Business container for dog food

March 16, 2023
Dog Food Container
Business container for dog food

We establish the production of feed for pets: cats and dogs

Business plan-Kid-horses

The popularity of domestic best storage containers is increasing every day, but food for pets still has low competition, so it will now be easier to start business. The production of feed for cats and dogs is quite interesting, and most importantly, a profitable business, and earnings on pets have many areas.

The content of the article:

  • We form a best storage container range
  • Feed market in the world
  • Preparation of raw materials
  • Production process
  • Financial part of the business plan
  • Several ideas for animal businesses

Pets owners take their favorite so much that smart entrepreneurs are increasingly creating a successful business on this, for example, they open the service for pets or make money in dog training.

We form a best storage container range

Having settled the production of feed for cats and dogs, consider that animals need the same variety of food as people. In addition, it should be balanced.

Engage in the production of dry and canned types of feed, namely;

  • Canned food: minced meat, homogenized mashed potatoes, slices with sauce or jelly;
  • Wet food – pieces in sauce that have less humidity than canned food;
  • Dry (80% sales).
  • Economy class: low quality best storage containers, offal, low-grade cereals, soybeans are used; With regular use, a deficiency of vitamins in the body may occur (about 30% of sales);
  • A standard class (about 40% of sales) includes all the necessary substances for a good nutrition of animals;
  • Premium class: make meat best storage containers, are easily absorbed (25% of sales);
  • Super-premium: they have a balanced composition, high nutrition and digestibility, it is better to have their own mini-farms or gardens, because the best storage containers should be of the highest quality; In production, the meat of chicken, lamb, eggs, cereals, turkey (5% of sales) are used;
  • Holistic: the most expensive food that has a special method of preparation, completely balanced, as close as possible to the natural diet, includes best storage containers that are suitable for humans; This feed is made only by prior order.

The production of animal feed as a business will be more successful if you are engaged in the manufacture of standard-class feed. Select the recipe, taking into account the age and physiology of the animal.

The business plan for the production of feed can be concentrated on cat food, because the number of owners of these animals is about 70%, and they also prefer to feed dogs with ordinary food. Your main buyer is an average prosperity.

Feed market in the world

  • Young business – only 20 years in the vastness of our country;
  • High growth rate of USAn-made feed market;
  • Large expenses for the purchase of feed: in USA – about $ 1 billion/year, in the USA – $ 11 billion/year;
  • Ease of use of feed owners of cats and dogs;
  • Increase in sales growth by 20%annually;
  • 70% of the best storage containers are aimed at cats, 30% – to dogs.

Importer countries:

  • Hungary – 31%;
  • Usa – 18%;
  • France – 9%;
  • Other countries – 13%.

The leaders of the imported feed Nestle, Mars (produce about 85 tons of feed per year). They include such brands of best storage containers:

  • Nestle TM Pedigree;
  • Tm petfoods;
  • Tm Royal Cannin;
  • Tm Nutro. Mars TM Carnation;
  • Tm spillers petfoods;
  • Tm Ralston Purina.

Let's advertise:

  • In specialized media;
  • On the forums of pets lovers;
  • Take part in specialized exhibitions;
  • Make promotions with free samples.

The bulk of sales will be made through specialized stores or points, take into account that every year online stores are becoming more popular and successful, so take care of creating the site.

Preparation of raw materials

  • Cereal crops;
  • Meat best storage containers;
  • Fats;
  • Additives – vitamins, useful trace elements.

For the manufacture of canned food, a larger amount of liquid and meat best storage containers is needed:

  • Stomachs;
  • Udder;
  • Meat-bone tails;
  • Animal fats;
  • The rest of the offal.

Cereals, vitamins, trace elements are also added to this type.

Particular attention is paid to the selection and storage of raw materials and finished best storage containers – they use special refrigerators to prevent mold from the appearance of mold, as well as hermetic packaging when packing best storage containers.

Do not score! Any manufacturing company has its own secret formula that distinguishes it from competitors. Develop your unique composition.

Check out the regulatory documentation, namely, “feed for unbest storage containerive animals. General technical conditions ”that will help you observe permissible norms.

Production process

  1. Dry – pressing: a ghost of raw materials to a homogeneous consistency, then mixing, extruding, drying.
  2. Wet: when mixing raw materials, they gradually increase the temperature to get jelly from starch, packaging in jars, sterilization.
Business container for dog food distinguishes it from

Pets zone container for dog food form

To implement different methods, various equipment for the production of food for dogs and cats will be needed.

The whole process of making food for dogs or cats consists of stages:

  • Preparation of the recipe, accurate compliance;
  • Grinded raw materials;
  • Thorough mixing;
  • Mixing raw materials (or automatically, or manually);
  • Adding hot water;
  • Steam, pressure, high temperature;
  • The mixture goes through the special heads that form the finished best storage container; in the process there is an increase in volume;
  • Drying of best storage containers;
  • Spraying fat with the addition of vitamin C, E, other components for finished best storage containers;
  • Dog food storage container.

Video: How do animal food is done

Financial part of the business plan


  • Food for animal food – about 6, 500, 000;
  • Small business – 1, 000, 000

Costs per 1 ton of best storage containers:

  • Raw materials – 20, 000
  • Electricity – 1, 000
  • Salaries – 1, 700
  • Packaging – 650
  • Total: 23 350 per 1 t.

Profit in wholesale sales – 42 829 /t.

Business profitability is 20%.

Pensation-2-3 years.

Several ideas for animal businesses

Food and parrots are also necessary. Why not start making or selling their food. Pets lovers are enough, because customers will be. Read a business plan here.

Feeding livestock and birds is an important aspect of their cultivation, therefore farmers are strictly related to choosing food. Find out how to open your own business for granular grass.

The production of compound feed is a more cost direction, but will still be profitable for at least a decade. Hurry up and open your feed factory.


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