Can dogs eat mushrooms, poisonous dog mushrooms

January 6, 2022
Can dogs eat mushrooms

Some pets beg their owners for food that seems to be completely inedible to them. This raises the question: can dogs eat mushrooms, berries, and similar foods? On the one hand, the gifts of the forest contain many useful nutrients for the body. On the other hand there is a great risk of digestive disorders, the possibility of poisoning. So, is it worth indulging the whims of the pet?

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Are mushrooms good for a dog?

Are mushrooms good for a dog

Mushrooms have more than just gastronomic value, which pets are unlikely to appreciate. They are rich in nutrients and in some cases are superior to other foods in their content. Mushrooms are called “forest meat”. They are considered absolute record holders in protein content, moreover, dried mushrooms contain the most of it. But fats in the gifts of the forests are minimal, not more than 1%. So lovers of mushrooms are not threatened by obesity.

Forest mushrooms contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They are considered a valuable source of vitamin B, and vitamin B1 – thiamine – is more numerous than in vegetables and grains. And thiamine plays a major role in the human and animal body, is involved in the metabolic carbohydrate and fat processes. Thanks to him normal growth and development of puppies, properly functioning cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems.

With vitamin B1 deficiency in the body, the animal can develop alimentary polyneuritis. This is a neurological pathology manifested by stiffness of the dog’s movements, coordination disorders, lameness, and convulsions.

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin A, nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), important amino acids, trace elements such as:

  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Iodine
  • Zinc
  • and others

Of great value in the composition of mushrooms are β-glucans. These are polysaccharides that have stimulating properties and have a beneficial effect on the immune system of animals. They activate general and local immunity; support the nervous system in times of stress. Specialists note the beneficial effect of β-glucans on animals after vaccination. Check out Kirkland’s excellent dog food

Can dogs eat shiitake mushrooms?

The question often arises can dogs eat shiitake mushrooms, this mushroom refers to artificially grown mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms and mushrooms. Yes, these mushrooms are healthy. They are a natural source of lovastatin, a substance that lowers bad cholesterol levels in the blood. They help to remove toxins and radionuclides from the body.

Scientists have found that oyster mushrooms and mushrooms contain increased amounts of the vital amino acids – lysine and arginine, and the natural antibiotic campesterol. Although its significant benefits to the body are doubted by doctors, the antimicrobial properties of phytosterol have been scientifically confirmed.

Mushrooms are 90% water, they contain about 20 important amino acids, useful fatty acids – oily, stearic, palmitic and others.

Should I give my dog mushrooms?

Should I give my dog mushrooms?

If mushrooms are so useful, then can dogs eat mushrooms without fear? You should not be in a hurry.  Mushroom alone won’t do much harm to a dog. A mushroom is a heavy food that is not digested by the pet’s body. The reason for this is the protein chitin, an excess of which can lead to gastritis and more serious gastrointestinal diseases.

If the dog likes the taste, during a walk in the woods he may smell the familiar scent himself and accidentally eat a poisonous mushroom. And therein lies the greatest danger of eating mushrooms by pets – the risk of serious food poisoning. Even if you are an excellent judge of mushrooms, the occasional wormy or poisonous one can ruin the whole “harvest”.

Mushrooms have a tendency to accumulate toxins. Even picked in the woods on their own or bought in a trusted store, they can be dangerous for pets. Therefore, the negative consequences of eating mushrooms for the dog can be delayed. The owner may not even connect serious illness or even death of a pet with the fact that for several years the animal occasionally “indulged” forest gifts. There are many similar cases in veterinary practice, so is it really worth indulging the whims of a four-legged friend?

Dangerous and inedible mushrooms for a dog

Dogs cannot determine by sniffing whether the mushrooms were edible or not. They take the trip to the woods as a fun walk and game and can accidentally eat poisonous forest products. The most dangerous are:

  1. Pale grebes
  2. Fly agarics
  3. False morels
  4. False chives

But even edible mushrooms in raw form can be toxic.

Toxins can cause severe poisoning in a dog, which is not always treatable. At times, it can cause the death of the pet. The toxins contained in raw mushrooms are detrimental to the liver and kidney cells of the dog. In addition, serious disturbances in the digestive function of the body negatively affect the pet’s nervous system. Therefore, if you see that your dog has eaten an edible or poisonous mushroom, you should immediately take it to your veterinarian.

Symptoms of poisoning may not appear in the animal immediately, but several hours later.

Signs of poisoning include:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • severe abdominal cramping and sharp pain (the dog is squirming, whimpering);
  • frequent liquid stools;
  • weakness and depression;
  • pallor, yellowing of the skin;
  • increased salivation;
  • impaired coordination of movements;
  • seizures;
  • coma.

If you go to a specialist right away, the pet has a chance of surviving. The veterinarian will induce vomiting; perform gastric lavage to flush the toxins out of the pet’s system as quickly as possible. At home, urgent care can help:

  • Give the dog as much clean water or saline solution as possible;
  • Give activated charcoal or any other enter sorbent;
  • Call the vet immediately or take your dog to the vet clinic.

Can dogs eat mushrooms cooked?

Can dogs eat mushrooms cooked

Can dogs eat mushrooms cooked? If the dog persistently asks mushrooms, then you can give him a small piece of mushroom, but only in cooked form. Dog owners not infrequently have the question: can dogs eat store bought mushrooms? Dogs cannot give pickled and canned mushrooms bought in the store. Also, mushrooms cannot be fried with spices (salt, pepper), and onions.

Puppies should not be given unwanted food, even if they ask for it. Mushrooms are many times more dangerous for puppies than for adult dogs. Mushrooms should not be given to pregnant dogs. There is a great risk of severe poisoning and the birth of dead puppies. Therefore, the best way to wean your pet from unwanted food is to eliminate even the possibility of trying it. Instead, check out the approved homemade dog food recipes in this article. Also, it will be useful to feed the puppies with nutritious food of the Acana brand.

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