.

There is no need to do anything. Watermelon seeds are not digested and do not accumulate in the intestines, so they do not cause much health damage.  After some time, they come out naturally.

The benefits of the ripe watermelon

Experienced veterinarians confirm that watermelon is good for pets, but it should be introduced into the diet wisely.


  • Diuretic product. Cleanses the pet’s body of accumulated toxins.
  • Improves the work of the intestines.
  • Saturates the body with nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and magnesium.


Watermelon is not given to dogs diagnosed with:

  • impaired urine excretion;
  • presence of kidney stones;
  • diarrhea and stomach upset;
  • pancreatitis;
  • diabetes mellitus.

 Important! It is strictly forbidden to give watermelon to puppies, whose age is less than 3 months, and animals that have lived more than 7 years – It will adversely affect the intestinal function.

feed your dog to eat watermelon and strawberries

Rules of admission

A healthy dog is offered watermelon 2-4 times a week after the main meal in small pieces. A pet can eat watermelon no more than 40 grams at a time, regardless of the breed. The first time should be limited to a minimum portion of 20-30 grams. The breeder should watch the reaction of the dog’s body: there may be an allergy. If the animal itches or spots appear on the muzzle, you should immediately stop giving watermelon. Of course, watermelon is a good treat for a dog, but when watermelons are not available then it is better to order online real good dog food from top Chewy brands.

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