Can dogs eat avocados? Why can’t dog eat avocado

December 9, 2021
Can dogs eat avocados

Can I give my dog avocados or not? Why is a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated acids and other health benefits seriously harmful to animals? Or are rumors of its harms exaggerated?

Can dogs eat avocados?

Avocados are bad for dogs because their leaves, skins, seeds and flesh contain a toxic substance called Persin. It is a fungicidal toxin that is insoluble and has a structure resembling fatty acids. Its amount is greatest in unripe fruits and decreases to a minimum as they mature.

Persin in small amounts is safe for humans, but causes severe intoxication in their pets. How does it affect dogs? There is no consensus on this question. Some veterinarians believe that there will be no harm to the dog’s body if the pet eats some ripe pulp.

Other veterinarians (their overwhelming majority) categorically do not recommend the owners to experiment with the exotic fruit: the toxic substance affects birds, cattle – this has been repeatedly proved in practice.

Not the fact that it’s eating will pass without consequences for dogs. If the animal has a strong immune system, perhaps it will, but no one can guarantee that. But the benefits of the exotic fruit are certainly not at all.

Why can’t dog eat avocado

Why should dogs not eat avocado

The tropical fruit is on the “stop list” of products for dogs – many are diagnosed with its intolerance. Find out here if a dog can eat pineapple.

Regular consumption of even ripe, quality avocado pulp can cause pancreatitis and other pancreatic diseases. The course of the disease is difficult to predict – in some animals it ends up being fatal.

If the dog ate a little avocado once, you need to observe the reaction and any changes in behavior for 1-2 days. If diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy and other signs of malaise are present, you should contact the veterinarian immediately. The listed symptoms may be manifestations of intoxication.

Can dogs eat avocado oil, no fatty foods allowed

The duration and quality of life of pets are directly dependent on nutrition. Fatty foods should not be fed to them for several reasons:

It takes the canine body 13-14 hours to digest them.

Plant and animal fats in large quantities are difficult to digest and cause obesity.

Obesity in dogs puts extra strain on internal organs, limbs, and joints.

can my dog eat avocado oil

With such feeding in pets metabolism is disturbed, there are problems with the kidneys, heart, liver, endocrine system. Discover Victor dog foods that support digestive health and immune defense. Dog metabolism works perfectly with Victor dry food.

The quality of hair deteriorates, skin problems appear (itching, irritation).

Avocados contain a lot of fatty acids – about a fifth of the pulp – so they can provoke all of the above conditions.

Fatty foods are introduced into the diet of malnourished dogs and small dogs, but these are usually special foods prescribed by a veterinarian. View on this page for the top of the best brands that create really high quality dog food.

– Can dogs eat avocado oil? No, avocado oil is best avoided in large quantities.

– Bismarck Rose, North Dakota

Protein – in moderation

The amount of protein in the pet’s diet also affects its health. Its excess often causes muscle poisoning. Avocados are high in protein, which poses an increased risk.

An adult animal’s diet must be balanced. Protein surplus seriously increases its caloric content – against this background, one in two dogs develops obesity, liver and kidney problems appear. Chronic diseases worsen.

You can suspect an oversupply of protein by the following symptoms:

  • Dark-colored urine with a specific concentrated odor;
  • Coarse, dull coat;
  • Dry skin – with scaling in places;
  • itching

FIU warned the elderly: this will happen once every 5 years

To solve the problem, the pet’s diet will have to be adjusted.

What happens when a dog eats an avocado seed or pit

Risk groups, why can’t dogs eat avocados

The main risk group includes dogs with weak immunity and those prone to allergic reactions.

It is categorically forbidden to feed tropical fruits to young individuals under the age of one year. Their organs have not yet fully formed, so even new products from the list of allowed products are introduced with caution. Can dogs eat oranges? 🍊 Read here.

Bitch during pregnancy needs vitamins and minerals – avocados have a lot of them. But can avocados be given to a dog? Categorically Not. In this period, the body is rebuilding, adapting to increased stress – not the right time to experiment with nutrition.

Older animals are also at risk. Heavy foods are an additional burden on the aging body.  Therefore, choose only premium senior dry dog food crafted from natural ingredients.

Can dogs eat avocado pits and seeds?

Dogs are agile, active, and can easily mistake an avocado bone for a toy. How dangerous is it to play with it? The seed of the tropical fruit contains the highest concentration of persin. Against the background of poisoning, swelling occurs, the heart beats rapidly, breathing is difficult.

Animals open vomiting and diarrhea if they chew and partially swallow the seed. It is especially dangerous for endangered animals, and may be fatal. Supervision by owners and timely professional care can save a pet’s life.

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