Can dogs eat bananas? How much banana can I give my dog?

November 28, 2021
Can dogs eat bananas

I will say right away that the diet of the pet should be made up not only of meat products, but also of vegetables and fruits, dairy products, various cereals. In short, the menu should be balanced. The health of pets directly depends on the right diet. Can dogs eat bananas? In this article, we will tell you whether it is good to feed your dog with bananas. The answer is unequivocal: bananas – be, small dogs can be given one-third of a banana once a week. Larger breeds 1-2 bananas a week.

Man’s faithful friends are always ready to eat anything they come across. Are dogs allowed fruit, like bananas? Yes, of course. It’s only good if you give it in moderation. But let’s take a closer look at why you can give your dog a sweet banana.

Most dog owners are powerless over the pleading gaze of a dog who sees something tasty. Responsible and attentive pet owners will certainly wonder if a nutritious banana can be given to a puppy or adult pet and if it is safe for their health and well-being. Can senior dogs eat bananas? Yes, it is better to feed senior dogs with Orijen food containing essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

What are the benefits of bananas

In the process of evolution, domestic dogs are descended from wolves. They were domesticated by humans many centuries ago, which affected their nature and turned them from predators to omnivores. Now, modern members of the wolf family can easily eat raw meat as well as a variety of plant foods. They can also process and digest a banana with ease.

Bananas would be a great treat for a puppy. Whenever possible, call him by his name or with the command “over here!”, give him food for good behavior, correctly executed commands or a joyful meeting. This will improve the bond between puppy and his owner, further increasing his chances of socialization.

Can adult dogs eat bananas

Can adult dogs eat bananas?

Adult dogs will also benefit from bananas. They contain:

  • Vitamin C – increases overall immunity and resistance to a variety of diseases;
  • natural sugar, complex carbohydrates – a source of energy necessary for small puppies and agile adults;
  • potassium and manganese – regulates blood pressure;
  • enzymes, antioxidants – maintains the beauty and health of the coat;
  • amino acids – accelerate muscle growth;
  • pectin – reduces cholesterol levels, eliminates stomach disorders.

At what age are bananas useful and safely?

You can safely offer your puppy bananas from the age of one and a half months. At the same time, other fruits and vegetables are introduced into his diet. For example, some dogs just love to chew apples, strawberries and watermelons. Every owner should know which fruits and vegetables can be given to dogs and which should not.

To avoid a variety of allergies and unpleasant consequences, one new vegetable or fruit should be introduced at a time. Such care will allow you to identify the allergy and remove the allergen. The first time, the puppy may not be interested in the fruit at all, or he may not like it for its smell or appearance. In this case, you need to be persistent and offer it again. They are a great natural source of all the nutrients he needs.

He may be surprised and unfamiliar with the strange-looking fruit in his normal bowl, in which case you can try some tricks. For example, you can offer him pieces of fruit from your hands. Another option is to pretend that the host is going to eat it himself. Natural curiosity will not allow them to ignore what is happening.

Can dogs eat unripe and green bananas

Can dogs eat unripe and green bananas?

Unripe and green bananas can be eaten by your dog, but should not be given too often. The digestion of puppies may not be able to cope with the resistant starch found in green and unripe bananas, which causes gas and bloating. Usually, dog owners try to feed their dog yellow and ripe bananas because they taste better and the smell is more attractive to dogs.

Can dogs eat dried and frozen bananas?

  • Yes, dried bananas give your dog a boost of energy, especially if they need a fast snack.
  • Sometimes dogs may not like fresh bananas, so try changing the texture of the bananas by freezing them! Frozen bananas are a great and nutritious treat for dogs and puppies.It is not advisable to give the dog bananas from the freezer the bananas must be defrosted beforehand.

Can dogs eat bananas peels

Can dogs eat bananas peels?

When first treating a puppy or adult dog with any new fruit, you can’t overdo it. Banana allergies are rare but possible reactions, and it’s best to avoid this risk.

  1. Consider the size – an adult dog can be given one whole banana, but for a puppy it will be too much. Similarly, the amount of sweet treat depends on the breed: a large Mastiff will eat a whole bunch at a time without consequences. A medium-sized Dalmatian will have enough for one or half, while a couple of slices will be enough for pygmy dogs;
  2. Do not overfeed – with a sedentary lifestyle, they contribute to weight gain because they contain a lot of sugar. For sedentary pets, they will be superfluous in the diet the extra energy will contribute to obesity. They are great as a treat, but not as a daily food together with feed of top brands on Chewy;
  3. Choose unripe fruit – overripe fruit can give your pet a serious upset stomach;
  4. Bananas peels contain toxic chemicals and a lot of fiber. Also banana peel is difficult for the dog’s stomach to digest. Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding your dog banana peels. An overabundance of fiber will have an adverse effect on stomach patency. Yes, and the dog, after tasting the bitter peel, may refuse the tasty fruit inside.
  5. Cut it into slices – giving it to dogs whole is not recommended, the pet may swallow large chunks or swallow it whole, which can lead to intestinal obstruction. An excellent dog food for good digestion will be food with nutritious ingredients from the Kirkland brand.

Allergies and consequences: what to do?

The question of the banana and whether you can give it to your dog is clear. It is, in every sense, a useful fruit for the pet, if you follow the simple rules on feeding and do not allow an overdose of a new treat. If your pet eats it accidentally or tries it for the first time, don’t panic beforehand. In most cases the dog will be just fine.

Worry about your pet’s health if:

– behaves too sluggish or on the contrary, too active, possible vomiting – you need to give the dog activated charcoal and as soon as possible rinse the stomach with a saline solution;

– there are problems with the stomach – most likely it is just not suitable or the portion was too big;

– the nose is red and the dog is itchy – a symptom of allergy, the new fruit should be removed from the diet and the dog should be shown to the veterinarian.

Almost everyone likes the sweet banana. It can and should be given to your dog if there is no other reason not to.

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