Can dogs eat cantaloupe? How to feed a dog cantaloupe

January 9, 2022
Can dogs eat cantaloupe

At the end of summer comes the ripening period of melon crops, and many people enjoy ripe and fragrant cantaloupes. But can dogs eat cantaloupe? As practice shows, such “yummy” with pleasure eaten not only by people, but also their four-legged pets. But many caring owners are interested in how safe is the introduction to the dog diet of such a product, is there any benefit from its use?

There is no unanimous opinion among professionals and specialists on this issue. Some veterinarians raise certain concerns about the high sugar content of cantaloupe slices, believing that it can harm the body of the dog. Other experts are more loyal and speak in favor of the use of this cantaloupe crop. Let’s say at once: as in many other controversial issues, the truth is in the middle. Another important question: can dogs eat cantaloupe rind? The general opinion is that a moderate amount of cantaloupe is good.

Ripe cantaloupe without peels and seeds be a pleasant seasonal addition to the basic dog diet.

Can dogs eat cantaloupe and what is the usefulness of this product

Cantaloupe is a rich source of vitamin C

Cantaloupe is a rich source of vitamin C, without which almost no vital processes take place. This vitamin provides reliable protection for the body from various adverse factors. The vitamin composition also includes groups B, A, PP, each of which plays a crucial role in the functioning of the dog’s body.

Other useful substances that are contained in the pulp of the cantaloupe should include:

  • glucose
  • carotene
  • sodium
  • iron
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • silicon

Can dogs eat watermelon and cantaloupe?

Can dogs eat watermelon and cantaloupe

Dog breeders believe that cantaloupe and watermelon contain a lot of sugar. They are toxic, consuming in large quantities leads to a deterioration of the blood composition. The risk of developing diabetes increases. If a pet eats the peel of a watermelon or cantaloupe, or simply licks it, gastrointestinal upset can occur.

My dog just ate cantaloupe seeds and rind

Can dogs eat cantaloupe seeds and rind

Cantaloupe, before reaching the table of the owners, has come a long way. The surface of the peel is porous and can absorb dirt, tiny trace elements, toxic and other substances. It is impossible to predict how a dog’s body will react to eating the peel. But the crust is of no use whatsoever. The inside contents (with the exception of the pulp), as well as the seeds, are also not suitable. The best solution is to remove them, peel the fruit. In general, the order of action when feeding the dog should be as follows:

  • Wash the fruit thoroughly on the outside;
  • Cut into small pieces (2-3 cm), without the skin;
  • Give the dog only one pulp;
  • The fruit itself must be ripe and soft.

What dogs are not recommended to eat cantaloupe?

If the pet is diagnosed with diabetes, or there is a high probability of its development, exclude the cantaloupe from the diet. The sugar contained in the pulp in large quantities can lead to an increase in blood glucose levels. Refrain from feeding it if your dog has liver and pancreatic problems. Take advantage of the Chewy ranking of brands making the best and highest quality dog food.

Optimal dosage

Feed the dog cantaloupe crop should be fed with caution. The first time we give the dog 2-3 pieces of melon, peeled, and seeded. It is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the dog, the normal operation of the digestive system. If there are no problems, the dosage can be increased to 5-6 pieces (for large dogs 10-12 pieces). The maximum is 2 times a week and only during the ripening season of the crop. No frozen or uncooked food!

Finally, if the pet refuses dessert on its own, so be it. Often animals, guided by the internal reflexes of the body, at the level of instinct, understand what products she needs!

What to do if the condition worsens

Moderation when eating cantaloupe in the dog’s diet is the key factor. There are no special contraindications. But it is necessary to introduce cantaloupe into the diet gradually. The body of some dogs does not tolerate this product. Other animals may suffer from overeating “yummy” in the absence of proper control by the owners. Learn more about an introduction to the broccoli diet and how often dogs eat raw eggs.

The main symptoms that indicate that the ” cantaloupe did not go”:

  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • nausea,
  • diarrhea,
  • bloating of the abdomen,
  • apathy,

If the dog feels sick after eating, you should give him activated charcoal. The calculation is 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.  It is important to prevent dehydration of the body. To do this, provide the animal with plenty of fresh water.

In most cases, the problem can be solved within 1 day. If the measures taken do not work, do not continue self-treatment. It is necessary to contact the veterinarian.


Can dogs eat cantaloupe? The answer is yes. But under certain conditions. The product must be clean, ripe. Feeding is allowed in small portions without peels and seeds and only during the ripening period of the fruit (August – September). If the animal does not want the fruit – you should not feed it by force. The main thing is moderation!

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