Can dogs eat tomatoes? Can you give raw tomatoes to dog?

December 4, 2021
Can dogs eat tomatoes

People are convinced that it is necessary to feed the dog meat or special dog food from top Chewy brands.

Of course, the main diet should consist of protein products. However, the animal should be given foods containing fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Most amateur dog owners have the question, can dogs eat tomatoes?

The benefits of tomatoes

It is important to remember that the dog is a predator. The animal’s digestive system is built so that it takes in mostly only protein food. But other necessary elements should be present in the diet. These can be fresh vegetables or fruits, read here can dogs eat strawberries.

Tomato Tomatoes are a dietary and low-calorie product.

The vegetable contains many elements necessary for the digestion of fats, proteins, carbohydrates. Vitamins improve the nervous and circulatory systems, strengthen bones and teeth.

The animal should be fed tomatoes, because fiber promotes the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract from toxins and toxic substances.

The benefit of tomatoes for dogs is that they have many useful elements:

Harms and allergic reactions

  • beta-carotene is essential for the maintenance of vision and the normal condition of the coat;
  • substances that help preserve tooth enamel and prevent plaque buildup on them;
  • Calcium, which plays an important role in strengthening the bones, with its deficiency begins to develop rickets, delaying the growth of puppies;
  • Phosphorus improves liver function, strengthens the heart muscle, kidneys and nervous system. Read here about healthy food for puppies that contains phosphorus and is essential for nutrition.

How to give tomatoes to your dog correctlyHarms and allergic reactions

Despite their many positive qualities, tomatoes can also have negative effects on the pet’s body.

There is a perception that fresh tomatoes are poison to the pet. But the harm of nightshades can only manifest itself in some cases. If the dog often eats tomatoes, diarrhea may begin, the body becomes dehydrated there is a rapid loss of body weight. Such a condition poses a threat to the health of the animal, and a fatal outcome is not excluded. When the dog ate a tomato, it may have an allergic reaction.

Cases of pesticide poisoning have been recorded. For this reason, it is better to refrain from feeding early vegetables or tomatoes grown in greenhouse conditions.

In the composition of such products there are gas pedals of growth, which negatively affects the overall condition of the pet.

If the dog has kidney abnormalities, then it is also not allowed to feed tomatoes. This is due to the content of oxalic acid, which increases the negative effect on the urinary system.

Tomatoes are also forbidden for pathologies of the digestive tract in the acute stage. Adding the product to the diet is possible in the absence of problems with the act of defecation. For example, such a food as Victor dog food keeps digestive tract and immune system in perfect condition thanks to the complete formula of this brand’s feed.

How to give tomatoes to your dog correctly

Veterinary experts do not recommend completely eliminating tomatoes from the pet’s diet. The main thing is to make sure that tomatoes are of high quality and in small quantities. When introducing the product into the diet, you should give the dog a small slice and monitor the reaction.

If there appeared disorders of bowel emptying, allergies to tomatoes, rashes, then give them no more.

You can choose yellow varieties for the dog. If no negative manifestations are found, it is worth following the recommendations, so as not to harm the pet. An adult animal can be given 1 tomato a day, but no more than 2 times a week. For puppies, half 1 tomato per week is enough.

Can dogs eat green and grape tomatoesWhat types of tomatoes are preferred

Seasonal vegetables grown in the garden are suitable for the pet. It is not recommended to feed purchased ones. If there is no other option, the product must be well washed. Solanaceae should not be given in their pure form. They are added to porridge or mixed with meat. This facilitates digestion and does not overload the stomach.

Can dogs eat green and grape tomatoes?

Green and grape tomatoes are contraindicated for pets because unripe fruits contain poisonous substances – glycoalkaloids. The pet can be poisoned, which can be fatal. Also be sure to read in this article why dogs can’t eat grapes.

Can dogs eat cherry tomatoesCan dogs eat cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes have virtually the same properties as regular tomatoes.

The main thing is not to include them in the diet of a dog with digestive problems. In case of stomach disorders, the product is also forbidden to eat.


Can dogs eat fried or pickled tomatoes? Boiled tomatoes for dog

You can only feed your pet stewed (boiled) tomatoes. Canned vegetables have a lot of vinegar, salt and spices, and these are forbidden for dogs.

Fried vegetables are banned because they contain a lot of vegetable oil.

Can dogs eat tomato sauce?

The dog can only be given unsalted tomato juice prepared at home. Other tomato products such as tomato ketchup or tomato paste are strictly forbidden.

ingredient reviews for adult and senior dogs


If poisoned, the dog exhibits the following symptoms:

  • vomiting;
  • disturbance of the stool;
  • trembling of the limbs;
  • weakness in the muscles;
  • heart rhythm irregularities.


Tomato is a useful product, but it should be included in the diet of dogs gradually. At the same time, it is important to monitor the condition of the animal.


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